Dev blog: Moon mining revamped - There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons


(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #502

Right now with a new baby in the house all I gt to do is the industry side of things. Fortunately this is deep enough to keep me involved in the game in a meaningful way. One of the many things that makes EvE a great game IMO.

(StuRyan) #503

How exactly? Mining?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #504

Nope, PI, tech II, III and faction goods manufacture, citadel construction etc etc. Pretty much all of the industry stuff other than mining. I’m very glad I trained up all those science skills right now :slight_smile:

This also still allows me to add value to my corp too, they actively hunt and gather, I buy it which gives them ISK without hauling, turn it into other stuff for profit and then sell it as and when I do get to haul out.

Win/Win for everyone

(Nana Skalski) #505

Maybe give us incentive to mine even more by providing new class of ships to build, like tech 2 avatars? Maybe Iapetan class titans? Nudge nudge, wink, wink.:wink:

(zluq zabaa) #506

No really, I try to do. I might fail often enough, but this is why I’m taking part in this discussion. To check my arguments, to learn and possibly once in a while to convince someone, if I’m right.

I do know how these things are interrelated, of course. It’s not that I couldn’t enjoy things other than PVP, it is that I’m missing these things to be more of a challenge than they currently are. The only challenge AFK ratters and miners have is not to get ganked (in Highsec) or catched by players. The rest is spreadsheets and min/maxing.

We currently have mechanics that allow for insanely simple ways to gain a lot of profit from no-brainers, while other parts of the game, which can be equally fun or equally frustrating, don’t offer the same. Market wars for example, require to be more actively monitoring things.

@Corraidhin_Farsaidh said he has little time, but can still do the industry side of things. What about people in similar situations, who want to do something else? For having fun with industrial tasks you usually end up with profit, average quick’n’dirty PVP won’t provide you the same.

Why not think outside of the box and make all income as passive as possible. Anyone who finds joy in the incredible manual task of sitting in a belt and mining (which is below any reasonable EVE-like technical possiblities), let them do it. If I want automated processes for ressource allocation, let me have that too.

Or, as an alternative, get rid of the possibility to make easy profit from no-brain semi or full AFK activities such as running Anoms and Mining, esp. those with the lowest risks. Make NPCs considerably harder and smarter in every belt, anom and at the gates. Make them hunt players like they should do (they’re freaking pirate factions), tackle and drop and whatnot.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #507

Except these are two different things, the fun in the industrial side comes from making profits by providing a service to others that they do not wish to undertake themselves. The industrial design allows me to use the small discrete amounts of time I have available through the day to do as little or as much as I get chance to as and when I get chance to.

The fun oin PvP comes simply from getting adrenaline pumping fights. Any profit is secondary unless you are ganking. Which I’d barely class as PvP as such, it’s more of a probability exercise as to whether you bring enough dps and execute correctly. The other party should have no chance in a gank, otherwise something went wrong in your planning.

For PvP folks there ia a simple way to make some ISK at least, and that is PI. Set up the simplest installation, set it running and sell it to one of your industrial support corpies. My whole point as an industrialist is to take PvP corpies goods for ISK and make some profit off them so that everyone in corp gains in a way that suits them.

(Justin Cody) #508

but but but wormholes? sad face

(Perkin Warbeck) #509

Okay so I will fully admit that I have not read every post on this topic but please CCP don’t make people mine for corporation income. It’s boring, dull gameplay with little or no chance of the content you think it might generate.

You think someone is going to hot drop or attack one of these mining fleets? I pray to God they will but noone is going to be that retarded. You can rat or mine in complete safety in null with a bit of common sense and a cyno. Instead it will be Rorqual/Skiff/Procurer/Endurance online with our alts tied up mining when they could be generating content elsewhere.

Passive income has a place in this game at the individual and corporate level.

(Querns) #510

Poof – I’ve gone back in time and made it so that you don’t have to mine for corporation income. You won’t after the change, either.

(zluq zabaa) #511

When will Nullsec NPC behaviour get a heavy buff that makes AFK ratting impracticable?

(Scatim Helicon) #512

If you’re too incompetent or lazy to gank those ratters yourself why should CCP do it for you?

(zluq zabaa) #513

ISK Faucets are to be limited by game mechanics, not the possibility of player intervention. In all areas of space you find content which you need to actively play in order to profit and you make less than an AFK VNI in Nullsec. This is a mistake and CCP should finally acknowledge that and put an end to this nonsense. Make AFK ratting impossible through game mechanics.

(Querns) #514

What does this have to do with moon mining?

(Igzorn Buelle) #515

so just for s.hit´s n giggles i scanned down some moons in highsec, and found some lowgrade stuff. does this indicate that highsec moon mining may be a thing after all?

(Iowa Banshee) #516

They do have T3 refining in WH space and many use the POS for storage of capital ships in low class wormholes and those are going away.

So, I suggest booster refining and production should only be available in the Sotiyo-class Extra Large Engineering Complex.
Then everyone who now uses a POS for production should be told “if you don’t have the money to buy the chem lab stop making the chems” just so they know what it feels like to get shafted

(zluq zabaa) #517

The main argument for the change of moons was that profit should not be passive. Okay, so AFK ratting should not be possible, due to mechanics.

(Sgt Ocker) #518

but I didn’t anticipate them adding T1 ores to moons.

It is also the first of many steps toward removing the common asteroid belts from New Eden…

(Sgt Ocker) #519

zluq zabaa
The main argument for the change of moons was that profit should not be passive. Okay, so AFK ratting should not be possible, due to mechanics.

AFK ratting isn’t a big income earner, it is usually done as a background activity while doing something more interesting and CCP has already stated they are looking at anom NPC’s and aggression toward Drones, which pretty much ends AFK ratting…

What I’m curious about is how much the specialized moongoo drones for Rorquals are going to cost and what bonuses they will have.
How CCP plans to handle the large one man Rorqual fleets used currently to clear anoms once moon chunks can be wiped out within minutes by these same people. (I refer to cherry picking, not clearing)
What are the expected costs related to setting up a refinery - Too costly removes the ability for small entities to have them, too cheap makes them disposable so no-one will care if they die.
Will the current ridiculous structure timers be carried over to refineries, or will they be such that deciding to destroy one within a few days is viable. (something needs to be done about the amount of structure spam filling systems all over new eden)

(Querns) #520

You’re conflating personal income with alliance income.

(zluq zabaa) #521

Nah, that’s just your assumption.