[December] UPDATED: Jump Fuel and Jump Fatigue Cap changes

(Gorion Wassenar) #23

Please keep OPEC style changes out of my spaceship game.

All bonus jump fatigue is immediately negated with the need to haul larger volumes of fuel around so all you are left with is more trips moving just topes and twice as much cost.

(Claire Ijonen) #24

This change is so useless! Everyone loved the benefits of halving the size of topes, now you’ve removed that benefit entirely and made all capitals cost twice as much to operate. This is not the way to balance the benefit of ice mining. You’re screwing over every single player with a capital ship, to buff the few who ice mine.

And lowing the max cap of fatigue is such a useless change. Reduce the amount of fatigue generated per jump.

(Michael Oskold) #25

yeh but then I couldn’t roleplay some rich brutor living the thuglyfe with my hydrogen topez

(Absolute Truth) #26

This change is going to have far-reaching implications. The price of goods in nullsec will rise as these increased transport costs get passed on to the consumer. Industry will have to adapt, as many items that used to be profitable to export and sell will no longer be. That means that larger alliances with strong local markets aren’t nearly as affected by this change as the smaller alliances are. Way to hurt the little guy, CCP.

(0pec) #27


(number10 together) #28

what a ■■■■ change

(Pier Rin) #29

Clearly there is no long term vision in this game any more. First you half the size of the isotopes, then a month later you add 100% fuel usage to a JF…

You guys are making this game less and less playable. Eve is not the game i fell in love with anymore 3 years ago.

(Vic Jefferson) #30

Absolutely a terrible change.

Already the player base is loathe to enforce the risk/reward needed to keep the game going and the economy meaningful because of so many small barriers and quality of life changes. Echoing others, this hits the small time operators hardest, at a time when virtually every other mechanic continues actively inhibit the growth and activity of all but the largest groups.

(Niraia) #31

This. Many of my friends no longer play the game because of it. We wanted to use caps and supers without creating or joining a large group, or “adapting” into small ■■■■ we can afford to lose millions of times over and not care about, and we were extremely successful at it a few years ago. The game designer(s) have utterly failed, and have damaged the game, yet despite subscription numbers dropping are somehow still allowed to continue. Crazy, but I’ve been a fool to expect anything else from CCP’s management. Keep those skins coming and enjoy your retirement :slight_smile:

(Asimov Malakai) #32

Increase the economic friction associated with capital ship deployments and jump freighter hauling

Just call the goal what it is: We want most players to spend more ISK so some players buy more PLEX.

GTFO with this rubbish.

(CCP Lebowski) #33

Not going to get involved in discussions on game design but a little explanation on this point.

Both of these changes (Isotope volume and Jump Drive consumption) were planned for Lifeblood, but I, and others on the team decided to push back the jump drive consumption changes by a month to allow more time for both Lifeblood and Jump Drive consumption testing. As the iso volume change was deemed more crucial for the changes to Reactions in Lifeblood, that was prioritized.

I hope that explains this a bit for you, it wasn’t a case of changing our mind a month later!

(0pec) #34

Both of these changes (Isotope volume and Jump Drive consumption) were planned for Lifeblood, but I, and others on the team decided to push back the jump drive consumption changes by a month to allow more time for both Lifeblood and Jump Drive consumption testing.

@CCP_Lebowski Why was this not communicated with us, the players, beforehand, instead of building us up just to let us down again?

(Pier Rin) #35

Because they fired the people who probably have to communicate with us about that…

(Luna TheMoonrider) #36

Agree with that, it’s a really poor communication…

(Bjor Ambramotte) #37

@CCP_Fozzie Would you consider doubling the size of fuel bays now? I don’t think it would affect your described goals. If not across the board doubling of fuel bay size maybe +50% for caps, +100% for Blops and JF?

(Kenneth Feld) #38

Weren’t these changes talked about like a year ago and pushed off until lifeblood? When stront was going to be made smaller as well?

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #39

What about having jump ranges by all jump drive capable shis increased by 20% rather than having jump fatigue reduced? Jump Frieghters could have their ranges increased by 30-40%

(CCP Fozzie) #40

The delay on communication is my bad. We decided to avoid talking about stuff that isn’t coming in Lifeblood before Lifeblood released to avoid confusion (as we saw from the Vegas announcement of Q1 2018 changes there was a lot of confusion from people who assumed those were coming in Lifeblood) but then the communication just slipped through the cracks for a while post-expansion and I take responsibility for that.

(CCP Fozzie) #41

We have talked about similar changes to this quite a few times in the past yes.

(Pier Rin) #42

i hate those half ass solutions you guys come up with. If it was suppost to be in the life blood expension, it should have been in there. Dont release patches that are not finished or not tested. This makes the game not playable.