Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


(Marcus Rintel) #290

I stand corrected then. :grinning: Though, the Dev Blog posted in the Updates Site, makes it seems it’s part of the FW system.

(Benje en Divalone) #291

Personal interest level is rising. Thank you.

(Dior Ambraelle) #292

This sounds much more fun than repeating missions in low-sec or buying tags if you want to fix your standings.

(Kaivarian Coste) #293

TBH, this seems like fun, grouping up with randoms while getting stuff done.

Seems like the optimal ship would be a combat-oriented miner.

(Namaan) #294

I assume we will be shown these amounts needed when we enter the site?

(Matthias Ancaladron) #295

Well this is going to be a huge waste of time.

Why is CCP wasting time on events that every player in the game doesn’t have access too.
They should be in wormholes, nullsec, low sec, and high sec.

This is no different from the stupid blood raider sotiyo that 99.99999999999999% of players will never be able to see or set foot in. CCP needs to make content for everyone even if the vast majority if players are in high sec. Just Ramp them up a bit and toss them in low and null and wh for people who don’t spend alot of time in highsec or get rid of the jump clone timer.

(Kaivarian Coste) #296

Yeah, I was hoping to see some sites out in low sec or wherever. If you want to partake, you’ll have to jump clone to high sec and stay there for 20-24 hours.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #297

No ill deathclone my ass right back to null if there’s no good skins or clothing.

It’s just a hassle because the jump clone mechanics are garbage. I should be able to jump wherever I own my clone as much as I want between the different spaces. I can’t take a ship with me so it doesn’t matter for combat. They only exist to slow people down from responding to invasions and stuff anyway. That has nothing to do with null/low/high sec travel. If you’re jumping to empire space the stupid timer needs to go. I shouldnt have to go to a citadel, jump out of my good clone, do what I need to do in high and deathclone to a throwaway clone to go hop back into my good clone to circumvent the stupid timer.

Why isn’t there an ihub upgrade for pve stuff like this? Ihub upgrades are only anoms. Why can’t I get these beacons or an agent or something with the appropriate ihub upgrade. Only alternative is to jump to highsec to participate in stuff because its not anywhere else. Kinda defeats the purpose of living outside of empire space if they add empire exclusive content.

(Arrendis) #298

Oh, Woe Is Me!™ What’s the point of living outside of the laws of the empires and CONCORD if I can’t get access to all of the perks of living under the laws of the empires and CONCORD? You get to shoot other people without wardecs.

Jeez, man, use an interceptor. 15m from anywhere to highsec. Hell, your alliance lives in Cloud Ring, it’s maybe a 5m zip through PB/Fade or Black Rise. Whenever highsec players complain about content focused on low and null, they get told ‘HTFU’, but here you are whining that not everything is served to you right on the undock.

I mean, when you get to the point where a goon’s calling you lazy, that’s impressive. Brav-o.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #299

Also… Why would you want these sites in nul, low, or wormhole?

The reward is LP that lets you buy ships with T1 modules (maybe meta but not t2) and a skin that will quickly be so common that killing one BS rat in null will cover the costs. And the ship and modules will cost more than market value.

Anyone in low, nil, or wormhole space can find activities that will net far more isk.

The sole purpose is to create a training ground to get new players into groups. What the big alliances should be doing is prepping to use these as recruitment grounds. The small ones should too.

Man for a nice new player feature to help bring new players into the fold, people are really getting worked up over nothing.

(Tipa Riot) #300

You expect the rewards to be worth a veteran’s effort? After reading about the newbie focus, I doubt it will be worth doing for the reward alone. Also the chosen mode won’t work outside of highsec anyway.

(Buoytender Bob) #301

I’ve never been a huge fan of EVE developers directions in the past, especially in regards to HS. That being said, I am willing to give these sites a shot mainly because on what they are trying to accomplish. Are they a good substitute for a mission generator? No, but that isn’ t their intent. Are they available for ns/LS? No, but that isn’the their intent,either.

What CCP has tried to do is offer a way to simplify the process of getting people to join up/socialize and, more importantly, encourage and reward newer players to form groups, a process/mechanic underutilized in the past. The more people get used to cooperative play and increased socialization, the more people are encouraged to spread out and try corps and different security level areas.

This new feature isn’t exactly what so many HS players are looking for (that would be a mission generator), but it is a reasonable and needed addition to EVE. It fills a long standing gap in player development and helps foster socialization, something that benefits everyone and every security level. How this all turns out is still a mystery. We all know of poorly designed content in the past and we cannot forget that EVE players love to find out how to break a feature, but at least the intent is a good idea.

So, let us keep an open mind and see what CCP has created. In the meantime, I’m sure that everyone will continue to advocate for features and changes that are “desperately” needed in their area of New Eden.:wink:

(Matthias Ancaladron) #302

They shouldn’t get told go htfu. Any site you can find in null should be available in higsec, albeit rarer or not as good. I’ve found superior sleeper caches and ghost sites in high sec. What is in null that can’t be found in highsec, if there’s anything then CCP should fix it too. All content should be accessible by all players in all spaces.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #303

If it’s new player then it’s npe not pve and I don’t care. I still haven’t even done the new tutorial. I tried once on a new character and the new aura voice and NPC voice acting was so annoying I muted it and haven’t been back on the character lol.

(Arrendis) #304

You mean like every kind of pirate anomaly that ratters farm? High-end ores? The ability to actually own space and build supercapitals (which can’t be built in highsec, lowsec, j-space, or even NPC null)?

Gosh, I don’t know.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #305

Yeah I’m for all of that being in high sec too. I’ve never liked the limited sites. There should be all kinds of sites for everyone everywhere if you can find them/finish them first. 1/10s in -1.0, and the odd sanctum people compete over in 1.0. No point to keep carriers and stuff out of high sec either, I know they were removed forever ago but not sure why. War decs need to be removed and redesigned completely anyway.
Ores should be available everywhere too, just rarer. And you can find the better ores in high sec to in some of the anom sites. Hell if we got some caps in high sec it’d be a lot easier to declutter all the laggy structures people spam everywhere where you go into a system and there’s 20 citadels everywhere you look.
Lucrativity shouldn’t exclude varietty.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #306

why, as a high sec player, I have no issue what so ever in the pirate citadels being in null. It’s actually quite cool. Not something I will ever do, but glad it’s available for those peeps.

Would you like sleepers in all space, or FW? It’s ok to have stuff in different places. Honest.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #307

I wouldn’t mind if they showed up now and then. We already get autothysian lancers. But the Tyrannus kinda ruins it for everyone in kspace anyway. They arent worth the trouble. If they were implemented better in all areas I would love to see them. From what ive heard there used to be drifter incursions too but those were removed too. It just doesn’t make sense to have the citadels if only one group of people will ever see them. It seems i was mistaken anyway and these resource wars are npe not pve anyway. I’m guessing they’ll only end up around new player systems if that’s the case.

(Arrendis) #308

Different parts of space have different stuff.

Tell me: when you go to a foreign country, do you expect everything to be exactly the same as it is at home, too?

(Arrendis) #309

They’re designed to be accessible to new players, they are not part of the NPE.