Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Makavi Madeveda) #244

Sorry, no. The only one with a vested interest in my friends playing would be CCP. It’s CCP’s job to get them to play, not mine. I’m here to play the game. You want me to do someone else’ work? Then you give me someone else’ paycheck. What the going rate on a corporate marketer these days?

(Arthur Aihaken) #245

Seems like CCP has been implementing a lot of cost-cutting measures of late. There are usually only two reasons for this: 1. You’re going broke and trying to preserve cash until new revenue streams kick-in and 2. You’re trying to make the company look attractive for a sale.

(Brisc Rubal) #246

I’ve already brought up the comments in this thread to CCP and asked them to address them.

As for the rest, /eyeroll

(Brisc Rubal) #247

This is a bad analogy.

I always invite my game playing friends who may be interested to try it. There’s no harm in doing that, even if the game isn’t perfect. It’s not for everybody, obviously, but this game isn’t an alpha. It’s not like it’s unplayable.

(Brisc Rubal) #248

Hey, you don’t want to play games with your friends, that’s fine. But don’t act like asking somebody if they’d like to try a game you play is work.

(Golden Askiras) #249

@Brisc_Rubal Just wanted to say its awesome to see you being so active in here. This is whats awesome to see from CSM members.

Thanks for bringing our concerns to CCP.
I hope we hear something back. It seems to me that this change is all-round a net-loss for players :frowning:

(TamiyaCowboy) #250

I am a small time streamer as CCP will know so here is my take

ok so I have around 700 followers, I worked hard to keep my followers and I do that by teaching new players or those wanting to join this game how to play it , how to use the overview and the layout of eve online as it is a fairly complicated game .

now out of the 8 recruitments one has gone to omega, I received 500 plex and with that I went and purchased about 8-9 ships skins and gave them away to my viewers . This current system I may get 250 plex . ok it is not 500 but I can get a couple skins to give away from the new eden store , BUT WTF will I do with a skill extractor sell it onto the market for some SP farmer to buy and use to make his farming better .
Now this seems like a driect Nerf to try to hold back the skill farming that is going on YET your giving us skill extractors and in turn we will be selling them and just feeding the SP farmers more.

Your silly marshal skins , I spent 8 months doing project discovery to get the marshal blue print and I sold it I don’t want to fly it never will fly it and the skins I would never use BUT slapping RECRUITER on a skin that’s a slap in the face in my eyes . I do NOT PUSH recruiting on my stream but I mention pilots can make an account if they wish to try the game and will get 250k free Skill points that’s about it and its rare I say that on stream unless someone asks how they get an account.

2 days notice then when you said the recruiter site was active guess what I couldn’t even log in it said the site was not open , now I had 8 recruits but the site only shows 7 ( one of my recruits wnet omega ) yet your site does not show that 8th person or anything to say I had 8 recruits.

maybe I was imagining it ? maybe I am dreaming I am a streamer abiet a small time streamer I don’t have subcribers - donations and all that rubbish I am trying to make it as a streamer without all that and I am doing a good job yet I feel as a eve online streaming tutor I am getting somewhat shafted ?

(Ragnar Rokh) #251

You know, for someone who makes a living by streaming EVE and being a “champion of the community” you are very quick to ban people from your streaming channel when they tell you that they want to see you place spaceships and not bitch about the new referal scheme.

How about you put a little more stock in the people who sub to your channel and when they say they’ve come to watch spaceships and not watch you produce salt, you tone it down a little and play spaceships?..

Just something to think about when you have your next meal that’s been paid for by a myself or another member of the community.

(Brisc Rubal) #252

You’re welcome.

(Brisc Rubal) #253

What rewards would you prefer to the extractors and skins that you don’t think you’ll use?

(Zarvox Toral) #254

According to my dashboard, have had 5k unique viewers in past week, only banned one of them. You.

I’m not quick to ban people according to the evidence, I was just quick to ban you.

Maybe have a think about that :smiley:

(Ragnar Rokh) #255

Say’s a lot about you if anything Zarvox.

its a shame because I enjoy your stream and you simply didn’t like someone disagreeing with you. I wasnt being toxic. Just called you out for being salty.


It’s fine, I’ll watch someone else. It’s your loss at the end of the day as you’re losing revenue.

(Zarvox Toral) #256

What you said was

“Your stream is pretty unwatchable dude”

whilst sitting around watching said stream.

Gtfo dickhead.

(Ragnar Rokh) #257

Context friend.

I said it was unwatchable whilst you was sperging about the new recruitment program.

My follow up comment, which didn’t get posted because of the ban was also saying how i didn’t plan to leave said stream as you was starting to chill out.

(Shipwreck Jones) #258

This thread makes baby Jesus cry.

(Ikadz) #259

I didn’t checked the new system because I thought it would be some kind of improvement.

Clearly it isn’t, looks like a nerf.

Whoever desingned this should think that, perhaps it achieves something wanted by the devs (sp farms, whatever). But in the long run makes new players harder to achieve what old players already have, and in a game with issues getting new blood inside disincentives the recruitment from actual players.

I really don’t get it.

(Salvos Rhoska) #260

They want PLEX prices to go up again.

Reducing the supply of PLEX introduced by Buddies accomplishes that.

(Tipa Riot) #261

No (this would harm their bottom line) … they want mass SP farm account creation to not be a free lunch.

(Salvos Rhoska) #262

The higher PLEX price ingame, the higher the incentive to buy PLEX from CCP.

Less PLEX ingame also increases likelihood of player subbing with cash, rather than ingame PLEX.

Less PLEX from Buddies will categorically reduce supply of PLEX, and thus raise its price ingame.

If you think that hurts CCP bottomline, as you said (which is false), then yes, they will be hurting their bottomline with this change (which they arent, unless it reduces new player retention).

(Tipa Riot) #263

OK, let’s not derail this into a PLEX price discussion. The assumption I make to get to my conclusion is, that the number of people buying PLEX with cash is not elastic to it’s ingame price. Hence, if price is rising ingame, the ones who buy PLEX with cash, need to buy less to fund their game. It’s not black and white, but I believe a lower PLEX price (within reason) benefits CCP’s RL cash PLEX sales.