Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(mimi45) #304

What are you talking about?? skill extractors, enforcer, pacifier, marshal. WTF ???

Instead of doing the unsuccessful damage control here, you should save your people from losing jobs !!!

(TDKTrader) #305

Something you guys might want to consider would be a separate special program for recruiters that you know… actually recruit.

Call it the eve partner program or something along those lines and maybe give something similar to the OG system for those select folks.

Also to clarify the current rewards only come out on top if someone does all three options. I honestly have no way of tracking that prior only you all do but more hoops to jump through doesnt really seem like an improvement.

Its also nice to see there “might” be some give on the plexing accounts thing. Interested to see what you do there. Again I think a lot of the concerns can be sorted by reaching out to those of us with 1000+ conversions of legit players and creating a program for them while having the other non-exploitable program for everyone else.

Finally as someone who has 15 months of eve sitting on there RAF program Q4 is a bit of a wait. Surely someone there can dump the #'s to a CSV then run a script to apply the rewards to accounts. Either way appreciate you actually responding and while disappointed looking forward to what you all do in the future.

(Chance Ravinne) #306

Falcon thank you for posting this. Honestly if this came out beforehand or even half of it I think the overall reaction would have been a lot better. We always want to know the why as much as the what.

You mentioned that old unclaimed rewards will be applied in Q4. Doss that apply to game time rewards as well? I panic redeemed all PLEX but left the game time rewards in case the new system had a more liquid reward available.

Another UI suggestion would be to have some kind of key or hover that explains which items have and haven’t been earned yet.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #307

I have an important question. It involves Project Nova that @CCP_Rattati is heading. Is Project Nova being taken into consideration? I guess I’m not able to ask the question correctly or at least properly explain what I’m getting at here.

Let’s say that in the future there is a release of Project Nova and that recruitment rewards get included to help expand the player base on the new PC FPS. Have you thought about the possibility of using Eve Online’s new recruitment system as a means of delivering recruitment rewards to Project Nova newbros as well? I’m asking this because we now know Project Nova will be on the PC and the game will be related to Eve Online although we don’t know how connected they will be (if at all) from the start and how long it will take for that connectivity with Eve Online to build up to a level previously seen at least with Dust 514.

(Nevyn Auscent) #308

Zero connection is the initial word.
Also given everyone be will be new accounts… recruiter rewards seem incredibly abusable.

(Salvos Rhoska) #309

250 to 350 PLEX is ok.

My primary concern, is that legit new players get good equity/starting capital out of their first sub from their buddy.

(Elizabeth Norn) #310

Because you’re not looking at the cost to obtain those rewards. The new system requires that a recruit spend more money to unlock all of the rewards, while the the old system only required a subscription of any kind. It’s understandable that CCP wants to make more money, but you can’t fool EVE players when it comes to spreadsheets.

Is that a fair assumption when identically performing items dropped during The Agency events typically sell for 5-20m ISK? The ‘Improved’ accelerators from the more recent events are much more scarce than the identically performing ‘Standard’ accelerators of past events, and they’re still only selling for 60m.

What happened to the old new character cerebral accelerators? They were pretty neat, but maybe not a great reward for a recruiter.

Galaxy pack on sale btw.

Yes, the reward per recruit is higher. However, as mentioned in my previous post, the cost to obtain all the rewards in the new system is higher, too.

Here’s an updated chart (with 100m ISK accelerators and 350 PLEX) of the reward per dollar spent under each system:-

Looking good :sunglasses:.

Ultimately everything is going to be looked at from an ISK value perspective because of the kind of game that EVE is. You’re able to buy and sell virtually every item in the game, unlike other MMOs that forbid trading through ‘soulbind’ mechanics.

How will this work for the 30 days of omega rewards from the old system? If those are automatically granted they could go to waste on accounts that aren’t actively being used.

A time stamp needs to be added, like the old system had, so I can differentiate between these two recruits:-

Any word on the Buddy/Recruit a Friend Connect system vanishing? A notification when a reward was granted by your recruit buying something would’ve been pretty handy.

(Golden Askiras) #312

Thank you very much for posting all this.

Its good to hear some extra feedback from CCP, and is also great to hear that you will be contacting some of the people in this thread who were offering some constructive feedback.

I would also personally suggest talking to @Rollaz
He runs the Hogs Collective, which is a very newbie friendly group, had hundreds of converted recruits previously and I think he would be a very good voice for this as he has vastly more experience with recruiting than anyone else I know.
HC takes in several new players each day, most of them who are brand-new to the game.

(on a related note, THANK YOU for saying that additional rewards will be given retroactively. Changes like this to the recruitment system but not giving any credit to people like Rollaz after all the work they had done in the past was a bit of a slap to the face. Its awesome to see this is being addressed.)

I agree with what some others have said such as @Elizabeth_Norn , the converted ISK value is still quite high, but the COST of getting these rewards is also very high.

The main benefit of the old system in my eyes was that as a recruiter, I could get a friend or new player into the game by buying their first month at no cost to myself.
This helped them out immensely at the start, either through the financial boost they got, or through having their training faster and not having to worry about saving for PLEX (I know far too many newbros who desperately save for PLEX in their first month so they don’t have to pay and then burn out as a result), and I know that for many people including myself I likely would not have continued past the first couple weeks if this had not been done for me.

This can’t happen under the new system.

Yes, the old system gave an effective 50% discount on omega time if you were creating a new alt. But ONLY if it was a new alt.

