Why don’t haulers, like presumably yourself, want to put in any effort to stay safe?

With instant undock and instant dock bookmarks, you are nigh invincible in the docking ring. All it takes is a modicum of effort. Why should CCP make something like hauling in highsec even more safe than it already is. I mean they could, but why would they?

Ganking someone who is paying attention and defending themselves is already almost impossible, or at least impossible to do for everyone but the largest fleets in any manner approaching profitability. Why should stations be a safe space? I mean, they already are for people with the bookmarks, but PvP in highsec is basically only possible on gates or stations so taking one out of the mix is a major balance change.

So no, let’s not do that. I am not a fan of the station games, but just making the place safe is not something the hyper-safe New Eden of today needs more of.

Enough with the safe spaces!


Two final thoughts:

  1. According to , there are the same if not more players now than when you played before in 2005 - 2009 era.

  2. A Marine that doesn’t want to shoot stuff? I always thought you were supposed to be the hard ones… guess us Soldiers and even an AF Field Grade Officer like to shoot spaceships more than you do. (Referencing my small group)

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You worry too much. Let CCP worry about their game. It is theirs and it’s their experience to make. To worry about EVE is really just your way of saying you like it and that’s fine.

@Marcus_Luttrell_Khan i just sold this character at 39 kills - 2 losses one ofa few of my new pvp toons, i know how to shoot stuff plenty both in game and out! And i sure as f*** dont compare my military time to anything in a video game!

Im just looking at things from a different perspective.

  1. agreed in principal but can you expand on what you consider an abuse?
    wars in a baaad place and has been for some time now, reasons are many and varied and im not about to go over it again without knowing where you stand on the topic.

  2. yeah im not fond of them eiter but theres better ways to do this, (targeted scripted jump desies would be a fun way to do bad things to undock queens imho)

  3. hhhhmmmmnope, anyone even pretending to have their shite together scouts so this one isnt an issue

  4. you missed some of the recent event anomalies mate.

  5. why?

  6. contracts show if you have access to the drop location, explicitly for this reason, though i belive this idea is still on the table( or was last i checked).


such bait, much tempt, was like |<–this–>| close to just posting something about arses and calling you rude names.

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LOL. Another pansy ass anti-ganker whine thread. From a marine no less. Figures…

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@QuakeGod and thus the internet tough guys have arrived. Why does a different opinion;perspective have to be"pansy assed"?! And what does my military background have to do with anything?! I just stated it as part of my introduction for any other vets out there… So many badasses on here.

Let’s work on NPC corps and their ability to protect people from said war decs with virtually no downsides.


Well your ideas aren’t entirely new or flawed too much the issue of highsec nowdays only comes up so much because of a change in mentality of the players on both sides of the wardec system.
On one hand the care bears want to be absolutely safe from harm if it’s not wardecs it’ll be suicide ganking if not that God forbid CCP ever implements tough npcs similar to FOB ones everywhere if it’s not that rewards are too low so on and so forth lots of whinning over lots of issues.

In the wardecers side the change went from more serious styled players who prided themselves on actual hunting their targets and fighting between such small groups in more brawlish style small gang pvp since gallente was the craze back then,to a bunch of station hugers too scared to be parted away from their Nestor alts.

The issues with the game are very complex but one of the core ones is impossible to fix-we have an aging player base who are naturaly chosing their real lives over their virtual one for past years,and almost every old player isn’t replaced by a new player with the same ideals.
Heck even look at the developers the mentality at CCP level mostly went from “we like great fights” to “we suck at spaceships and dying stupidly is fun”
Bottom line there’s no way to make EVE great again.

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@Dark_Engraver very well said, especially about new player ideals;mentalities… I remember things a bit different back in the days… Guess ill just have to adjust.

WOAH 39 kills!? you for sure know what you are talking about! everyone in this thread that is naysaying needs to respect this guys pvp skill right meow.


they’re a necessity , dont be ridiculous.

this is basically true.
mechanic changes turned the old school mercs off because targeted hunting burnt most of us out.
the lads whose gameplay wasn’t effected (hubhumping degenerate undock queens) soaked up the remains of the lazy and apathetic and carried on decing basically anything that moved within eyeshot of jita ,amarr , or dodi.
leavs a distinctly bad taste in the mouth to be tarred with the fecless logi spamming gits, used to be proud of what we did, now i nearly darent call myself a merc for the shame.

edit: for the most part,
i do know a few oldschool lads out there still putting the effort in (ye know who ye are)
if the above statement gets up your nose then it wasn’t aimed at you

@Chii_leck_Hudson why the trolling dude?! Youre taking that out of context. Not sure why i espect anything different on here.

Your ideas are bad and your lack of experience is just one of the reasons.

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Yes they are, but there should be greater downsides to being in one to discourage players from staying in them.

@Chii_leck_Hudson you got your opinions and i got mine. But experience in this game i do not lack.

Look at me, I’m a Marine therefore I have the best ideas

My father, a Lt Col in the Royal Australian Army, trained USMC personnel at Duntroon, Australia, quite a lot, and none of them bitched as much as you tbh. But let’s take this point by point.

War Dec mechanics MUST be revamped! Its beyond abuse already in most cases.

If that’s true, then so too do corp and alliance mechanics, they’ll require a complete overhaul, as will high sec aggression rules in general. You’re talking about a big job here that isn’t as simple as you seem to think it is.

Weapon systems cannot be activated…

I stopped there. Absolutely not under any circumstances. HTFU. If you have a problem with station games, simply don’t play them. It really is that simple. If you can’t handle gate camps, bring more people, or use a different gate.

Allow pvp at anomolies

It’s already allowed. Go to lowsec, or nul, or wh. You’ll find lots of PVP there. You’ll get it in high sec, too, if you’re willing to suicide gank or pay the wardec fee.

Remove the duel system.

I agree. And while we’re at it, remove the safety system as well, along with any and all hand-holding this game has. It never should have been added to begin with, aside from some simple tutorials that give new players a firm grasp of what they’re getting into.

…too many scam contracts…

Which are all easy to identify if you’re not an idiot. Again, HTFU.

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to a point, id rather they be better places to learn the game though, if they produced less jail … err … merc bait corps that would be a start.

id take rather they spit out two or three healthy corps a month that could handle themselves than fifteen punchingbags that fall apart if you so much as say mean things to them.

@Remiel_Pollard “im a marine so i have the best ideas”?! What the f*** is that ■■■■ and whis bitching?! I dont know why the f*** i bothered posting anything on here. Why cant anyone have a dicussion on these forums without the bullsh*t?!

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you and i both know that is true, corp and alliance mechanics also do, as do high sec aggression rules in general

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