DED agents are removed. Why?

The high sec law states that the miner pilot must recall their drones and turn off the strip mine module if they plan to afk.

Not every money-grubbing miner follows that law and it can be clear how they might return to a burned out hull or even their pod scrubbed from space before the wreckage fades away.

i love to steal drones from people who leave the belt and back to my rock like it was not me :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean there is a long time
but the memories

I like to reprocess the t1 drones I scoop

btw does the DED agent who sends us our asset report is no longer going to be sending us that report when a station is removed?

Report: assets from B-WPLZ - Adversity in B-WPLZ have been moved into Asset Safety
From: DED
Sent: 2020.09.04 20:39

liminality time


Who’s your DEDdy?


There were lot’s of Concord / DED Agents available but CCP removed them due to all standing gains from them gave positive derived standing gains to all other Empire Factions.

However personal Security Status gain was still tied in with Concord Assembly standing. After Concord Agents were removed, players could still gain positive standing with Concord Assembly and raise their personal Security Status to +10.

CCP split Concord Assembly standing from personal Security Status gains and placed a +5 cap on it but they allowed everybody to keep their initial Concord Standing and Security Status. At that time CCP allowed two Concord Agents, both level 2, to remain active who offered a one-time mission to increase personal Security Status above +5.00 status.

The trick to get above +5.00 personal Security Status was to have the skills Social and Fast Talk max trained along with a +5.00 Security Status, then complete the one-time missions for the two Concord Assembly Agents.

When the level 1 SoE Epic Arc was implemented, one of those Concord Assembly Agents was tasked with offering missions for the Epic Arc as well. However there was a bug that allowed his one-time personal Security Status mission to be repeated so that offer was removed. Eventually the other Concord Assembly Agent was promoted from level 2 to level 3 which increased his personal Security Status reward to make up for the other Concord Agent Security Status mission being removed.

I can’t remember exactly but I think that Agent was supposedly retired, or maybe he just stopped offering the mission. Either way it resulted in players no longer being able to increase personal Security Status above +5.00 status.

So I have no idea what the OP is talking about or what the patch notes are referring to. Possibly instead of just having those Agents not offer those missions, maybe CCP actually removed those missions from the database.

Anyway, I completed those two one-time Concord Assembly missions a long time ago, actually raised my personal Security Status up to +5.85 status. Afterwards I posted this thread about it:


Btw there was never any CONCORD agents but there is a LPstore for it there is only 1 way to get that is by doing sansha’s incursions give you CONCORD LP

Actually there were Concord Agents in the game, like I said it was a long time ago.

Its about the DED Agents, the same DED that offer rewards for the Invasion Content.
You could run DED Missions up to lvl 4 and farm “Invasion” LP, the Problem may be that the L4 Missions are more time efficient than running the invasions this may the reason why CCP removed the Agents.

In the last weeks there were Storyline-Agents not only for Concord, but also for DED available. One of the CONCORD Storyline-Agents was in Kemerk beside Yulai and the next DED Storyline-Agent was in Scolluzer.
And of course there were other Storyline-Agents in Derelik and Metropolis, were the Level 4 Security-Agents of CONCORD and DED sat.

In Yulai you could fly Missions for CONCORD, DED, Secure Commerce Commission and The Inner Circle. All of these missions were counting for the Storyline from a CONCORD- or DED Storyline-Agent.

Also there were Agents for some Corps of the Society. I remember Agents at Stations from Genolution, X-Sense and Impro. The Storyline-Agent was in Metropolis in the System Osvestmunnur.

At last there were Agents of the Jove Empire visible, but of course there was no way to reach them.

Missionrunning for CONCORD and DED was fun over the last weeks, because they never offered a Mission against the Factions.

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I think you people are mistaken, I’ve haven’t heard of any new Agents being recently added to the game, especially Concord Agents offering missions.

By the way, DED is a Corporation that belongs to the Concord Assembly Faction.

As for gaining Concord LP’s, that was implemented with Sansha Incursions which was automatically added to your character for completing sites, not missions.

Anyway, if there was indeed Concord / DED Agents offering missions recently, then you would have gained standing with those Agents and or Corp for completing those missions. As such I’d like to see a screen shot showing recent standing changes to those Agents and or Corp.

something like this? ^^

You may not notice but the Agents were active, it seems a accident by ccp to activate them and now they fixed it. ^^

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No problem.

Last one for DED was of course a Level 4 Storyline.

Down the List you see also Standing for CONCORD, Inner Circle and the SCC.

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Well, damn. Looks like most of us missed the chance there.

For what it’s worth as the patch notes say those agents should never have been active.

Can any of you tell the rest of us which agents in which stations were active.


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@DeMichael_Crimson the CONCORD agents are still in the game, just not visible to us. Dotlan shows all up to date info on stuff like that, and they still show agents cause they are still in, but inactive where we can’t access them or see them.

Look for example at the Storyline-Agent from the Society.

or the Level 4 Security-Agent from DED.

Most Agents are in Yulai in all Stations there.

Yeah, definitely missed that.

Storyline Agents probably boosted Concord Assembly Faction standing with positive derived standing gains to all the other Empire Factions.

Yes, the only Factions that doesn’t react positive were Jove, Soct and Thukker Tribe. And the Pirate Factions went negative of course.

But you have lost a small amount of Standing at the 12 School-Corps and the 12 Standard-NPC-Corps. Something in the -0,05 range.

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For some reason DOTLAN has two entries for Storyline agents - I overlooked one of the entries. One entry (the one I looked at) yields no results, one entry yields several results. Were these agents actually “functional”?


For some reason, EVE Uni also stated the following:

The CONCORD Assembly and Drifters are two factions that do not have any agents in game making it impossible to directly improve standings. In addition they do not have positive relationships with any other faction, making it impossible to improve standings through derived standings. It is in fact absolutely impossible to improve standings with these two factions.

This leads me to wonder if EVE Uni’s statement is/was straight up erroneous, or was true at some point in time and was not updated to changes that occurred later (not the CURRENT changes, just later changes).

At Dotlan you can see all Agents of a Corp, for Example CONCORD.

I had some Storyline Missions from Roussogetan Weyssilenne in Kemerk / Genesis and a Level 4 Storyline-Mission from Amaura_Therestrens in Arlulf / Metropolis.

At least these two were functional.