Deep Space Exploration and Salvaging

Well, to be fair he can use the D-scan as much as you could use the D-scan when using my recommended warp-around method. Except that my warp-around method takes a couple minutes while his ship burning at multiple grids a second will still take hours to arrive.

You guys are fixated on set speeds. It has to be flexible.

Yeah… you just aren’t going to get that.

None of us are going to get our ideas acted upon directly. That’s not news if that is what you meant.

I’m not fixated on a set speed. I’m merely saying that your ship needs to be able to fly multiple grids per second minimum in order to arrive at destination within hours.

And that’s a problem for gameplay on those grids. And also boring, to burn for hours.

I have said nothing against adjustable speeds. If you want to be able to adjust to flying half a grid per second or even less to arrive at your destination in a couple of days or weeks, fine.

It need not be hours. This depends on the speed.

As for gameplay on grids, as I said, I have already pased through them at warp.

My point is, any gameplay that involves flying multiple grids per second (and you want to go even faster!) is going to break EVE gameplay. EVE gameplay happens on grids. The size of these grids chosen to be big enough that the edges of it are rarely if ever crossed, except when warping to another grid.

It’s like football (or soccer) where you want to add a new robot player that can run across the length of multiple fields within a second. It’s silly, way too powerful and breaks the game.

And if you want to pass through those grids at warp, why not warp?

You haven’t tried dscan/bookmark navigation, you haven’t tried ninja salvaging, have you? Yet you whine how its harder than your excellent idea. Is someone being a whingebag?

I tried mapping boundaries of Drifter deadspace complex in their WHs by rewarping/bookmarking, acceleration and deceleration takes most of your time in short warps so its pretty easy to place bookmarks as close as 5k, 30k, 100k km apart, reasonable distances to slowboat.

2D and 3D is a valid argument though. Most mission pockets will be way “above” or “below” celestials, thus unreachable after mission despawns.

There are dozens of mission runners in major hubs at any time. There are hundreds of pockets with wrecks. You can not tell by Dscan results if a pocket worth going to. Your best sign that it is indeed a worthy lvl 4 mission pocket is a BS or a marauder in it.

Scanning down next BS only takes one probe cycle.

2D or 3D, if it’s within warpable space you can warp there with bookmarks and d-scan.

You do make a good point that if mission pockets are often above or below celestials (or anomalies, gates, etc) they have a good chance of being outside warpable space.
In that case these sites would indeed require burning over. But even then you should get as close as you can within the warpable space before you start burning over, as this can save you hours.

Yes. You.

Yep. But you don’t know what’s going to be left there when that person is done with the site. Or do you mean steal it with them there? Not my thing. Thus, the idea of something else.

Yes. This is where the IRL skill will come in.

My main issue is that you’re introducing a ship that can burn multiple grids per second.

Somehow you’re not aware, but that is gamebreaking.

As in, considered an exploit?

Missions worth salvaging are often those with several rooms. You warp in, dscan the next room, if there are wrecks and no mission runner you proceed to do your thing. If there are rats or turrets left, BM, GTFU and return after despawn.

Or! You might convo the guy and ask. Many do not loot or salvage, and even share.

You sound like a newb too afraid to learn by their own experience, attacking those sharing experience, because it shows that you are afraid.

No, as in it breaks gameplay as it is now. You know, when a fleet is at a distance and you either need to combat probe them down to get there, or you need to already have a bookmark prepared at their spot, or you can use a microjump drive to get to them.

But no need, you just send over your ship that can fly over 17000km/s and put your fleet on them within a second.

That interceptor who’s orbiting your fleet at long range and at a huge velocity of 6km/s that only your own interceptors can match? He’s pretty safe. Except you now want to introduce a ship that can fly 3000 times as fast.

And the most ridiculous thing of it all is, you don’t even see that 17000km/s is silly and gamebreaking and answer:

It need not be hours. This depends on the speed.

As in, “17000km/s to reach a faraway spot in hours isn’t good enough. It should go even faster.”

The problem is that you are in the idea section and I was not looking for alternatives. I was looking for idea expansion. No. I am totally serious. Do you know where you are right now?

I think you missed the part about acceleration earlier.

Also, I never suggested it be able to stop instantly. or precisely.

This would be as easy to see coming as combat probes and properly implemented, take more time to even get in the vicinity via…acceleration time.

I did not want to hand everything out, but I was thinking the sub-light engines would get you on grid with wrecks at best. Then you need to adjust course and speed once you get on grid and can align and you would have to go through deceleration and re-acceleration. A ship would see you coming.

Wrecks despawn in what, 2 hours? I think this ship as proposed will very rarely make it on-grid with wrecks before they despawn due to sheer distance to travel from the closest warpable point.

If it has sub-warp speeds high enough to consistently arrive before the timer expires, it then also has the ability to circumvent a-gates with ease - and that is a defined exploit.

I’m not sure there is a gameplay-viable middle ground, based on the current deadspace mechanics and intended behaviors with navigation. It sounds like a great deal of revamp to systems would be necessary to make this feasible. Beyond the wreck salvaging, what are the use cases for this?

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As said it will have the chance determined by the speed. A clear speed has not been proposed.

The ability is not an exploit. The act is. And while doing it on purpose can be avoided, doing it by accident would become standard.

And I don’t mean “by accident” as in accidentally going through such a site. I mean you will see things on d-scan in the site, not know the site type, and then go there. Yep. That will be a serious problem.

I have to concede this point. I don’t think this idea can go anywhere now, not without major changes to too many things. It will be more work than it could ever be worth.

I Agree that there should be a way for players to be able to independantly be able to find salvage.

seems like there is a demand in the player base for salvagers to not only have more independance but also a demand to improve the content for this play style

given salvage (wrecks) cannot be scanned down my proposal would be to simply add scanning bonuses to certain ships or increase the scan strength some how. this way you can find active combat weather its regardless of the combat type, pve or pvp

if scanning bonuses (as they currently are) are not likely to be implemented.

given we have recently has webifier probes.

perhaps there could be a new item created “salvage probes” which are designed soley for the purpose of finding wrecks in space

and in my humble opinion, the noctis (and only the noctis) should recieve a sizeable bonus to the use of these probes.

as this is literally what it is designed for.

these probes can still be used from exisiting probe launchers

i am a bit fuzzy in more lore but IIRC pirate factions use acceleration gates to invade the out skirts of systems where they set up their FOB’s and other deep space pockets. but it has been a LONG time since i looked into that side of stuff. even if this is not the case this would be my ASSUMPTION on how this works.