Details on forthcoming improvements to compression mechanics

Except for how any attempts to change POS code at all for balance or mechanics updates breaks literally half a dozen random other parts of the game because the POS code ties into things it shouldn’t, is completely incomprehensible and undocumented, and the guy who write it hasn’t been working at CCP for a decade, easy.

Edit: I think my favorite one was when changing 1 number on the large tower entries made the markets stop working for reasons nobody ever figured out. Truly, a marvel of asset management that must be forever preserved. Who needs to be able to buy and sell stuff?


Go to any systems that’s not M-OEE8. They messed up the seeding there in that last few updates already.

Compressing a solid takes some force but can be done. Compressing a liquid however…

(Even those can be compressed, but it takes considerably more force. Anyway, anything can be compressed if you press hard enough.)

Edit: No idea why this is a response to you Sen_Isu. :confused:

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The pos function/purpose in game is still relevant is all I’m saying. The fact CCP sucks at game design and little to no foresight with how they design their platform is not my problem. The fact they designed in such a way its interlinked with all these none related assets just speaks more to their ability to design a system that works properly than it does to me wanting to use a system that in “concept” is far better for various activities in game vs total removal of POS and forced use of this new system (Cits). CCP failure to design a proper system is no excuse for the total removal of said system. Specially considering said system has a place in many activities to date. The idea of remove POS all together is pure laziness on CCP part to address the issues in its code. Just remove it all is easier. That is why this game lacks in various aspects because they take the short cut so to speak. All about them greenbacks :wink: moneh moneh moneh, player happiness or proper functionality who the hell needs that!

but… why change the 1-100 ratio other than making things more confusing?

Removing POSs is something they’ve been working toward for seven years. I doubt very much if CCP Ytterbium expected POS towers would even be in the game come 2022.

Last I heard, going back a few years, CCP Fozzie had expressed some interest (which doesn’t mean any development commitment) in an intermediate ‘small’ structure, to replace SOME functionality of the small POS tower. Only when most functionality of control towers had been replaced by new structures, would all control tower tech be firmly retired.


As I said they have zero foresight…

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laziness, they prob have no clue how to do the exhange/rework so they will just do this rigged up job for now. Then 10 years from now they will want to change something and be like OH NO all this code is interlinked OH NO… they do it to themselves…

Or, y’know, Ytterbium got a better job somewhere else and the rest of CCP dropped the ball.

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Currently mining some Dark glitter and when i compress it it shows up as Obsolote Compressed dark glitter.

I listened to that stream and haven’t found a bit where CCP actually say that. You Mel and Teddy decided it amongst yourselves and CCP Swift said he doesn’t have any incites into it, he is aware the devs know how the game works and “maybe” they decided that it doesn’t need the ability atm. Around the 1h40min mark.

Ice already compressed at 1:10 ratio, so with the introduction of gas compression either 1:100 or 1:10 would be consistent with existing compressing rates. They chose 1:10.

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To compensate from being a solo ORCA miner pre-change, I skilled up my research alt to be a drill head in a hulk. Basically just park next to the OCRA and dump straight in to the fleet hanger of my ORCA… Now this change means I need to have that alt skill up to an Obelisk so I can, at the end of my day compress it. I’m not giving up a high slot and wasting time in belt compressing this stuff.

Will it save time over just flying the Obelisk 4 jumps to a compression Athanor?

Asking for a friend.

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Just tested the new compression modules in the test server.

All good except the new compression window, it needs some work.

Opening a new window show us what we select to compress and then we have to press the compress button, then the button disappears and we have to close the window. For new compression we have to repeat… this is annoying and adds more clicking to the mining work!

There is a solution I would like to propose.

  • This window stays open and any new ore present in the mining hold gets updated in the input materials of the compression window and the compress button becomes available again.

Some other suggestions to reduce the mouse clicking even more:

In the compression window add a new option:
[ ] Compress Automatically → this option only works if the compression window is open

Also in the mining hold can a new option be created to allow us to stack all automatically?

[ ] Stack All Automatically

Other suggestion: Is possible to open the mining hold to the fleet and allow people to drop ore directly on it instead of then having to use the fleet hangar and we have to be constantly moving ore from it to the mining ore?

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@CCP_Masterplan New bug. Since the patch on Singularity earlier today, the fitting screen in “Simulate” mode does not allow to “Unfit” a module while in space (the option is not available). “Unfit” is only allowed in Simulate mode when in station.

Agreed, much like boosts do already. It would make sense, considering the Fleet Compression Logistics skill is in the same skill category as the other fleet assistance skills.

There’s containers like this in Eve already, maybe not to this degree. Station warehouse container is 10 million m3 in volume but holds 100 million m3. MTUs hold ~27k m3 but are 100 in your cargo.

If anything, an MTU looks smaller than a jetcan but I never compared the two before.

If I’m reading the dev post correctly, compression will be done as it is currently: right click an uncompressed ore stack then click compress. The option will either become available when you are receiving compression ability, or will be available and give you an error when you aren’t.

AFK compression would be a step too far, IMO

Why is there a new compression window? Especially since we can’t drag ore to it to hit compress. You have to right click → compress → compress → close