Dev blog: New Alpha Training Option


(Vortexo VonBrenner) #327

“This bite-size training will take the form of a ‘Daily Alpha Injector’.”

DAI…kind of funny EvE’s new feature can be pronounced “die” :smiley:

(Keno Skir) #328

No it isn’t, there is an opportunity cost applied to ISK. For the purpose of a person buying these new Alpha injectors, they can choose to use real money or ISK to get the PLEX they require depending on their situation.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #329

As an Alpha you can:

  • Train the first 5 million SP at no out-of-pocket costs.
  • With the up-coming change to Alpha’s the set of skills still active in the Alpha state has been increased to 20 million.
  • To get the new 15M skills the Alpha clone account must be Omega and trained, or an ALPHA injector is used.
  • you can than get acces to all Alpha skill
  • if you go Omega and train say, Cloaking, when you revert to Alpha you lose access to cloaking but you do not loose acces to those additionnal 15M Alpha skills you learned with your Alpha injectors.

(Cypherous) #330

No because CCP doesn’t pay bills in “time spent earning ISK” its plex or nothing, you can buy plex with ISK but there needs to have been a real life payment somewhere in the chain for this

(Cypherous) #331

You can also use the existing injectors, the alpha injectors are just sized deliberately small to make them affordable for alphas and can only be used once per day whereas there is no daily limit on the standard injectors

(Teckos Pech) #332

Yes, that is a more complete and thorough description. Thanks.

(Keno Skir) #333

That’s not the discussion. The guy was annoyed CCP are selling this injector for PLEX and I pointed out he can use ISK if he wants too, which he can.

(Cypherous) #334

Yes but the original guy i was responding to wanted them to be sold for ISK directly

(Ima Wreckyou) #335

Is there anything CCP could not sell via PLEX which would annoy you? Like premium ships, sleeper ammo, etc, if it could be sold over the market? Is the EVE market the ultimate white-washing tool for all possible items which can be acquired in the EVE universe? Where do you draw the line if you even think we have to voice our opinion at some point or should we just swallow everything which comes down this pipe?

(erg cz) #336

Wrong. Uterly wrong. CCP want people to buy PLEX with real life money. That is the whole point of PLEX, IMHO. Now if 1 PLEX, that you just payed with RL money, gives you enough ISK to buy, let say a Fortizar, why would you buy anouther 7? Cause now you need 8 PLEXes to buy Fortizar for your WH project or what ever. I mean 1 PLEX = 500 mini plexes.
You see? Everything, that drives PLEX price in ISK up is bad for CCP. But CCP still add more and more pressure on it. If you need to buy PLEX for ISK, you kill the game (less people -> less content, also less RL money for CCP ). If you need to buy PLEX for real money to get ISK - you help the game.

(Agondray) #337

yeah but than I have to worry about getting the amount to plex which means playing a lot more than I can currently & why would I want to miss being part of the Alpha Cancer when we know things that have been used heavily enough can get nerfed.

its either abuse it enough and ccp will scale it back or they wont care and we still will go forward with f2p like they are trying to covertly sneak in on us while hiding their failures.

(Keno Skir) #338

Well, i mean that’s a wierd question. I guess it would annoy me if CCP did not sell game time for PLEX…

That’s fine, voice your opinion by all means but be ready to have it discussed.

As has already been explained hundreds of times it doesn’t matter if you buy PLEX with ISK or real cash, somebody paid real cosh for all of it. That means that when the ISK price of PLEX rises more people buy PLEX for cash to sell on the market for ISK. Increased PLEX market prices increase real cash PLEX demand.

(Jeremiah Saken) #339

this maybe not true anymore, because it’s fairly easy to grind ISK now. So less people will buy PLEX to switch them into ISKs.

(Anjyl Took) #340

I think I would have to say anything sold via PLEX/Real World Money(RWM) is okay as long as it is in-game tradeable. I might have an objection to “limited edition” items, because even if they are in-game tradeable the limited quantity could inhibit a reasonable market equilibrium. I think as long as any RWM items are reasonably available to be bought in-game, with in-game grindable currency, it’s okay, and not p2w.

(erg cz) #341

I would believe that beautifull lie if the ammount of PLEXes on the market would rise. PLEX now is 3 times more expensive, than in year 2012. Do we see 3 times more PLEX sold on market? NO. We see less players. Like half of PCU numbers. Number of sales order increases, total amount of saled PLEXes stays.

(Tamazaki) #342

Where are the skill points for these alpha injectors coming from?

(Anjyl Took) #343

They are coming from 1 day and a PLEX payment, just like the SP from PLEXing an account to Omega. Only it’s 1 day instead of 30 days and it doesn’t grant any Omega skills. And costs more.

(Anjyl Took) #344

These are not “injectors” in the sense of the word that we have been using with “extractors” and “injectors” these are daily training subs, much like monthly subs, just smaller.

(Salvos Rhoska) #345

All I see, is even more strain/demand on PLEX in an already starved market.

(Tamazaki) #346


(nice grammar CCP, btw)

They are injectors. Being able to use them once a day doesn’t change that. Why didn’t they just activate 24 hours training time instead?

As an Omega I’d quite like to be able to have my next 24 hour’s skill points all in one go after downtime. Doesn’t change the overall speed but it could save me waiting for something.