Delay local chat now that we have de-cloaker pingers

ye they aint gonna do that after making it easier and safer (yet again) for the nullbears…

They can and they have been… and this is why we are at this sad sorry state of affairs today.

Could they also remove local and add a further structure to deal with that? of course…
Could they have easily left the no repair fozzie sov in place even though (somehow) a thousand+ alliance couldnt deal with a 20 man corp? of course…
Should they have made rorqs into superomfgwtaf mining machines spurring people into plexxing several accounts and making 25bil a month under a fairly safe capital umbrella enabling capital proliferation at an exponential rate?? … of course not…
Every change is catering to the null blocs; even scarcity (I mean how can one even attempt to build a new supercap fleet to rival them now?)

Its ludicrous but it is what ccp is.

That is the case for the anchorable mobile cynos, but doesn’t make sense for the cyno modules as cynos are supposed to be lit in combat. Cyno ships often die when they are used in combat, but if you require a ‘spool up’ you can be pretty sure that the only use of cynos is out of combat use.

No support.

So no change to local then. Remember that there is currently a balance which the de-cloaker is not impacting at all in terms of real hunts with roaming guys and active hot droppers. You know that most people give up on ratting with anything decent if an AFK cloaker is in system, it actually decreases activity. With this change more people will be in space doing stuff and more chance for real hunters to catch something. So there is a benefit, not a negative.

Without a change to cyno’s local cannot be changed from what it currently is as the balance would be pushed too far towards the hunter making the game less than what it is. In my opinion, which may be a little harsh for some, is that only losers and poor hunters would call for a delay in local. Nothing more to say about it then.

I’m sorry, I thought you had something else as well… yeah… the spool-up time… IDK about that?
would it be shorter or non-existant for covert ops cynos?
would it be shorter or non-existent if a black ops ship cyno’d?
I’m a PvE player, but even I think that it needs to be done quickly to even be a thing to use

if I was at a pixelwar with someone (real-life war tactics aside) and I was a pvp pilot, I would want to fight.
I would think a cloakfuel-depo in neutral space would provide a lot of fighting, countermeasures, and escalations.
in my mind, it would provide the “pvp gang” with an actual PVP game/arena… instead of the usual:
“oh, let’s roam the blue donut and find some pve ships that cant even fight back… l333t pvp yao!”

also in real life, fuel depots are very important in wars, so… it would mimic real life, so if you’re all for comparing pixel to rl, id like to say:
no one in real life, following the rule of war, conducts guerilla warfare tactics to kill farmer/peasant, they would go for military objectives, like fuel depots.
but I guess in eve we are stuck killing the peasant that can’t fight back, and blow up bridges.

But enough about this all its offtopic and it’s all history now when CCP made it clear they don’t want to invest dev time in making something sustainable and truly fun :slight_smile:

yup, the scarcity is bad news… only the average income players are affected by scarcity.
I’m pretty sure that the “scarcity phase” is a word for the player count and not the ingame changes.
the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. we can agree on that.
CCP needs to fix their statistics to relay real-world statistics… its obviously their statistical department that is at fault here?


Local is a crutch.

Remove it. Eve is supposed to be hard.


No thanks.

If you want delayed local go hunting in W-Space or Pochven. Ohh wait you just want easy kills with minimal risk to yourself. Just like in RL most hunts aren’t successful.


‘Waaahhh!! I want EZ killz!!! Waaaaahhh!!’

:cry: :weary: :sob:

Literally OP and the rest of the ‘elite pvpers’.

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I’m sure you spend your time hunting in WH and deep, occupied nullsec. :wink:

…but we all know you probably would rather go 45 jumps from one HS system to another just to avoid that one 0.4 system on the shorter route.

I do the majority of my PVP in jspace. Trying to tell people to just “hunt in jspace” if they don’t want local makes no sense because of the vastly different methods of hunting. Null has predefined gates with well known pockets and pipes - this gives defenders with infrastructure and support much more control over entry and egress points, nerfing local would be ok here because they have so many methods of monitoring and controlling the mobility of roamers.

However not everyone is lucky enough to have a pocket to rat in. Many systems have multiple entry points or are along pipes. So what you are saying is that because some systems can be locked up rather like WH space then all of nullsec should be at the level of WH space. There is an existing balance in nullsec that works and this decloaker just gets rid of something that actually stops people being in space and doing stuff for no reason at all.

I do respect that you acknowledged that there is a different method of hunting in WH space, many less thoughtful WH players want to hunt in normal space in the same ships with the same sneak up and kill approach. But they have to understand that it is better to do a smash and grab type attack.

I was in Tactical Supremacy and we had a cloud of interceptors and sabres ahead of the main fleet when hunting. And that is what one has to do.

PS I am close to re-subbing because I can go hunt AFK cloakers, the only thing blocking me at the moment is scarcity, just does not seem worth it if there is nothing to do. However I am very happy to just rat in belts in Stain for example, but I get the impression that I cannot even do that?

Eve has been ‘balanced’ around local chat for a long time. It should have been done away with long ago imho, with in ship modules and tools in place of it. Dscan would be replaced also, with something more automated but with less information, for example with really good skills and boosts you might be able to identify what ship a capital or maybe battleship is but smaller ships would remain unidentified. PVE’ers could use mods that make it even harder while PVPers will want mods to make it easier, so unless a PVPer is actively searching they might miss many ships in system and not know they are there. While a PVEr may not know either if they’re being hunted by a similar sized ship or a small fleet of smaller ships. Bigger fleets/ships would be easier to detect, etcetc. Cloaks would probably need to be removed and just give relevant buffs to covert ops to make detection even more difficult.

Along with these changes I would also give all ships jump capabilities that requires fuel with ranges based on ship size. Gates should be a risky last resort imho. Frigates/cruisers would need to go system to system still, while battlecruisers/battleships might get 2-3 systems per jump. Jumps would have cooldowns somewhat longer than going gate to gate.

I’m learning to absolutely love that system.
It’s like this little speck of increased intensity right there in the middle of the doldrums.

It hasn’t stopped me from doing anything, and I almost never have a reason to do things, mostly I get the impulse to go somewhere and see what it’s like and what’s going on in it. The observatory thingy pissed me off at first untill I realized that it is utterly pointless. I still do what ever I want wherever I like.

I love these ideas. In highsec we should be tethered to stations also so they will have to hunt us down in sites rather than blowing us up as soon as we undock and move.

I’ve also had local gangs hunt every single last of my burner ships down, they know when I’m logged thanks to local also.

1 Day old alts flying tornadoes blowing up my burner ships also… like I don’t even know who they’re affiliated with… but they still can know exactly when I’m online and where.

I’ve tried moving several times, but they either use locator agents or a new local gang takes notice of the burner ships.

It may be pointless to you, but for a lot of people it is something we have long desired to deal with AFK cloaky campers. But I have to ask, have you ever been dropped upon by a load of people through a cyno while ratting, mining or just hanging around? If not then you don’t understand that part. After that it is course the fear that the person who is hanging around in local will do just that, so you don’t use more expensive ships and your gameplay gets gimped.

Previously you had to try and bait this person to attack you, but as you never knew if he was ATK, in other words he was AFK, your finely crafted trap with numerous other people ready to come in was a colossal waste of time.

At least now if he is AFK you can use this thing to de-cloak him and blow him up. The observatory is not cheap, so by using it you would likely lose the economic war unless you could make it up in a short space of time, hence it gets more people and more expensive ships into space which are more fun for people who roam.

It is really not difficult to understand.