Dev blog: Moon mining revamped - There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons


(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #442

You’ll need the refineries for Ore refining and for gas reactions after they come online anyway. Any moon mining would be a bonus, I’d like a mix of ore and ice products myself. Keep moon goo in Null, sleeper stuff in WH. We need the differences between the regions to drive player migration.

(Querns) #443

A member? Yes. Active? No. He was working for CCP while the CFC was a thing.

(Azmya Nakamura) #444

I agree to keep the differences, that is why I was mentionning standard asteroid belts… no Moon Materials.

CCP is not planning to remove the POS so we will definitely continue the gas reaction in the POS. Why bother to put a refinery ?

For the ore refining bonus ? You get it aswell in an engineering complex… and frankly, for the quantity we can mine (having a belt spawning every 2 weeks), it does not matter.

Hopefully it will be implemented… and not 6 months after the first release.

(Querns) #445

They’re not removing the POS, but they are turning off the reactors on refinery patch day. You won’t be able to run your gas reactions in a POS after that – the pos module won’t do anything.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #446

My understanding of the whole POS phase out was that as each citadel type came online it would replace the functions currently provided by POS modules. In the case of refining they put this on citadels at first, then moved it to EC’s. No reason why they can’t now move it to refineries since that’s where it would make the most sense.

I’m pretty sure that the refineries are taking over reactions from the POS modules. Perhaps this could be clarified by one of the devs?

(Querns) #447

It’s been clarified over and over in multiple medias – both moon harvesting arrays and reactors on POS turn off on patch day. No grace period, just a hard shut-off.

(Azmya Nakamura) #448

@Querns @Corraidhin_Farsaidh

I think this need to be clarified by CCP : when will they remove it ? what will become the current modules ? what will become the active modules and active reactions ? etc.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #449

Thanks, I thought that was the case but haven’t been able to keep up with it as much due to RL issues. I didn’t want to give misleading information.

(Azmya Nakamura) #450

ah ok. Thank you ! @Querns

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #451

I’d rather not have NPC moon mineral extractors in high sec, yet I do see NPCs as a potential means to establish a baseline for activity that generates PvEvP in low-sec for instance.

NPCs set up base on some moons. You can choose blow up the NPC structure (reduced number of reinforcement timers) and kick them off or simply leave them be. Letting them stay on the moon could allow you and your friends to attempt and mine the moon belt latter or ambush the NPC skiffs and haulers when they show up. These are options that still require active engagement by the player. Letting NPCs build structures on moons doesn’t immediately nullify a player corp’s ability to undercut NPC production levels and profitability.

Space is big. There’s enough of a pie to let NPCs into the mix as a means of generating secondary content.

(DeadDuck) #452

No depletable resources are killing the game. Until you realize that is the need of things that make all the wheels role, you will be bleeding clients every day. Why even bother to do anything when you just have to sat. and every isks in the world are yours ?

(Querns) #453

Agreed, missions in highsec, lowsec, and nullsec should be depletable. There should be a limit to the number that are offered by agents game-wide.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #454

What are your thoughts on object decay?

Fozzie talked about the idea of making special edition ships or objects in the future decaying. For instance, you get the ship and it has a 10 day timer. After 10 days, it disappears. He also talked about making items that do the same, so that if you don’t build something with it in X days, you lose the opportunity to do so. This would be a solution to people hoarding limited quantity objects/ships


(Marcus Tedric) #455

[quote=“Querns, post:422, topic:10954, full:true”]…
Importing minerals? What? Who in nullsec does that?

I have - and WE do…

(zieg miner) #456

How so when you will now have to active mine the moon. No more passive income to the billions and no more cartel as you have activaly mine it. This ends the passive income to the billions for big power blocks and gives the little guy more of a chance to get some decent ■■■■ . Everyone can mine it now full access all round

(tasman devil) #457

Now that I think about it: the redistribution of minerals could shake up a lot of things in 0.0 but only if you shake it up constantly and also give a LOT of valuable minerals to low sec.

Yes, low sec.
Not null.

Right now low sec (not FW) is more deserted than most of 0.0. The only way you could breathe life into it is by moving value in there. Forcing everyone to have a go at the limited and concentrated space and resources there.

And yes, 0.0 cartells would move into low sec, but -done right by CCP- could only partly exert their real force. And with a lot of options to disrupt their operations by marauding hit&run small gangs, their presence could be classified as that of targets instead of “don’t touch or else you’ll get 150 titans dropped on you!”.

Either that or you give the most valuable ores to 0.0. But in that case, you only shuffled half the deck and people will most likely not move at all.

Just my two cents.

(Frostys Virpio) #458

Every moons is supposed to be possible in both security bands so unless the random script to re-seed it all goes really bad and put nothing of value in low-sec, there should be valuable moons in low-sec AND moons that will generate standard mineral worth of rocks to support more mining in some systems if people are willing to keep it under control.

On top of that, while I am not informed of all the plans, I would not bet on goons going on a mad gold rush move even if we get a lesser moon distribution because we already have way too much infrastructure done in our current space with the Keepstars, Fortizars, asshouse and all the ECs…

(Osa Engawa) #459

Have you ever seen what happens when a null alliance decides to use a lowsec system for staging? Please, I live here, we do not need the big kids jumping into the baby pool any more than they already do.

The way to get people into low is to make highsec less valuable, period, end of story.

(tasman devil) #460

There was that caveat from me of -if done right by CCP- .
Like limiting or outright disallowing SCs and Titans in lowsec. ::joy:

(Osa Engawa) #461

The problem isn’t supers, the problem is these alliances’ sheer numbers (which I genuinely admire and respect them for, when they’re not setting up house in my backyard). Lowsec isn’t made for that, and it generally avoids it by not being worth their effort for most things (moons being a notable exception, staging proximity to other areas of null being another).

You’re suggesting that low should be buffed specifically to attract more interest from null, but it makes no sense to artificially draw null dwellers into low, when high is full of people making substantially more than a lowsec dweller can make outside of FW.

Personally, I like low exactly the way it is and I don’t know why people keep talking about “fixing” it. If you don’t think enough people live there, move there yourself.