Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(artist D) #284

Can I have a quick check please?
How would CCP process the unclaimed reward?

  • a: 500Plex still is 500plex, sit and wait
  • b: 500PLEX is lost, now you have something else, e.g. some special skins
  • c: CCP has not decided how to deal with the unclaimed reward yet

What is the reality now? (choose one from a/b/c)

(Ember Fireheart) #285

you get a skin for that few bil bs

(boernl) #286

yes but only if the subscriber pays with money not if he plexes the first time as it says in the dev post

(Rune Star) #287

Time to have monument shootings in Jita? I feel like a mass exodus of Omegas would queue the winds of change.

Just like with Incarna.

(Makavi Madeveda) #288

Burn it down. Burn it all down.

(Rsentarsad Hadah) #289

Sounds fun!

(erg cz) #290

a. is correct. But there is no user interface, that will allow you to get to those 500 PLEXes. So b. is correct. Since those two options are in contradiction, CCP will have to solve the mistery somehow. So at the end c. is correct, CCP just does not realise that yet.

(Brisc Rubal) #291

It’s not work. You can tell folks about the game, and then tell them to go and explore on their own. You don’t need to give somebody the entire history of the game and how to play it to get them interested. Tell them to go to youtube and look up some of the videos.

Calling that work actually demeans work.

(Brisc Rubal) #292

You have the power to clean up your house. You don’t have to the power to fix everything wrong with the game.

That’s where the analogy fails.

(boernl) #293

axtualy putting the energy in to get ppl excited enough to pay a monthly fee for a game that has bin around you can define as work
specialy sicne the marketing of eve is a lot less than it was in the past and in they invest a lot less time
in creating exciting (for example) small movies / clips that a few years ago they did invest the time in

just as a example after showing a few ppl clear skies they tried out eve and they had a few others try it out
and that was not even a ccp / isd/ csm project

(boernl) #294

perhaps there is a option that ccp could do in cooperation with pilots
and that is creating a movie about eve
there are enough tales to be told
to fill 1.5 hours up without making it boring
and they can actualy use some of the events that happend
they already have the studio
so it would not be a millions of dollar investment as it would be for a producer outside of ccp

(Entity Stonadis) #295

Ok disregard my post I’m an idiot.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #296

CCP once mentioned about one day starting a TV series (I forgot the name) about Eve Online and its stories. The catchy line they used was “Based on True Events That Happened 24,000 Years Into The Future.”

Of course, knowing CCP, and expecting CCP, we haven’t heard from it since.

(Makavi Madeveda) #297

Yeah, we seen how well that worked for Defiance.

(Brisc Rubal) #298

You’re not an idiot. I just want folks to put this stuff in perspective.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #299

How many episodes or seasons did they manage to work through with Defiance? Players kept saying it would be the game that killed Dust 514. Of course, so did the Planetside players. But we all knew CCP would be the ultimate killer. But still I’m curious about what happened with Defiance.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #300

You have been blessed by the presence and attention of a space politician. Next up, being blessed by the space pope.

(Makavi Madeveda) #301

Show had 3 seasons, but Trion gave up trying to match the show with the game after the first season.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #302

I figured they would get tired of it eventually. Although CCP probably had a better foundation for a similar concept in that the events that happened in Eve Online happened a long time ago and thus they already have a strong foundation for a script to be made. This at least helped them promote a comic, with the help of Dark Horse Comics, that literally shows the rise of Goonswarm Federation and the fall of Band of Brothers.

(CCP Falcon) #303

Hey guys,

Sorry for the quietness, between server issues and other stuff it’s been a super busy week and I’ve just managed to get information back from the guys who designed the new program.

Here’s a bit more information on the thinking behind the new program, and a change based on feedback that’ll be implemented tomorrow.

The guys have been chatting with members of the CSM a little about this too to square away calculations and whatnot.

Rewards past 40 in the milestones

We are 100% committed to adding more lucrative rewards past the 40 milestone and we will reach out to some of the more vocal people in this thread to get their feedback on how we can reward people substantially for going above and beyond in recruiting. These added rewards will be retroactive as well. Please keep in mind that if you go past 40 before we add more rewards, you will still receive rewards for the "per recruit“ rewards (Skill Extractor, 2x24H Accelerator and PLEX).

PLEXING Recruitee/Alt accounts

The old system gave the parent account 1M Omega time when the child account was Plexed. This was used way more by people creating alt accounts than new people coming on, so we decided to stop it – it is essentially 50% discount on 1M Omega. In comparison, the biggest offer we‘ve had on Omega was 25%. Reading through the posts here, It is however a very valid point to reward people if their recruitees/child accounts are Plexed to some extent, and we will look into it further. It will however never be as lucrative as receiving 1M Omega game time.

Reward structure has been nerfed

We‘ve seen a lot of people claiming that the new system has been nerfed, but we‘ve calculated it as well and we don‘t see it the same way. Below are our calculations translated to ISK, but here are some key assumptions:

  • We assume 3 million price for PLEX
  • We do not calculate the Triglavian Apparel or the SKINs for the Pacifier, Enforcer and Marshal.
  • We assume that the price of the accelerators will go down from 200 Mill to 100 Mill (but since there are two each accelerator reward is worth 200 mill).

A point of concern to this is that child accounts / recruits need to spend more money (not enough to buy only Omega) which is a valid point, but after looking at the data we‘ve seen that a lot of people don‘t buy Omega immediately, sometimes they buy PLEX, Daily Alpha Injectors or other products and then move on to Omega. It is also worth mentioning that in the old system, the first payment was the only one that counted, so if a person bought PLEX (or something else than Omega) as its first purchase, it would be ineligible for any rewards.

Like we mentioned before, we will iterate on these rewards – both based on data (invites, user behavior, etc.) and feedback. After reading through your comments and points here, we have decided to change the 250 PLEX reward to 350, which we believe will make the value change clearer:

This also means, given the current market prices and these assumptions, that the reward PER recruit (not calculating the milestone rewards), is greater than before, in terms of ISK value.

PLEX as a reward

We understand that for some, receiving PLEX as a reward is the preferred option, since it is easy to trade and easy to put an ISK value to. As you can see, the new recruitment program will not focus on PLEX only, but other rewards as well. There are three main reasons for that:

  1. The old system was regularly attacked by fraudsters, since PLEX is the best item for RMT.
  2. The old system brought a huge amount of PLEX into the EVE economy, and we think it is time to dial the influx through the program down a bit and monitor the impact it has.
  3. We also want to offer people unique rewards, not only PLEX -> we want to offer the people that recruit the most something that very few people in New Eden have. The unique SKINs are just a tiny step in that direction, in the future we will take larger steps in that direction.

Unclaimed rewards

The old recruitment system was setup in a different way, as there was a „pre-redeeming queue“. The new system will not have that – when you‘ve earned a reward, you get it delivered to your redeeming queue. There are still many people who have unclaimed rewards in the redeeming queue -> and we will deliver these rewards to each respective account‘s redeeming queue at a later date (we are aiming for early Q4).

UI/UX improvements

We want to continuously improve the UI/UX of the new system. We have already added a „Date joined“ based on feedback in this thread. We also want to make sure that people with a lot of recruits have a better overview (e.g. not having to scroll through 2000 recruits). Other things on the roadmap include adding the Character name, the ability to hide recruits (some of these recruits are legacy accounts that have abandoned EVE) and milestone rewards past 40. Any suggestions from you on how we can further improve it are greatly appreciated.