Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Arthur Aihaken) #144

Another bait and switch from CCP.

“We’re definitely not trying to nerf the current system, and when you have taken a look at the new reward structure we would love your feedback.”

Announce the end of the old program with 24hrs notice (and almost no information), then introduce the new nerfed program 48 hours later and then post full details. I am fast losing what little respect I had left for this company.

(Paija) #145

The feature was mainly in place for people to buy evetime to train new characters that would be later be sold in the character bazaar for good amounts of isk. Cheaper than plex and you got rewards while doing it. I havent heard that anyone actually invited friends to pay and play.

(Hellois Dawn) #146

As per normal CCP got overly greedy

(Kaoraku Shayiskhun) #147

Well, I did a few

(Kendra Danielsy) #148

So… this new and “better” rec a friend system was just a way for CCP to lower the PLEX reward? Yeah they are giving worthless rewards and every x rec u get a BPCopy… but unless u somehow manage to get 20 friends to buy the game, its way worst. I get it that they had to stop old miners players from using his own invite, making a new accnt and PLEXing it using ISK and not losing nothing, but… rly CCP?
Oh and if i got this right, u dont get nothing if u use plex in the new accnt (b4 u would get 30 days of omega on ur main accnt)
All hail @CCP_Falcon

(Old Pervert) #149

You can blame the dudes who chain-sub 500 alts to take advantage of events.

(Kate Siwalina) #150

Okey and what was the problem with them? Because those who play with 20 accounts continue to pay for them even after the first “free” month expired. I know good bunch of players like that. They make tons of isks, good % of last go to market to buy plex from those who pay with Visa/Mastercard.
I do not have rl friends who are interested in games nor do I have any youtube channel/blog/stream you name it to advertise and share my link with others but imo it is a stupid move from CCP side. They tried to encourage people to recruit more but it turned out those who can do it feels themselfs kinda deceived. Stupid, stupid, stupid move.
@CCP_Falcon we love skins, but not THAT much.

(Old Pervert) #151

It’s not just about the skins.

Consider FanFest… third party hearsay but I’ve heard mention of a dude who got 200 redeemable items by chain-subbing alts.

It cost him 1 month’s plex for the first account. The rest were all chain-subbed at zero cost.

(Kate Siwalina) #152

Well, stuff like that will always happens. Old farts remember lots of funny things how EvE was broked by smart-asses. I doubt every third or even fourth player (or even eith) would be able to repeat it v0v

(Old Pervert) #153

One bad apple ruins the barrel. As the saying goes, this is why we can’t have nice things.

(Kate Siwalina) #154

Can’t agree on it. For example, as I said I know few players who run somewhere 20-30 account each. THey didn’t do stuff like that neither they even heard about it (like I did). I doubt 50% of players know it honestly (because smartasses never share their secrets)

(Kendra Danielsy) #155

even if he resub 200 accnts, once the first month is over, they have to earn isk or sub it

(Kate Siwalina) #156


(Kendra Danielsy) #157

but, ok. lets stop the chain, make a rule about same IP not be able to use the refer accnt, or lower PLEX to 400, not that huge bs they did

(Old Pervert) #158

Doesn’t matter. I have 3 alt accounts myself now… I’m sure I’ll get to 20-30 eventually. Tempted to start now sot hat they’re ready in time to drop my own personal dread bombs on people.

At the end of the day, one person abusing a system is more than enough reason to change the system.

Cool… so… if the goal was to get fanfest rewards, why would he bother resubbing? Sub for a month, get the reward, call it good.

(Old Pervert) #159

if that worked, they’d be able to fix botting.

(Kendra Danielsy) #160

so ccp solution to nerf to the point no one would care is the solution?

(Old Pervert) #161

Judging by what they chose to implement, yes. That was the solution they concluded would be best. Are they right? Probably not. I don’t see much of an incentive to recruit new players now, unless I actually want to play with them (fuck that shit)

(Kendra Danielsy) #162

thats almost like the gov lowering the budget of a construction to make less likely that someone will overprice it

(Kate Siwalina) #163

Abussing? Honestly, you didn’t get me or we just have two different opinions. Nobody abussed the system. As I said, people who can make and actually do recruiting for plexes (because it is pointless to make accounts for nothing) will stop it, so it is worse for CCP and for community.
If you heard something first of all doesn’t mean that is true, but even if it is (i don’t doubt it, fn stuff happenes) CCP in past tend to be very positiv on any kind of that stuff. CCP doesn’t lose money on it even opposite, they make them - more special stuff on market -> more invested money/time to buy it.
Where is the point of that move? For example, I thought to make some guides for new players to help them and to let them join the game from my invite. Now it is not worth it, I can make more money with a super in a less time.
I can’t agree it is abusing because something can’t be made from nothing. This is not how stuff works