Dev blog: Moon mining revamped - There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons


(Teckos Pech) #588


This too.

This excerpt was retold to Mark Twain by the miners who moved to California from Georgia and may have inspired his character Mulberry Sellers. Sellers was famous for his lines “There’s gold in them thar hills” and “there’s millions in it.”

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #589

Im curious, and uncertain if its been addressed already, but will there be a new reprocessing rig for these moon ores or will they be rolled into the NS rig currently out?

Will the rig be available come release?

(Acac Sunflyier) #590

I had quick question about the reactions aspect. Are the reactions specifically being restricted to low/null-sec or is it just mining? Or can a corp in high buy the goo and run the reactions but just not mine?

(Penance Toralen) #591

Looking at the new mining crystals. With simplification to modules through tieracide. Can I ask why this additional complexity was warranted?

It is not required: if you mine with drones. Use tech2 mining lasers on a Venture or Prospect. Or cannot be bothered with juggling yet more crystals in a small cargohold.

A properly organised corp/alliance with have a refining foremen. Which means the skills are partially redundant for other members.

more skills ≠ more content

(Iowa Banshee) #592

Tell that to an airline pilot

(Tannia Ambrye) #593

So stealing this.

(Tannia Ambrye) #594

In reality, mining a moon could potentially provide access to a large amount of material. I know that Eve’s construction is based some unusual minerals and those are what are considered valuable, but these minerals don’t seem to be overly rare either. How will moon mining not drive down the overall cost of ores and commodities? Perhaps that’s a good thing, but not if you’re a miner hoping to profit off of selling what you’ve worked so hard to mine.

On a side note, how long until CCP implements star lifting?

(Frostys Virpio) #595

Everyone mining moon-goo rocks is a miner not mining something else. The moon mining will be much more manpower heavy in it’s requirement so you can’t scale as much as you used too. Maybe it will displace some mines but I don’t expect much of a move in normal mineral prices.

(Sgt Ocker) #596

Thonys Visser

just to give you a small example

1… 25 mil P/H in highsec VS 200 mil P/H in nul - Take into account that 25 mil P/H is made with little risk and relatively low outlay (300 mil for a Hulk). The 200 mil P/H is riskier as the ship you make it with is stuck in the same place, unable to move to safety, for 5 minutes at a time - Sit there for an hour to make your 200 mil you’re risking 5 bil, just for the drones + the cost and fit for the ship.

2… As of October release a single miner can indeed mine a moon. You won’t need to own the moon to mine it like you would now. The only thing holding you back from moon mining is your unwillingness to leave the safety of highsec.

3… Eve is about “Risk VS Reward”. Everything is based on Take the Risk, earn the Reward. Now being realistic, should a single highsec miner in his 300 mil isk Exhumer be able to earn the same as a guy who has invested billions of isk, spent a great deal of time (or isk) training the skills to use his 7+ bil isk ship.
Regardless of the risk to either, why would players go to nulsec and use ships worth billions of isk if they can make the same in highsec for a much lower investment?

so yep, here you can see the fundamental problem with eve for HS

Has nothing to do with neglect but everything to do with the unwillingness of (many) highsec players to move elsewhere to gain the rewards they seek that are not available in highsec. Expecting highsec to offer equivalent rewards to lowsec and nulsec is just unrealistic.

just to give you a small example a miner is HS can make about 25 mil an hour in HS
in the other regions they can do up to over 200 mil a hour and that is called completely fair …?

When it comes to Risk VS Reward - Yes it is completely fair…

(Nobody left) #597

Can you release the Blueprints for the structures at down time? thanks.

(Siffan Okaski) #598

“Someone” is going to need a lot more bots. :smiley:

(Pestilen Ratte) #599

The point has been raised that folks mining moon goo are not going to be mining ice or ore. Given a static supply of miners, supply of moon goo will put pressure on supply of the others. And visa versa.

It follows that, given a static supply of miners, all ores will inflate in value. Put simply, CCP is demanding a lot more mining for the same amount of supply of raw materials. The change has been to demand player time in return for a share of the existing aggregate of raw materials used in new eden.

