Deployable which prevent Filaments

Just thinking of good ideas for ISK sinks and ive come up with an idea for a deployable which prevents filaments from landing in the system the deployable is placed in, krabbers would pay good isk so heres my theory craft stats:

Purchasable from CONCORD NPC for 50Million ISK
CONCORD Filament Inhibitor Unit
Distance from deploying ship 1,250m
Min distance from other Filament Inhibitor Unit 10km
Min distance from Control Tower 100km
Min distance from Stargate, Station or Upwell Structure 1000km
Min distance from Encounter Surveillance System 1000km
X Disallowed in Wormhole Space
X Disallowed in Pochven
X Disallowed in Abyssal Space
X Disallowed in dead-space areas
X Disallowed in High-sec Areas
Activation Delay Instant
Maximum lifetime 1 hour
Filament Inhibition
When a filament is about to land in this system, this unit projects a pulse which causes the filament to be redirected elsewhere, this unit will be destroyed in the process.
- Same stats as mobile observatory
- No reinforcement
- Viewable anyone on system on overview
- Gives killmail when killed

I know people doing CRAB sites or just capital/super ratting in general would pay good isk to buy these to stop a filamenting fleet, but will cost them 50m isk a pop, if everyone uses these, then the filament fleets will keep causing someone to lose 50m isk every time the fleet gets redirected.


I think one of the purposes of filaments was to bring some more action to more remote areas of space, so that even people who hide in faraway corners of the universe to safely do their PvE can occasionally encounter hostile players. Absolute safety isn’t good for the game.

This deployable is a step towards such safety. And I don’t think it would make the game better, just safer for some people.

Apart from ‘krabbers would pay good ISK for such a module’, why should it be a good addition for the game?

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well if it only lasts 1 hour is self destructs as soon as it prevents a filament, 50m seems about right

They can still filament in to adjacent systems. This does hardly anything. Seems like it would be a harmless addition. I still prefer my idea, though.

True, but with is costing 50m per hour of usage, and being destroyed when preventing a filament, only capital ratters would use them, which means most systems wont have them, so a filament fleet may land next door instead, it provides only a slight protection and a somewhat high cost

yeah seems to me like a good isk sink

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