Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Shipwreck Jones) #224


  1. I’d like to have dates added to our recruits in order to help us better gauge the efficacy of our recruitment efforts. I don’t know if this feature is completely lacking under the new system, or a byproduct of the migration, but it would be nice to have.
  2. Don’t cap milestone rewards, even if you have to repeat them like Warframe does. I don’t know why you would want to lessen incentives for your most effective recruiters.
  3. There really should be some sort of reward for recruits who upgrade via plex obtained in game. Some recruiters are going to be losing billions on this, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hand out accelerators, skins, or something.
    Also, I made a video discussing the changes, for anyone interested.

(Golden Askiras) #225
  1. No, it only works if you create your Eve account using his referral link. You can’t retroactively use a referral link

  2. No, using a pack/code will not grant him the recruitment rewards. Even if you buy the pack directly from CCP.
    With this new system the ONLY way your friend gets the recruitment rewards is if you buy omega time directly from CCP with a credit card and nothing else.
    It sucks

(Elizabeth Norn) #226

You need to create an account using a Recruit A Friend link.

Only paying for a subscription through CCP’s website will grant the 250 PLEX reward to the recruiter.


(Steve Ronuken) #227


1 is a question which has been brought up from time to time. That there’s no way to bring someone into the program, once their account is created. Because it totally sucks for a newbie to be told “Go make a new account, to get some bonus stuff. ignore the one you already have.” It’s something we’re continuing to bring up. It’s not changing with this new system, but I have hopes that something will happen.

2:I believe this would trigger 2 of the rewards. The plex and the accelerators. (assuming the pack was bought, on an account which was created using a recruitment link)

(Brisc Rubal) #228

It has everything to do with managing expectations. Karkur’s QOL stuff tend to be easy, quick things that folks can ask for that can be implemented in a hot fix or a patch with little impact on other systems. That’s a lot of what Crucible was, too.

The stuff that folks like Yiole and others are asking for represent sweeping changes to existing gameplay that can’t be done without looking at larger impacts on the game, and potentially change things that can break other stuff. The folks complaining loudest aren’t asking for small quality of life changes. They’re asking for big things that can’t be done overnight.

Like I’ve said before, I’m no CCP fanboy, but I think folks give them a lot of crap unnecessarily. It’s very easy to read these forums and come to the conclusion that everybody hates the game and it’s awful, when 95% of the playerbase won’t ever bother coming here at all.

(Dyver Phycad) #229

Then we have different expectations. When I see someone being able to deliver good work and someone else lackluster or crappy work despite delays and years of development, I would have to set my expectations to 0 in order to not be disappointed.

No one (I believe) expects CCP to do sweeping changes over night. What people expect them to do is to concentrate on them and not create one mess after another. CCP has proven time and again that they neither have the capabilities nor stamina to deal with lots of messes at the same time, yet they still do it.
For instance: Instead of releasing structures and Drifters and sov changes all within a short period of time, they should have concentrated on one thing for as much time as necessary in order to avoid this ongoing mess with structures or the mess with drifters or the smashing success of Aegis Sov (let alone this year’s chat system changes or the switch to ESI from the old XML api). Their new release cycle was supposed to fix the issues they had with the twice-per-year expansions but it made it worse because now developers appear to be pressured by leadership/management to develop a thing in 6 weeks or less rather than 6 months.

CCP ought to chose one battlefield and finish it up until only tiny issues are left to deal with. Instead, CCP opens up one battlefield after the other and releases one bug-riddled, barely usable feature after another. That is what creates the crap that you think is unnecessary. I think it is not enough crap because CCP keeps doing this.

(Brisc Rubal) #230

How effective has the constant complaining on the forums been in addressing this problem?

(Dyver Phycad) #231

As effective as praise, positive feedback or constructive criticism: Null.

On the other hand, giving CCP lots of crap on reddit seems to work and make them work.

(Brisc Rubal) #232

I agree. Which is why I don’t see the point in folks doing any of that.

(Zachri) #233

You do realise that a lot of your customers have quite a bit of experience in decision processes of this nature in their own backgrounds right?

Never make a statement which is too easily demonstrable as dualistic and backtracked for origins and priorities.

(Golden Askiras) #234

I just wanted to write up a little more in-depth about my opinions on this change.

