Dev blog: New Recruitment Program Kicks Off On July 11!


(Zarvox Toral) #123

Just noticed one more thing…

No longer do recruiters get 30 days free Omega time for themselves (we used to get just 1mth Omega time, not PLEX) if your recruits go Omega via using PLEX themselves. No replacement that I can see, it’s just gone.

Trying to be positive here.

@CCP_Falcon you asked for feedback. This new system is, unequivocally, a gigantic nerf, initial calcs put the new scheme at <50% the value, or even less depending on how prolific recruiters are. I think that anybody who is capable of comparing the number 500 to the number 250 and noticing which one is bigger, will agree with this evaluation.

There really isn’t any room for further “feedback” or discussion imo. Any more than if your boss came in and said “Oh hey man how would you like this awesome new salary - 50% less than what you have now! Oh well yeah it sounds bad, but lets get your feedback and discuss it”

“Bro, it’s less money. Not complicated. Don’t like it. Feedback = It’s cr4p. Keep existing salary pls.”

You know?


(Zarvox Toral) #124

We can make a couple of observations of new system vs old based on a couple of reasonable assumptions.

(Situation 1) You get 40 recruits, they all upgrade to Omega with PLEX and spend zero money.

Old system: Recruiter gets 40mths Omega time.
New system: Recruiter gets nothing.

Epic start, not a nerf in sight.

(Situation 2) You get 20 recruits that upgrade Omega with PLEX, 20 upgrade to Omega with $$$, no other store purchases.

Old system:

20mths Omega applied to their account
10k PLEX (30bil).

New system:

1mth Omega applied to their account
7k PLEX (21bil)
Enforcer+Pacifier BPO+skins (worth I think far, far less than the 9bil needed to be equivalent)

HUGE reduction in value here, approx 30% of the value of isk-equivalent items, not to mention the 19mths of Omega time completely missing.

(Situation 3) You recruit 40 dudes, they all upgrade to Omega with $$. No other store purchases.

Old scheme: 20k PLEX (60bil)
New Scheme: 12k PLEX (36bil) + 1mth Omega time + Enforcer/Marshall/Pacifier (about 7bil atm) + Skins for insanely unpopular ships and apparel

New scheme total here is probably not going to even total 46bil. 20%+ drop in value, roughly.

Man I came looking for a nerf, but I can’t for the life of me find any!

(Situation 4 - AKA You Are A Badass Recruiter)

You recruited 300 doods that went to Omega with cold hard $$$. In addition, all of them, every single one, spends additional cash in the shop, netting you, that badass recruiter, every single bonus possible under the new scheme for those 300 dudes (extra purchases don’t mean anything under old scheme).

Old Scheme: 150k PLEX (450b)

No let’s be serious.

New Scheme: 77k PLEX (231b) + 1mth Omega time + Pacifier/Enforcer/Marshal (7b), 600 Accelerators (approx 12bil, high estimate), 300 Extractors (90b)

Total - approx 340b. 25% less than if your recruits had’ve just gone Omega for 1 mth on old scheme.

To reiterate - on new scheme, even if recruits spend $ on extra stuff (not a requirement on old scheme) you still get much less than the old scheme.

To summarise: Nerfs = Not Present.

(Gustav Mannfred) #125

I guess the best solution is to increase the reward for each recruit again to 500 Plex and again 30 day omega time if recruit upgrades with Plex.

(Golden Askiras) #126

Yeah but the problem is then that would actually make people happy.
CCP can’t have you being happy, it’s just not acceptable

(Uriel the Flame) #127

You all get it wrong. Recruiters should pay CCP real-life $$$ for the privilege of being able to recruit people. Just you wait till recruiter loot boxes are introduced. We already have crafting, potions will be next then loot boxes. Just you wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Makavi Madeveda) #128

Boosters = potions in any other mmo.

(Uriel the Flame) #129

True but I think they will introduce something more WoW-ey beyond that. :slight_smile: (But was more of a joke anyway.)

(erg cz) #130

Recruitment page can not generate the link I need to pass to the people I want to recuit. It says ‘Loading’ and stay like that forever.

(Uriel the Flame) #131

New feature disfunctional after being deployed. Nothing new under the sun it seems. :neutral_face:

(Type Blue) #132

Same for me too - but I believe your old link works? (Assuming you had one, that is)

(Uriel the Flame) #133

No I was just responding to your post, I haven’t tried the new system yet, nor plan to ever to be honest. I haven’t used my recruiting link since a long time. Recruited a few people but that’s it, one of them even subbed but I was not recruiting actively just told some people on my steam friends list that they can sign up with my link if they want to and that was all about it.

(Kendra Danielsy) #134

So… this new and “better” rec a friend system was just a way for CCP to lower the PLEX reward? Yeah they are giving worthless rewards and every x rec u get a BPCopy… but unless u somehow manage to get 20 friends to buy the game, its way worst. I get it that they had to stop old miners players from using his own invite, making a new accnt and PLEXing it using ISK and not losing nothing, but… rly CCP?
Edit 1: Oh and if i got this right, u dont get nothing if u use plex in the new accnt (b4 u would get 30 days of omega on ur main accnt)

(Mr Epeen) #135

You must know that one of the few things that gets a CCP response in this forum is making a second thread on a topic. This one will be consolidated shortly.

So why not just post in the thread that is right below this one? This is going to be placed in it anyway.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(Kendra Danielsy) #136

At least they cant say they didnt saw this post them, better than nothing

(QuakeGod) #137

The only people complaining about this change are the ones that were gaming the system…

(Kendra Danielsy) #138

u know that even ppl that never did it are going to lose right? half PLEX reward…

(QuakeGod) #139

Like anything else, all it takes is a few people to ■■■■ it up for everyone else…

(Iryhor) #140

Recruiting rewards just got nerfed. I thought the intention behind these changes was to give further incentives, not discourage recruiters. I also find it odd that with CCP being somewhat compulsive about maintaining stats, that all previous recruitment records are gone - so there is no way for me to verify when recruits prior to June 9th go Omega. This essentially invalidates my offer, good job CCP, you screwed it up.

CCP literally cut the plex rewards in half.

Previously 1 omega recruit: 500 plex
Now: 250 plex

And then CCP tried to add some chasers, like an additional 2000 plex after 20 recruits. But the comparison is still crap:

Previously 20 Omega recruits: 10,000 plex
Now: 7,000

And getting 20 paying recruits is no small task. In my 5 years, I don’t think I’ve managed that. Of course there is no way for me to know for sure now, since CCP has deleted all of my recruitment data for some unknown reason. One might think, that coming up with ways to get MORE players would be more important than reducing the rewards for those that regularly work on this task.

(Nana Skalski) #142

Yea, they could at least leave the rewards like they were, and adding those SKINs.

(Iryhor) #143

That’s what I thought they were doing; bumping up the incentives to encourage more effort from some of the more casual recruiters such as myself. I didn’t realize that this would be a big nerf.

I keep my addiction going with my paycheck, recruiting was a side gig for some extra plex.