There is only so much you can train a character to do and use it for in a 1 month period. And so after the first month that extra account is still being paid for at the normal rate.


a) Making an alt and dumping it after 1 month
If someone makes an alt, used the old system to plex both their main and new alt accounts. They get an effective 50% discount on that first month. If they then stop using that alt at the end of the month because they aren’t paying for it, then that alt isn’t of much benefit and I struggle to see any way this gives a strong advantage to a player other than the ability to make temporary cyno alts fairly cheap. And they would likely not have plexed that second account anyway if they had to pay for both. Meaning that I doubt CCP is losing a sale here.

b) Making an alt and keeping it
if Someone makes an alt, then they use it for a year, they get a 50% discount on their first month, but pay full price for the rest, meaning they only get a 50% discount on 1/12th of their time. Ie: they only got a %4.2 discount on that 1 year sub time…
Even less if they use it for longer. So its actually not much at all, and certainly a LOT less than the normal omega time sales.

It is a 50% discount ONLY for 1 month. Not forever. And if you aren’t keeping that account after that month it is extremely limited in what you can do with it other than really quick stuff like cyno-alts.

Hence why I personally do not think the old system allowed for much in the way of abuse in this manner.

I DO agree however that giving a PLEX reward for your own alts opens up roads to trouble, and so I think that change is understandeable.

I really think though that the omega time for in-game upgrades should be re-applied.

-It allows recruiters to incentivise new players or their friends to keep playing much longer. And with the additional rewards of the new system, it would also incentivise recruiters to nurture their recruits a little more to keep them playing.

-I personally believe that there is not much room for abuse, or a financial issue if the gametime reward is given back.

-I understand that CCP aims to reduce the influx of PLEX from the recruitment system. And gametime rewards do not introduce PLEX, so not an issue there.

There are a lot of varying opinions about the recruitment changes. But the omega-time and ability to assist new recruits is the biggest one for me.

The recruitment system IS meant to incentivise recruiters, but I also believe that it should allow recruiters to HELP new players get going.
This new system does not do that and I believe that is a bad thing.

(Rollaz) #313

@Golden_Askiras @CCP_Falcon

I think that they are saying here that “if the recruiter passes 40 before the changes are implemented they will be retroactive” They are NOT giving credit for recruiters that have ALREADY passed +40 in the old system… One of my issues was that even the biggest recruiters are starting all over again and getting no credit for the past work with ANYTHING… ya know not even some nice doll clothes or ship skins that say we’re a recruiter in the old system and have 100+ conversions…

(Rollaz) #314

It’s completely a nerf, Yes, the spreadsheet you’ve shown was comparable on the surface, but the base conversation has been nerfed and therefore this new scheme is a nerf, so you cannot compare the before and after this way without being ingenuous. Only cash transactions initiated by the recruit are counted in the new system, so if for example, a friend donates PLEX to the recruit that was actually purchased by someone somewhere and is in fact used in consumption by that recruit and disappears from the market into the “game’s wallet”. (This is the actual USE of the plex in game that causes income to CCP that counts, not the purchase of PLEX that gets passed around in game.) A new player that USES PLEX makes that plex disappear from the game and causes more to be purchased, so not counting the recruit USING PLEX to sub as a trigger is a nerf and I disagree with the Cash requirement entirely based on this understanding. Once again, ANY character that USES PLEX for their first month’s Omega should count regardless of who puchases it, SOMEONE purchased it, and it’s finally being USED in game for subscription and should qualify. @CCP_Falcon @Golden_Askiras

(Elizabeth Norn) #315

This is something I really don’t agree with. You were rewarded for your efforts under the old system. The new bonus rewards for hitting recruit milestones are meant to be a new incentive to continue recruiting, not a reward for past efforts.

(Chance Ravinne) #316

In case anyone missed it, CCP rolled out a new ad campaign built around the new Recruitment Center today.

(Grin de Vone) #317

The change makes sense tbh. Once the poor rollout is past anyway. BOGO gametime or plex for alt “recruiting” was an immersion breaker.

(Rollaz) #318

Here’s another point…

Recruit buys PLEX from any authorized reseller like MarkeeDragon, uses PLEX to Omega, CCP makes a RL sale, recruiters get nothing…

(Rollaz) #320

How bout ma skin :wink:

(Yiole Gionglao) #321

Cool video, nice humour, enough EVE. 4 noobs fight together an evile Venture & get dropped by Ravens…

(Ember Fireheart) #322

Yip that looks like eve lol, cant win a 1v1 yip must be becuase you need more people LOL ok we got more lets kill a venture! Typical eve xD

(Makavi Madeveda) #323

Pretty damn stupid. CCP sells packs on their store, same place you buy a sub. So much easier to get a recruit if they get something as well, and Meteor Pack is same price as one month sub. But if your recruit buys a Meteor Pack FROM CCPS STORE, it doesn’t count. CCP not only screws over recruiters and recruits with this system, THEY’RE SCREWING THEMSELVES out of possible new players. Why would a new player sub for a recuiter when they can buy the pack with extras for themselves? Recruiters are screwed unless they deliberately withhold information about the packs being available…

(Elizabeth Norn) #324

But after they’ve bought a Meteor Pack if they continue playing then they can buy a subscription which will grant the recruiter a reward.

(Makavi Madeveda) #325

No, they will likely use isk to buy PLEX to go with the PLEX they got from the MP.