Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Arthur Aihaken) #184

Devs have time to merge threads - just not respond…

(Luke Gainer) #185

“Do or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda.
You really not trying to nerf, you just nerfed buddy program by nearly a half (or even more, concerning complete cut of ‘by-plex’-subscribers rewards). I’m not a recruiter at all, but my corp was heavily supporting new corp-mates by providing PLEX to them because of the way old buddy program was worked. Now we will have to cancel this support program with obvious results of less new omega players (which is bad for all: the CCP, our coproration, old players and new players).
So please, CCP, at least explain WHY you doing the changes the way you do. Otherwise it looks like you just think that there is too many players in your game.

Edited: no offence to CCP Falcon, just my feedback to the noticeable change in the game, which was not even announced to discuss before implementation.

(Uriel the Flame) #186

It isn’t a nerf, it is a Feature™ :wink:

Obviously they didn’t say they are going to nerf the rewards as that case everyone and their dog would just cash out on all existing pending refs that they could by PLEXing their recruits to get the rewards.

(Nana Skalski) #187

Actually someone who have changed that can be held accountable when the statistics for recruitment will go down. I wonder how they wil be better now tho.



(Uriel the Flame) #188

More like: "You don’t have to keep MMO alive…

…when you already sold it to EA." :smirk:

(boernl) #189

that is very possible that they sold eve online to ea that would explain why this recruitment system suddenly got nerfed back to the stone age
why dont they just shut down sicne this is going to prevent all the alphas from getting subbed players lol

(Havoc Lamperouge) #190

Everyone should help enforce rules. We don’t need a moderator to know you’re wrong.

(Havoc Lamperouge) #191

So did I.

(Havoc Lamperouge) #192

I agree with a great deal of what you said, specially when people think CCP is greedy, but I think you’re missing some of the valid counterpoints such as those stating that this is not a true aid in the recruitment activity, and here’s why I think it is not:

  • Recruiting takes away your playing time for generating income to sustain your in-game activities;
  • Recruiting new players for the actual, best and truest benefit of having them play with you only pays off after about six or more months, in terms of revenue income, because the coaching process and taking them through the different activities in-game (if you are an honest and caring coach instead of a slave-master) will actually cost you ISK instead;
  • With the previous reward, when you held new player’s hands you could spend the entire month just being their guide and babysitting them through the whole game and it would be fun and enjoyable for both of you, without any added stress, since you could easy up on your revenue performance;


Ideally I’d be in the initial real life scenario where I payed for EVE with my credit card, if I’m no longer able to do so, even if I am a veteran with accounts that are able to pay for themselves, I won’t be able to spend time recruiting and grooming new capsuleers with the new system, since I’d lose my Omega time. Will I even try to recruit anymore? Probably not.

(Mike's Salesman) #193

You might be under the misconception that I don´t know what it´s like to groom new players.

I have done it myself for years. I pick out new players regularly and take them under my wing to show them different aspects of the game and show them how to work as a team.

I also have been in charge of training for quite a few newbie corporations in the past.

And still I have no issues generating enough ISK to plex all my accounts, without asking for any rewards from CCPs side. And I still have ISK left to run events like this weekend where i will potentially be giving out free ships to new players for 250-300 million ISK to use in the event and to keep them.

I would make any bet the people who scream loudest about the changes don´t even take care of training those new players, they are just in it for the rewards from CCP.

I have seen it myself often enough, that I created a new character, placed it in rookie help and had people offering me to create an account with the buddy programm and that they would give me ISK if I would do it. Not a single one of them made an effort to make any personal contact or to teach me anything.

If you truely are a Vet in a position that you should actually be allowed to train new players, you should know the game good enough to be able to train them and at the same time be able to generate more than enough income, so that it does not impact your ability to keep playing the game.

My reward is seeing new players enjoy the game as much as I did for so many years.

(TigerXtrm) #194

So… where did the 30 or so old recruit rewards that I had stashed away for a rainy day go exactly? I will be seriously pissed if they just went poof.

(grenville averti) #195

Huge nerf.

(Arthur Aihaken) #196


(Ember Fireheart) #197

The solution is simple boycott recruiting until its fixed.

(boernl) #198

i might scream loud but i did help loads of new players with usefull information and direct them to groups like pandemic horde eve uni or brave collective that is by figuring out what they wanna look for and what theyr interesses are
i dont need to recruit a pilot to give him a hand

(Arthur Aihaken) #199

It’s not going to be fixed. This is simply yet another cost-cutting measure by CCP to shore up what little finances they have remaining. The beat thing you can do for new pilots? Tell them to find something else to play.

(Kendra Danielsy) #200

All hail CCP r****d action! They just wanted to nerf PLEX reward and stop alt accnt chain creation and alt skill farm, well done CCP, well done, u manage to **** one of the few things worth

(Brisc Rubal) #201

I was hoping somebody would make this point. Thanks.

(Luke Gainer) #202

The thing is we love this game as you do, and it is the reason to make a clear feedback on the matter. My fear is the chain: nerfed recruit program => less new players => less content => less new and old players => etc.

(boernl) #203

creating alt chains is not what the game is about and yes it used to be a way to make a coin but they already placed alphas in and i think that they cost a bit mroe than they calculated

but pls refrain from swearing here falcon is fast with the hammer…