People give CCP a lot of ■■■■, much more than they deserve. CCP does fantastic work and people complaining here about other issues not related to recruitment are not helping at all.

But most of the time, the overall negativity is because almost any change CCP makes is going to put SOMEONE at a disadvantage, and those people will speak up even though the change benefits the majority of players.

That can’t be helped, in a game so diverse as this its not possible to keep everyone happy, and those who are negatively affected will always speak the loudest.
But this change, just seems like a disadvantage to everyone.

I help run the Hogs Collective, and we are a VERY newbie focused group. We recruit many new players each day. Our CEO had hundreds and hundreds of recruits on the old system, and likely thousands more recruits that he and the other HC members have brought through that did NOT use a referral link.

This change I fail to see how it benefits anyone. And I am very sad that it has happened.

Why I think this change is bad
Previously, we could give newbros a kickstart either by giving them their first month, since we would get a month in return, or if they upgraded themselves we would share half the ISK reward to help start them on their journey.

Now, we cannot do this.

We cannot give new guys their first omega month, as there are no rewards at all for upgrading using ingame methods.

And we can only share a now half as big isk reward with the recruits, meaning it helps them less, and leaves many of our recruiters MUCH less encouraged to actively recruit. We have already had a few of our previously rather prolific recruiters ask to step-down from active recruiting due to this change and the lack of rewards.

I myself would absolutely NOT have continued playing eve if I had not had my first month omega given to me by a recruiter. The skills at the beginning took a long time to train and I would have given up if I did not have the small, but very very important financial and time-saving boost that the previous recruitment program gave.
I literally would not be playing today under the new system as I would have given up during my alpha time.

To those who say “shut up you can train a FW alt in a couple days”.
Yes, you can, IF you know exactly what you are doing, what to train and how to actively do the activity.
These are NEW players with no idea how most of the game works.
Not existing players making FW alts.

The vast majority of new players do not have someone to hold their hand through everything, and will normally start with things such as mining, mission running etc during their first couple weeks, which can be more skill intensive.

And so this new program puts most new players at a BIG disadvantage.

What is this change trying to fix
I can see two reasons why this change may have been made.

-Firstly, to combat SP farming. This change now prevents people being able to make alts via in-game upgrades. So to make large SP farms people will need to either forgo making the accounts themselves and buy characters to farm with (or spend 15 months training up a full account). Or pay with RL cash
Personally, I realise that SP farms are somewhat of an issue, BUT, those with big SP farms already have them and its not going to go away, plus, I STRONGLY believe that SP farms are a minor issue. And not one that is worth causing a lot of harm to the intake of new players to address.
If this is the reason, it would be much much better to use the old system and just say in the t&c that you are not allowed to refer your own alts.

-Secondly, CCP finance.
CCP is a business, and I realise that it has gone through some hard times financially.
We all want CCP to do well, and as much as people will screem “reeee lootboxes and skill injectors”, CCP does need to make a profit, else it won’t be long before we can’t play this wonderful game at all.
If this is the reason, I strongly urge those behind this change to reconsider, as this is a critical factor in the longevity of the game. It is already the hardest game in the world to get into.
And the biggest thing that makes it easier is having someone to help you at the start.

If people are no longer incentivised to do that, then I believe that is very bad for the future of EvE.
The recruitment system is important, one of the most important things in this game. Please don’t kill it like this.

What should be changed?

-Firstly, PLEASE respond. You have asked for feedback, and players have given it here (though granted much of it is just whining).
But there are some genuinely good posts in this thread and seeing some sort of response from CCP would be really good.

Right now the last thing you said “We don’t want to nerf the current system” is being seen as a flat-out lie by most of us and it would be good to have some discussion.

-Secondly. The rewards system should be adjusted. The 250 plex thing is a bummer, and I would love to see it go back to 500. But I understand that will not happen.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE give some sort of reward to recruiters for those recruits that upgrade using PLEX.
This was the most important thing as it was what allowed recruiters to help get their recruits really into the game by helping them in their first month. Now, that is completely gone.
No ISK/item rewards are needed, literally just gametime like in the old system.

With rewards though, please understand that 98% of people do NOT care about skins or apparel, and only care about the isk value. The concord ships are exceedingly expensive, the majority of players will NEVER fly them, and those that do, will almost guaranteed not want to fly with a skin that has “RECRUITER” painted in big red letters on it.

