Delay Local

I still agree with local being to easy to maintain. What I don’t agree with is changing it for the worse for almost everyone without any kind of other change involved. Your suggestion would only help the bad hunters in Eve and that is it. Everyone else will be negatively affected (that includes everyone from small gangs to big entities).

So, until you tackle these issues instead of denying their existence, well - we don’t need any further discussion.

You need to read what Tekos said about the OA.

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It’s basically one extra subbed alt per non-verged WH (0.0 needs zero extra subbed alts). And these subbed alts cannot do anything else. There may also be a problem actually hearing the WH ‘activate’.

Wouldn’t help bad hunters.
Makes it harder for bad hunters.
They wont have immediate Local either.

En mi humilde opinión creo yo que esto traer beneficios , por algo metió la mano CCP, sino las cosas estarían igual que hace ya bastante tiempo. El juego va cambiando las reglas , si este no cambia el juego se tornaria más aburrido y viejo, terminare mi punto.Hay que aceptar el cambio de estos nuevos sistemas que están implementando.

De algún modo los bots siempre han existido y siempre existirán.


"In my humble opinion I think that this will bring benefits, for something got the CCP hand, but things would be the same as they did a long time ago. The game is changing the rules, if this does not change the game would become more boring and old, I will finish my point. You have to accept the change of these new systems that are implementing.

Somehow the bots have always existed and will always exist."

Please in future either post in English here, or arrange translation yourself.

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This is going the way of the other post. It’s been discussed to death and time to move on.