Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(March rabbit) #264

If that was enough for him to get banned… :open_mouth:

(Salvos Rhoska) #265

Its not a derailment.

The purpose is clearly to reduce influx/supply of PLEX into the game via Buddy system.

Thats what this change, concretely, does.

(boernl) #266

thats abotu what a lot of us say in different versions SIGH

(erg cz) #267

Do not think so. It seems to me, that CCP attempts to hide as many information from user about his account as possible. You can not now find out the status of you kill queue from CCP site any more, for example. Plenty other, accessible before, information is hidden now. They hidden now the information about your buddies (you can not see that someone took you invitation now, you have to rely on their words)

(boernl) #268

the option to see that still exists only with 1 small change
if you both have eithother on buddy list you can see if hes online
if he removes you from that list you will no longer see him (except when ur in thesame system) than he will be offline marked in local

(erg cz) #269

What I mean is that there was an option before, in eve online account managment to see opened invitations, finished ones etc… With exact times. It is gone now. As before you could see the progress of skill queue, your contacts and mails via eve online gate. Not anymore.

(Salvos Rhoska) #270

The change reduces PLEX influx from Buddy program.

Its concrete and incontrovertible that is what it does, and thus is intended to do.

(boernl) #271

that is true and that is a security measure that ppl asked for
in the past you could check if someone was online by trying to convo him
to avoid ppl abusign that they indeed removed it with ir extremly annoying but understandable

(erg cz) #272

Yes, that is true, but I doubt it is the MAIN reason for the change. Take Elisabeth Norn program for example. She won the race and got almost all budy invitations available in new forum. I will not discuss here her dishonorable way of competition in old and new forums but the fact is clear - with current forum layout her offer, as being top offer in the thread, got almost all newbees. No one will go down to the next post in endless thread. Simple as that. And from what I saw she got less, than 200 pending invitations. Even if we suppose, that half of them payed and she got the plexes, it is still less, than 100 * 500 plexes. In a year. You still think it is the reason to care so much, that you invest money and time to program such a nerf?

(boernl) #273

you may have calculated a bit wrong erg
in the past creating mining toons ( as example) using the buddy program
than mining with em till they made theyr investment back ansd than selling em was
actualy pretty lucrative if that is all you were doing
now it is not lucrativ anymore
some ppl did this with hotdropper alts as second example

(Entity Stonadis) #274

Asking someone to play eve is not work? Are you serious? When you have to start explaining something about this game it usually goes on for hours and hours, the complexity of the game is huge. I would say asking someone to play this game, (and yes it is not like “a game you play” well not any game anyway) is indeed very much work.

(boernl) #275

agree on that it not here now you have a toon good luck …if only

(Salvos Rhoska) #276

Less PLEX from Buddy program = Less PLEX ingame.

(March rabbit) #277

This is exactly what i described. Is the house in my example “unlivable in”? Not for sure. But it has some pretty annoying “things” which are better be fixed.

And here we differ:

  • you always invite your friends (maybe they will enjoy it and don’t care about cons)
  • i try to understand what they might enjoy, describe it best, and then give them full picture. Tying to not lure them into “isn’t alpha. It’s not like it’s unplayable”. If as result they choose to not try then at least i haven’t scammed them of money and/or time.

(Entity Stonadis) #278

I scam my friends all the time, I make them believe all sorts of things, and yesterday when I was visiting my father, I scammed him into believing I was a responsible adult, I’m not. It looked like it worked, phew.

(March rabbit) #279

HAHA… Not sure i could do such trick with my parents… They know me too well for that.

(Entity Stonadis) #280


(boernl) #281

@March_rabbit just a question how many rabbits do you have that you can do a ful march with em :wink:

(Uriel the Flame) #282

Maybe “rabbit” is his nickname for fedo. :slight_smile:

(boernl) #283

1ronbank is back with his stream ? :smiley: