They should introduce asset safety for people who get ganked

Lol nope


Why not?

What’s your recommendation for playing casually doing production without using player structures? I was losing money with anything I tried to do in NPC structs.


Every game that is live service changes or dies. It’s no wonder a game that has lasted for 20 years has changed.

League of Legends does it every year in order to keep the game fresh.

Every game that is live service changes or dies

Not if it changes for the worse. Classic MMOs like WOTLK hasnt changed and remains popular. So change is a double edged sword at best.

People working on games also burn out if they believe their work will be irrelevant in a few months. Its really not a place you want to be in, thinking that games must change no matter what Just saying :slight_smile:

Not sure I’m the best person to ask, as I use player freeports in lowsec and not near Jita to build whatever T2 or T3 is profitable.

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I think this sort of amazing idea deserves its own thread in GD.

This thread is for well-meaning but obtuse community vets to provide valid but ultimately irrelevant “bootstraps” advice to a player who was subject to one of the worst, ill-thought game mechanics that CCP pounded up the game’s ass with its CSM-branded ramrod.

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Find active friends, talk to people in game, learn about all the mechanics of the things you use (not the just ones that affect profit). accept and adjust to the fact that this is a persistent world.

OR, use npc stations and accept the loss in profit.


Funny how he’s spamming so hard that even the moderators took notice. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I shuttle it between the two. I transport just what I need to a player’s structure, do what I need to do and transport the resulting stuff back.
It takes more time but I sleep easy.

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Already got closed :slight_smile: Maybe add ISD to the list

Its getting to the point where CCP going bankrupt would make me happy. This IP belongs in better hands :slight_smile:

#1. Asset Safety ruined so much in this game.

They should seed one NPC-station in each Nullsec Constellation (ORE Mining Outposts, SoE Embassies, SoCT Academies whatever) which can be used as staging station for the locals, but on the other hand can of course be hardcore camped by invaders, so you HAVE to fight to keep access to your goods there. Others can’t take it away or destroy it, but they can effectively deny you usage unless you can fight them back or come to terms with them after the conflict is over.

If they absolutely need to keep AS in the game, limit it to one container per character. No idea, 1 Mio m³, comparable to a logoff-freighter. People can evac that via AS to have some fresh starting capital, no one will “lose everything”, but for all the rest (ships docked there, yes also all the capitals and supercaps, masses of resources, ores, PI mats) the normal loot-rules apply. 50% drop, 50% go to the loot fairy. Finally a reason to fight over stuff.

And last but not least, WH folks show that it is possible to live without Asset Safety, for years. Even on large-scale alliance level. You only need to teach your members EVAC concepts, it’s not that hard.


It must be kept simple. ALWAYS

Keep it simple or die

I want to summarize that I accept my part in this - but having any sort of ‘time limit’ on asset safety feels predatory. It’s unreasonable to punish players for not being able to log in to the game. While in my case, I was just negligent, there are entirely legitimate and uncontrollable reasons why you might not be able to play the game. Often these things are un-predictable, and while yes, you could simply just not use player structures, I argue that you’re pretty much not given a choice but to use them because of the how the taxes and fees are designed.

If anyone with any say in this game reads this, I would recommend Asset Safety:

  1. Has a cap on value, to prevent the sudden influx of ISK from long afk players problem.
  2. Is something you can purchase as in individual, like Ship Insurance.
  3. Change behavior of asset safety to only return a random selection of assets
  4. Asset Safety only returns raw materials, or only Ships, etc.
  5. Remove asset safety as a mechanic.

With the new upcoming sov mechanics stealing from fw… we might see deployable fobs come onto the scene. Player corp / alliance pays an npc corp, and the npc corp deploys the fob to the location.

That would more or less function as your npc station concept.

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I’d say “CAN I HAVE YOUR STUFF” , but you don’t have any stuff.

This is depressing…


@Frank_Zappaski how much did you lose?

Is this related to the structures in Tama that Snuff dumped last week? I mean your real complaint should be with the owner ls who let stuff go unpowered rather than CCP, who did actually provide a way for your assets to be safe.

I don’t think I could really tell. It’s not really about the amount of stuff though. I can get my goods back, its about the time I put into things I lost that stinks.

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