Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Tipa Riot) #326

Nobody with a brain cell would do that.

@CCP_Falcon Please don’t reward people plexing their skill farming alts. The number of new players being able to plex themselves out of Alpha state are negligible. The real money spend to get a reward is totally the right way.

(Golden Askiras) #327

Its not about how many new alpha pilots can PLEX themselves. I agree, that number is negligible and also I don’t think that new pilots should aim to PLEX themselves straight away as they will burn out so fast.

The issue is that the recruiter can no longer GIVE them that chance.

Every single time I have gotten a friend into this game, I let them play for a week, and if they were into it, I would give them 500 PLEX to activate their account. Because that activated them so they can enjoy omega and train faster etc, not have to worry about plex and spend their earnings on ships etc, and I get a month too.

The new recruitment ad video literally talks about your recruiter “Sharing the rewards with you”.

You can’t really do that anymore. Not unless your recruit pays in cold, hard cash.

Of course, you should not get PLEX if a recruit activates in-game. That would be open for abuse, but it was never like that.
If you got gametime, then it benefits both you and your recruit.

If you are a recruiter just passively handing out invite links and then letting your recruit get along with it with no interaction you’re doing it wrong.

I used to be able to help my recruits and guide them through but now if there is to be any reward I have to nudge them constantly to buy stuff from the store which I am NOT going to do.

(Major Leakage) #328

I cant get it to work Ive finally got my wife interested in playing but Ive sent her the link about 5 times and it just wont let her make an account through it

(March rabbit) #329

9 at the moment. Haven’t finished the cycle. :rofl:

(TDKTrader) #330

Any update on when those of us with tons of saved Gametime in the old system will have access to it?

Was using it to keep my account active and had 15 months stored now Im kind of SOL.

(Zachri) #331

@CCP_Falcon did something break with the 250K SP for referred accounts? Got a few nudges that newly created characters via the referral link start clean, without the SP bonus.

(Elizabeth Norn) #332

@CCP_Falcon is there still any interest in improving the buddy system’s usability? It’s still difficult to link a in-game character to their entry on the list on the Recruit A Friend webpage.

(mimi45) #333

Some time has passed, and results of new system is ???

Will the system stay this way or will it change something again?

(CCP Falcon) #334

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