Therefore the change has been designed to inflate the price of everything in new eden, therefore the change was specifically designed to give players less return for the same effort. Ships and fitting will be more expensive, in game time and in real world money.

Eve will be even more expensive.

That is clearly the idea. It is an open question whether it is a smart move.

Personally, I scanned a Ghost site a few days ago which had zero shiny loot. Clearly, the wise people at CCP have decided to reduce loot drops to very low levels. They have an active policy of giving paying customers less for their money.

The problem with Eve getting more expensive, aside from value for money for the stupid customer, is that anyone can do it. As a policy, “wise folks” can implement it and be measured as successful. And see themselves as wise. Falling subscriptions can be written off as cyclical and due to other factors.

Anyway, Eve will never die because only haters and losers write anything that could be called an “eve is dying thread”.

(Zetakya) #600

LOL nope. Roll more Alts. You’ve still got time to get a decently speced Hulk Pilot before the first wave of rock pulls happen.

(Tonto Auri) #601

You should really read the post before replying to it.

(Nevyn Auscent) #602

The problem is you are starting from a false assumption.
Rorqual buff clearly showed that the supply of miners is not static, it’s based on perceived value of mining.

(Sgt Ocker) #603

Nevyn Auscent
it’s based on perceived value of mining.

So as moon goo is traditionally an alliance income and that is not likely to change - Where do you see the “value” for miners with the upcoming moon mining changes?
Rorquals will be all but useless for mining moon goo so it will be Orca, Porpoise and barges/exhumers.
All activity is taxable and will be taxed to ensure Alliances get their share, so unless all goo based products sky rocket in price the guys actually pulling the raw materials aren’t likely to make a great deal out of it.

Moon mining will become “X amount of hours per moon held, of miners donating time to boost the alliance wallet”.

(Zetakya) #604

It’ll be ISK cost per moon.

(Pestilen Ratte) #605

All predictions of how behaviour will emerge are valid, so long as people continue to bother.

If you travel around the world, the real world, you will find that there are only a few places where folks can be bothered doing certain things. In those places, you find the products of those things.

The big problem, for my corp, with the new addition to the game play is that it offers a lot more grind and no tangible benefits of any kind. The “new” mechanic is actually exactly the same as the old mining mechanic, albeit with some new graphics and icons. Eve didn’t get more exciting with this release, except for the first time you see a refinery zap a moon. And, as good as that was, the thrill wore off after a few seconds.

We feel we are being asked to do more grind for the same results, in fact probably for worse results. The implicit judgement from the devs is that we have it too easy, that we get too much for our monthly subscriptions. They want more, and they’ve offered some newly named asteroids to mine as the quid pro quo.

The feeling in our corp is that we do not get too much for our money. We don’t agree that the devs at CCP are giving us too much for our money, as things stand.

Eve is an incredibly expensive game, compared to all others. You pay hundreds of dollars to sit in a ship that you may never get to use in combat, except to get ganked and ecm’d by a blob. That is not a complaint, merely a statement of fact. It is hard to think of any game that is nearly so expensive.

I have had experience selling expensive things. In that experience, I have found that you can always ask folks for more, but that folks can afford expensive things do not like being taken for a ride by greedy and simple minded folks.

The direction of Eve is for the staff to treat paying customers as fools. The presentation of the same old mining mechanics as a new experience, and the result of much hard work by the staff, is offensive because it is manifestly ridiculous and insulting to human dignity. The CCP staff are calling us stupid to our faces. They are laughing at us, as they take our money.

We all know that CCP have been busy with Valkyrie, and that very little has been done on the game. In this context, to give us less and ask us to pay more is hard to enjoy.

I’m the last of my industrial corp to stick around, and I doubt I will re-sub. For what? Paying this much money for a mining simulator?

You wot?

(Wessex Lighthelm) #606

Low sec alliances has realized they cant survive during the new moon mining changes, wich has result of the major low sec enteties has choosen to join the big Null sec blocks. Low sec seams unfortunaly to be dying out.

(March rabbit) #607

Finally low-sec will be no mans land where one can do his own small stuff?

Such a dream…