Democratic Deficit in the Minmatar Republic

(Elmund Egivand) #41

I know that many of kin will love to pull his nose-hair one by one, especially when such a statement can easily be construed as, and very likely is, an insult towards a deceased beloved family member.

(Jason Galente) #42

Oh no, not my nosehairs!

Remove their fingernails or you’re not even trying.

(Elmund Egivand) #43

We save that for crimes against the Tribe. As in actual crimes. For now, you will have to settle with having your nosehair pulled by the bundles. With unsanitary fingernails.

(Andreus Ixiris) #44

I offer you this wisdom:

Let the Republic do what the Republic wants to do.

I, as a Federal citizen, naively used to believe that the Republic was our friend - that there was a relationship deeper than convenience and neccessity between our two nations. That naivete died the day a battlegroup of Republic Naglfars invaded sovereign Federal space and without a single whit of provocation opened fire on the Federal Navy task force dispatched to investigate their violation of our borders. That naivete is as much a casualty as the thousands of Federal navymen who drift in the cold void of space in Colelie.

The relationship between the Federation and the Republic is, I have come to realise, not entirely unlike that of the relationship between the State and the Empire: convenience, neccessity, practicality. Ideologically, politically and geographically, our enemies are the Empire and the State. The Republic is a useful and neccessary ally. But we aren’t friends. People have friends. Nations, I have come to realise, can’t have friends. If your ideologies are seperate enough from each other that you can’t form a single nation rather than two, then almost by definition true friendship can’t exist.

That isn’t to say I bear the Republic (all that much) ill will. Certainly in a war between it and the Empire, I would by far prefer the Republic to win. I certainly hold no enmity for the Minmatar people, as, in essence, I bear no enmity towards the Amarr or Caldari - only their systems of government. But the Republic has spat in our face just a few too many times to allow me to consider them a friend, rather than merely an ally.

So I beseech you: pay no heed to the choices that the Republic wishes to make internally. We have the Federation to worry about, with its own myriad problems. Merely treat the Republic with the dignity, respect and cordiality you would desire from them.

And never, ever mistake that for trust.

(Arrendis) #45

Angry and grieving people do foolish things in their pain. Like not bring enough force to ensure the extradition of an assassin without firing a shot.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #46

democracy is an ideal forced on our people by our gallente “liberators” one of the few decisions the republic has ever made that I agree with, is abandoning that foolish system. thats not to say that the current council isn’t corrupt. even shakur could see that and he’s blind as a bat. but that does not mean we should go back to the ways of the simpering gallente and spend the next decade holding votes.

(Kalaratiri) #47

Yes, well, I thought that was pretty ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ at the time, and it’s still pretty ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ in hindsight. But what can you do, eh? “Friendship” is a two way street after all, and had certain parties been a little more friendly to start with, the whole sorry mess could likely have been avoided.

(Anabella Rella) #48

As Kala said the whole mess could likely have been avoided had the Federation (my former home and where my adoptive parents still live) shown a bit of empathy for a grieving and emotionally distressed ally.

I was flying with the Republic Fleet alongside others in EM that day in Colelie. It was indeed a bad situation. It hurt me greatly to have to choose between the nation where I was raised and the nation of my ancestors but, in the end, I don’t regret the choice I made nor anything I did on that day. It’s just a damned shame that things escalated to the point that they did.

Cut us a bit of slack Pilot Ixiris. At the time we were hurting as a people and probably emotionally compromised. For what it’s worth I understand your feelings and hope that the historically special relationship between our people can be repaired.

(Teinyhr) #49

I can’t believe what I’m reading. Even grieving people should have seen that what the RF was doing was wrong, regardless of circumstances. Even Acassa Midular said that incident was the other Tribes infringing on Sebiestor Tribes right to decide how to handle it, and even without that being said, my concience is clean on taking the side against Republic Fleet. Me and many others tried to resolve the situation peacefully with pleading for reason and applying ECM on belligerents, but had to use force as the last resort.

(Kalaratiri) #50

Grief and anger are close neighbours, and neither are particularly rational.

(Andreus Ixiris) #51

Ana, I consider you a friend, but on this one topic I’m going to have to be a bit harsh.

Because remember what happened after the trial? We gave him to you. The Federation itself expressed shock and indignation that you sentenced him to death (and then subsequently killed him without appeal), but I had kind of figured that would happen. That wasn’t what upset me.

It was that after your fleet violated our sovereign space and murdered thousands of our Navymen, we still gave him to you, because in all honesty I think that sends a very bad message: “screw with the Federation, kill its people, violate its sovereignty, slap it in the face, and it’ll still give you what you want after a short delay.” Perhaps if the Republic’s leadership had waited two weeks we could’ve gotten the exact same result without wasting thousands of lives and throwing a century and a half of diplomatic progress down the toilet.

(Anabella Rella) #52

I honestly can’t disagree with what you’ve said Andreus.

(Andreus Ixiris) #53

I’m sure if you were Sanmatar and I were President, this situation would’ve unfolded a lot differently. Like I said, people can be friends. Nations can only be allies.

(Jason Galente) #54

Yes, things would be so much better, if only I were in charge.

The dumbest thought ever entertained by a human mind.

(Arrendis) #55


(Elmund Egivand) #56

Also, if Miss Rella is Sanmatar, I don’t think things would unfold any differently.

Again, the Sanmatar doesn’t have any real power. In the case of international relations, the Sanmatar operates as the mouthpiece of the Tribal Assembly. While the Sanmatar will meet foreign delegates and leaders on behalf of the Republic, the actual decision-making is still done by the Tribal Chiefs and what he says is borne from the consensus reached by the Tribal Assembly.

Miss Rella will need to be all the Chiefs in this case.

(Constantly Outraged Sebiestor) #57

Sure, there might be a “Democratic Deficit”, in the current Republic, from the viewpoint of someone who believes that democracy, or rather, the Gallente form of democracy, is a system that works for the Republic.

But does it ? I don’t think so.

And before the Brutors start with their argument about “The Old Ways” and “Tribal Traditions”, well, they should think about what the old ways got us.

They got us a thousand years of peace. That’s what the old ways, the old tribal traditions got us.

Which left us completely and utterly unprepared against the horrors of a hostile cluster. And we paid dearly in blood, sweat, and tears.

Then the Gallente arrived, and suggested their form of democracy. And, recovering from the horrors of the past, it seemed like a good idea. But what did it get us ?

An administration that was paralysed by the cacophony of competing voices who must all be given equal weight, preventing the Parliamentary Republic from implementing decisive policies to improve our situation. Where billions left the stagnating Republic to find work in the Federation. Where the Republic was seen as a laughing stock by the rest of the cluster.

So now we have a Tribal Republic, an attempt at using the best of the old ways, to create a new future for our people. But the problems remain. Inefficiency, where different Tribe interests prevent constructive collaboration. Transport ships half-empty because of no coordination with the ships of other Tribes.

The Tribal Chiefs are a centralised decision-making body, where information flows up, and decisions flow down. This is a recipe for paralysis. We need something different, to make full use of the benefits of such things as starships and quantum communication, instead of relying on power structures from when our people inhabited a mere handful of worlds.

(Andreus Ixiris) #58

To be fair, I don’t think she’d do a bad job at that, either.

(Teinyhr) #59

“Dictatorships are bad, except when the dictator is my friend.”

(Arrendis) #60

Duh? :slight_smile: