Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Arthur Aihaken) #204

Kind of hard when CCP works so hard at royally ■■■■■■■ things up.

(Kendra Danielsy) #205

**** can mean anything, he cant do nothing if I never actally said any swear =)
“Fast on the hammer”, wish Falcon was also fast trying to actally fix stuff, not mute players who are mad at them

(boernl) #206

nvm you already fixed what i meant :slight_smile:

(Brisc Rubal) #207

When literally every change is met with protestations that they’re royally ■■■■■■■ things up, it becomes hard to distinguish the legitimate criticism from the guys who do nothing but gripe.

This is one of those situations, in my opinion. The idea that people are solely recruiting new players to the game for these rewards and that by altering the rewards program they’re going to kill off new player recruitment makes zero sense, but people have been constantly saying it.

Everybody has a vested interest in getting their friends to play, regardless of whether you get a reward beyond having someone else to play with in the game. That the rewards are not as lucrative for those who were using them for purposes other than getting new players to play the game and stick around is not CCP royally ■■■■■■■ up everything.

(Partii Boii) #208

Well you did nerf it by a large margin.
Although I don’t expect any change sadly…

(Florentine Rosnovski) #209

It is worst recruitment program ever!

(Arthur Aihaken) #210

Stick around for more than a year or two, then you can report back on things. Heck, make it to the end of your CSM term without becoming jaded and I’ll be impressed. Until then, you really can’t comment on what is or isn’t legitimate crtiicism. Many of the players who “complain” have just reached the point where CCP’s intollerance and indifference have simply made them give up. But don’t take my word for it. Every day that goes by CCP digs a deeper and deeper hole and the breech with its playerbase continues to widen. The lack of dev responses and interaction speaks more loudly than any of us ever could.

CCP has managed to either alienate or destroy close to half its playerbase. And to top it all off they’ve embarked on an overhaul to their recruitment program without so much as soliciting any player feedback.

(Uriel the Flame) #211

Literally unrecruitable! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ryed) #212

Also I have a friend that just started, he said on one of the early agent missions, for one stage it took him 6 hours to complete…As he had to search internet to figure out what to do, etc… so the tutorial is lacking, or the manuals from ccp are, as i’ve spent over 40 hours explaining the details of eve that he missed or is not present in tutorial or agent missions…

(Ryed) #213

Can you answer the question of what a New Player is, I’m curious if I can use recruiting on alts? Terms seem to state new player, and is an alt a new player or is another main char a new player?

(QuakeGod) #214

This is the reason it got nerfed in the first place. Most players using the recruitment program don’t give two shits about getting new players interested, they were using it on their alt accounts and reaping the benefits themselves. Hence the tears over the change…

(Ryed) #215

ok, I’ve never used referral on my alts, but was curious if it’s really allowed as it sounds like everybody uses it on alts

(Brisc Rubal) #216

I’ve been playing the game since 2006. And all of that time, I’ve seen the same kind of complaining about everything. Every change brings the same naysayers and complaints. Every time something doesn’t work, or the Devs do something dumb that results in angst in the community, from monoclegate to boot.ini, it’s the end of the game.

Game’s still here.

I’m not going to get jaded, because I manage my expectations. Folks need to do that. In fact, what most folks need to do is get off the forums and get in the game and have some fun.

(Brinton Anzomi) #217

I have two questions about this new system:

  1. If I’ve been playing EVE as an Alpha clone for several months, and my Omega friend gives me his recruitment link, will he get the rewards when I upgrade? Right now, from what I’ve read on the Recruit a friend page, it doesn’t seem very clear to me and that it only applies to the creation of characters.

  2. Would me upgrading to Omega through buying the Meteor Pack using my friend’s recruitment link in order for him to get his recruitment rewards?

(Zarvox Toral) #218

Hey bud,

  1. I am quite sure that no rewards will be given, the account must be created by using the referral link. The same conditions applied to the old scheme.

  2. Only if you create a new account from his link, and purchase said pack for that account.

I think.

(Uriel the Flame) #219

Can confirm point one, at least in the past that is how it worked, the new recruit had to use the ref link to visit the sign up page and sign up there.

If I recall correctly the website even displayed a message when the recruit initiated the sign up process that s/he is using a ref sign up which provides the skill point bonus to confirm it is working as intended.

(Brinton Anzomi) #220

That makes more sense, thanks

(Yiole Gionglao) #221

Well, if I was playing EVE Online, I would be spending less time in the forums. But since CCP has done zill to keep the game in a playable state for me, I come here to flog them over the choices they made which caused my alienation from the second best game I’ve ever played.

Hell hath no fury like a woman fan scorned!

(Mingja) #222

I am sorry to be blunt, but this change is bollocks. Not a good change at all, not in any imaginable way. Yes, you might feel that the recruitment option was (ab-)used to create alts over alts, but in the end, all it did was a free month for someone that opened the option to get more $ for you later (even if it often didn’t happen).

The new system prevents that from happening while giving no useful benefit in return. Quite the contrary: Paying someone their first month out of my own pocket is a deterrent. A big one at that.

As I said: Bad Change and IMHO, the guy that thought this was a good idea, should get a dunce cap ASAP.

(Dyver Phycad) #223

Then you maybe want to consider what you are doing at all? You know, there have been changes to EVE which have been received almost universally positively. Most of those changes come from CCP karkur and the Crucible expansion was also one of the most positively received expansions in the last 10 years of EVE. Both things are positively received because they fix things instead of break things and then neglect them for years. If you receive so much negative feedback on your actions, maybe eventually you should start thinking about your course of actions? This has nothing to do with “managing one’s expectations” because some developers and development approaches in CCP can meet and surpass the expectations, while others cannot. Sadly, though, the “others” seem to be in the majority within CCP.