Two of our most active recruiters are industry guys, and would have absolutely zero interest in any kind of triglavian apparel, concord ships, SKINs etc, other than their ISK value.
Which considering that the skins will be hardly desirable, will not be much at all.

This is a sandbox game, and not everyone wants a marshal. And even those that do, most of them cannot afford one. So having skins for it as a universal reward is poor compared to something like PLEX or omega-time that EVERYONE would want and need.

Anyway, thats my thoughts.

I really hope that CCP reconsiders at least some aspects of this, and for gods sake, PLEASE talk to us. I know many of the posts here are just people complaining and offering nothing constructive but please respond to those of us who are genuinely trying to give constructive feedback.


(Vicky Vase Voltian) #235

I’m sure some people have said this.

EVE cater a specific kind of player.

players who being patient. Extra patient to be precise. You can see by how much idle time waiting for skills before you could either doing lv4 missions, piloting the first t3c, or find the good corp.

These type of players, will likely be able to omega their account by PLEX before deciding to buy more stuff with their real money. And if they can “win EVE”, they wont have to spend any money ever.

By those stuff, the conversion rate and the reward ratio, for genuine recruiters bringing genuine players, have basically gone.

The only way to be rewarded by this system is by having advertisement in some popular streamlined MMO, and raking reward from those new players first, and only, omega purchase.

Not that its a matter to me. A new player that have no intention to spamming self recruit program…

…nor a person who wants to introduce EVE to anyone ever.

(Brisc Rubal) #236

Why not?

(Vicky Vase Voltian) #237

Oh, I’m sorry.

Its sound as I really hate EVE or something. Its not what I meant.

I just cant…

I’m just a humble gamer, that have not enough social circle, or any ability or passion in hosting a youtube channel or blogs.

Any likely that situation racks up any recruit?

(max Tekitsu) #238

so your not trying to nerf recuitment well guess what you did you nerf the hell out of it

(max Tekitsu) #239

well you just ■■■■■■ me im a recruiter and this just fucks everything up most of the rewards i can not use nor will ever use its stupid you ■■■■■■ the whole system there is no longer any invective for me to do it

(Richard Brainsun) #240

New users coming in to the recruiting program will not happen if there is no people using the recruiting program and handing out their referral link. Right now the link does not benefit the existing player much if at all. The program is based around what seems to be a recurring theme with CCP right now which is ‘Throw a few skins around and/or link in the elusive (but otherwise useless) concord ships that no one really wants anyway’.

The incentive to casually ‘recruit’ is no longer there, streamers are removing the link form their narrative because there is no benefit for them. This is another symptom of bigger issues within CCP and you, as CSM, should recognize the concern the community has and raise it with CCP, repeatedly. Instead you seem more concerned with moderation style comments which will trigger people even more. It goes to your ability to identify what your responsibilities are more than anything else.

Now we all know CSM is really just a fairly inexpensive marketing tool like nearly anything CCP does and really does not impact what CCP does anyway since CCP will do what CCP does anyway as they have proven time and time again the past years.

Development over the past months alone make me wonder if Seagull actually left because she wanted to or because she could not stand over/defend changes made in and around the game. I think Hillmar got bored and forced his way back in, pushing away those who actually cared for the game.

(Yiole Gionglao) #241

Well, there’s cirucmstantial evidence that Hilmar tried to bail out from CCP in 2017 and failed, whereas CCP Seagull’s 5 year plan is coming to an end (somehow, since the big bang of new space behind player owned stargates is nowhere to be seen) and overall the plan hasn’t worked well in terms of amount of players and income.

CCP is now squeezing pennies from every possible source, and giving away collectibles instead of ISK with an actual financial value is just a part of it. The point is that the players who are more likely to appreciate collectibles are not the kind of player pandered by the Rubicon plan, so now CCP is inefficently rewarding players who don’t care about those rewards.

(mimi45) #242

CSM are cheap and ineffective like CCP Falcon

(March rabbit) #243

Well… It depends.
Would you invite your friend to a your house if rooms are not clean, WC does not work and beer has tendency to become warm?

For sure not. Even if you live there and feel pretty comfortable you will first try to clean things up, fix stuff and get yourself cooler.

And now imagine that instead of fixing it your service puts additional hurdle procedure of inviting friends? Would it be “improvement”?