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May I have your stuff, please? I know you will be back in a year or two, but now it would help me and, what is more imoprtant, it will help you to stay away from the game much longer.

Always makes me sad to see this type of thread.

I started playing in mid 2008 and have taken a few little breaks along the way, however I’ve always kept my character subbed and training skills with the hope that the game will improve and once again incite me into playing more often. I actually think CCP has been doing a pretty good lately, especially with the Events.

Anyway, may you have much success in the next MMORPG you play.

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You’ll be back, but do enjoy your break :slight_smile:

o7 pilot

“I quit”-threads, no matter if OP is mental or an actually nice person, should be posted in Out of Pod Experience.

Moved from General Discussion to Out of Pod Experiences.

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Are you sure? :rofl:

Positive. Also, since lorem ipsum isn’t really a post, I’ll just go lock this.