Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Old Pervert) #164

Real recruiters are not abusing the system.

Veteran players who think of ways, such as the example I mentioned, are the ones abusing the system. Because the system can be abused, they’ve decided to change it.

Do I agree with their change? No. I probably won’t bother with more alt accounts until I have a genuine need for them (less plex to keep them subbed, hurts the game).

Will recruiters who recruit fresh blood into the game continue to recruit? Maybe, probably not as much as before. Also hurts the game.

I agree with you that legitimate use of the recruitment rewards was good. I’m saying that because some people abuse it, they want to change it to not be as abused.

(Kendra Danielsy) #165

and ofc, ccp wont even mind to show his face here

(Kate Siwalina) #166

Thank you for clarify! At this point I am mostly agree, but I think that it will bring more harm than good. I believe CCP has it is own database about almost every kind of in-game activity, but I still can not understand that move. Like, really, I might gonna repeat myself, but the players who makes tons of accounts invest lots of isks in game and time so where is the point of losing them - i don’t know.
But still, good argument, I got your opinion :slight_smile:

(Kendra Danielsy) #167

bc its CCP

(Iryhor) #168

I don’t know about alt chains but i do know this. CCP could simply invalidate the invite if it somehow an exploit. What I don’t get, is how it is harming CCP. If player A creates and funds an alt account, that is money going to CCP coffers. If player B is recruited by player A and is genuinely a new player that pays for Omega, that too is money in the coffers. I guess the part I don’t get, is why player A’s alt money isn’t as good as the other player that was recruited for the first time.

Either way, they said this wasn’t a nerf, and it obviously is. I expect people in the game to lie to me, I don’t expect CCP to lie to me.

(Kendra Danielsy) #169

It worked like this, I have accnt A, use a friend invite to make accnt B, use a PLEXs to put omega into B, A accnt will get 30 days of Omega, NOT 500 PLEXs, that alone kinda broke the chain, ofc, u could keep doing that and get ur main accnt xxx days of omega, but still u would be burning ISK u had to earn
Only if u pay using real money to sub that “B” accnt, the A accnt would get 500 PLEXs

(Arthur Aihaken) #170

I don’t really have a lot of sympathy for CCP here. They were warned about the potential for abuse with skill farms when they introduced skill extractors and injectors. They were further warned when they discussed raising the Alpha skill cap. We’ve also seen numerous examples of abuse (Pacifier/Enforcer handout), so none of this should come as any surprise.

The degree of bots/macro use/abuse is directly proportional to the number of accounts CCP is allowing players to have. But since all of these ‘phantom’ accounts are lgging in and thus inflating the number of concurrent players, CCP turns a blind eye.

(Salvos Rhoska) #171
  1. This harms the legit in-game profession of recruiters/authorized buddies.

  2. This harms the potential starting capital of new players.

  3. This harms incentive for new players to sub.

  4. This stands to substantially reduce PLEX influx.

I think this is a poor decision.

There must be a better way to stop the laundering of isk into “free” PLEX via buddies.

(Mike's Salesman) #172

I think all of you who are mad about this are the ones who are greedy here.

The main reward for recruiting people should be the fact that more people in the sandbox means more people to interact with, no matter if you play together with them after recruiting them, or ending up shooting them.

Anything you get from CCP is a nice little extra, but that should not be the main incentive to recruit people into the game. And if there have been enough ppl abusing the system, I am all for the change.

And I really laugh at the people who say CCP is just being greedy. You people are the one who act like greedy little children.

(K200 Zerg) #173

Где найти награду за друга, мною был приглушен друг, он активировал омегу, но награду за него я пока не брал(30 дней подписки) и вот сегодня я хотел это сделать так как моей омеге осталось 4 дня, и что я вижу, а ни чего не вижу. Где забрать награду не понятно, и не понятно вообще есть ли она…

(Salvos Rhoska) #174

Its not about being greedy.

Its that this change reduces incentive for new players to sub, and their potential starting capital.

Thats seems counter-productive.

(Mike's Salesman) #175

This is nothing but a smokescreen. New players who like the game and are willing to pay for a subsciption will do it regardless of getting some little extras or not.

Actually throwing ISK at new players is what I see as counter productive as it takes away something from the game. I remember my first days/weeks in the game and how hard I had to work to progress in the game (which is way to easy these days anyway imo) and every time I made a step forward it was an achievement for me and not something that was just thrown at me, for being subbed.

Once again new players are just being used here as an excuse for old players to get what they want. Nothing new here.

Also, feel free to go into broken record mode now.

(erg cz) #176

Uzhe nikde. Forum chitat nado bylo. Ja vse nagrady zabral 2 dnja nazad, potomuchto bylo jasno, chto vse, konec.

(Salvos Rhoska) #177

The incentive to bring new players in for the good of EVE overall is universal, and not the issue.

When I started this, my 1st character, I used a buddy from the authorized list. I cant remember exactly, but I got like 75% equity in return when I subbed. So a substantial stack of starting capital, a set of +3 implants, some ships and my first contact player ingame.

That was a huge boon to me as a brand-new player.

Nobody is forcing anyone to use buddies.
If you want to play hardmode, then just dont use one.

If you want to introduce friends, but dont want them to benefit from buddy code, then dont offer them one. (Although thats being a shitty friend, tbh).

Incentives work. Thats what they do. Marketing/sales has known this for millenia.

You havent thought through your “greed” argument.

PS: I suspect you are a PLEX trader, and are using “greed of others” as a smokescreen for your own greed. You want less PLEX introduced by buddies, so the value of your stockpile goes up.

(K200 Zerg) #178

Да вы молодец, к сожалению я такого не ожидал, что все пропадет. Печально…

(Salvos Rhoska) #179

This change makes it harder for new players than it has ever been since launch of buddy program.

Buddy program was launched in 2008, so 10 years ago.

(Tipa Riot) #180

Give a big thank you to all the SP farmers out there for this nerf on short notice (necessary to make the nerf effective). Isn’t it better to have a recruit system at all with reduced rewards, than nothing?

I get the feeling that the recruiters voicing the loudest here, are just here for the ISK. Why do you care whether you get 300B or 400B ISK? Is it greed, RMT, or what? For example I know that Chance kept all the rewards for himself instead of handing out ISK to recruits like basically every other recruiter did. Feeling entitled to get paid for content creation does not make it better.

(Makavi Madeveda) #181

Sorry, but recruiting under it’s normal name is called marketing. Marketers get paid. So no, people are not being greedy wanting compensation for doing CCP’s marketing departments job.

(boernl) #182

i have to say looking at the new recruitment rewards
it is a rip off in compaire to the old system 30 days omega was oke
250 plex wth ???
and i just see that now they have to pay with the first subscrition with euros / dollars or you wont get a reward at all
so much for helping out the first month that i know a lot of ppl did cause they were given a 30 days themselfs
and yes 5 recruits you get a month omega wich was every recruit cmon ccp
im sure im not going to recruit for eve anymore only if i need alts myself its just not worth the effort now

(Uriel the Flame) #183

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