[December] UPDATED: Jump Fuel and Jump Fatigue Cap changes

(Arrendis) #385

To be fair, though, one of our CSMs is Aryth, and he does his best to make sure none of us want to talk to him.

(theRaptor) #386

Except Panfam+bluetrals is a reaction to the Imperium and game mechanics. As Arrendis said most of PL/NC. would be happy to shed weight if they could achieve their military objectives without needing to be allied with tens of thousands of people.

(Querns) #387

How could this possibly be? We were effortlessly destroyed in 2016, and the two times we’ve tried to do military things outside of Delve have ended in spectacular failure. How could those groups possibly be afraid of us still?

(Bulky Tree) #388

Which is the basis of, yet again, society. Current Panfam is born out of necessity. This isn´t CCPs fault. Besides, irrc Panfam has always done this, not always out of need but wants.

(Bulky Tree) #389

I see what you did there Querns!! Well played!

(ll Kuray ll) #390

You’re such an arsehole Fozzie.

Increase the economic friction associated with capital ship deployments and jump freighter hauling

How? You’ve ripped the arse out of capital ship deployment by introducing jump fatigue followed the recent cap changes.

Stimulate the ice product markets which would otherwise suffer from lower starbase usage

Fozzie, you could earn yourself a few points here and stimulate the ice product market by consuming ice to reduce jump fatigued.

Improve the balance of ice product consumption (increased isotope and liquid ozone consumption relative to heavy water consumption)

Look to the point above.

Easier trade of high value reacted intermediate materials for T2 production (with the goal of nullsec regions being largely self-sufficient by volume but encouraging trade of lower-volume goods)

Wake the F-up, everything gets transported to JITA.

Somewhat reducing the pain that can be caused by heavy jump drive usage and high stacked jump fatigue values

Read point above about consuming ice products to reduce jump fatigue.

Seriously how are you still a designer at CCP, all you’ve done is piss off large amounts of people and this is another one, half-arsed change because of changes to moon goo that a large portion of gamers didn’t want but you still thrust it upon us.

(Querns) #391

1DQ1-A being the third largest market in Eve says otherwise.

(Arrendis) #392

To be fair, the statements ‘we suck at this’ and ‘Goons [. . .] have the best industrial system of that size in the game’ aren’t actually mutually exclusive. It just indicates that even if we’re the best in the game at this, we still feel like we suck and could be doing it much, much better.

It also says something about what we think of everyone else’s industrial operations…

What am I being accused of backing up here? Don’t drag me into ‘who mentioned/referred to/hinted at PL’ first, the answer’s pretty obviously you by mentioning you’re in Horde. I mean, that’s just a no-brainer. Which is a good way of describing the two of you arguing over who brought PL into this, too.

(theRaptor) #393

'cause your leadership actually tried to out bore the MBC and found it didn’t work that time.

Well I was in every Hakonen fight except one and the sheer weight of goons meant things could have gone very wrong very quickly. And that was with the entire North united to fight you. And you with no supercap fleet.

Goons size and organisation with a PL tier FC team is pure nightmare fuel.

(Vaporize) #394


You 100% correct the mechanics are terrible for the player base.

(ll Kuray ll) #395

Dear Goon, the game doesn’t just evolve around you.

(Querns) #396

The screeching in this thread says otherwise. Anyway, it’s the only proof for which I’m personally familiar. Needs must, y’know?

(Sakido Cain) #397

Dude, you just said earlier how you have been playing for less than 5 years. Querns comment is about them being treated like crap for over 10 years. So if you can’t comment about one thing from more than 5 years ago, how are you knowledgeable on this?

(Arrendis) #398

… absolutely everyone would do it even more than we already are, which would cause massive devaluations of basically everything except ice products, and even more complaints from everyone about how much money we’re making.

(Querns) #399

Are you sure? Every Hakonen fight was a pure rout on our side. We got fu​cking destroyed. Have a little more confidence in yourselves.

(Frostys Virpio) #400

That doctrine tho…

(Arrendis) #401

Fuel bay size does nothing to demand. It only affects how often you have to refuel. So no, reducing fuel bays would not have solved the need to prop up ice mining.

(theRaptor) #402

I played 2004-2006, a month or so in 2009 and 2011, then from early 2016.

(Nasar Vyron) #403

It would have solved the halving of the size of isotopes. And I don’t feel, as well as obviously many others here in this very thread, that throwing the need for increased usage onto cap pilots was the correct choice. They should have, and still should, tie that entirely to citadels and reactions - the original large consumers of what is now produced in excess.

(ll Kuray ll) #404

Exactly,not everyone is a goon and as many concentrated players in one location as your do, I get it, round of applause. Now take a look around.