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(dewk) #306

That’s the thing it was cap stable before this fix.

(Ildrara) #307

For you maybe. I ran it as a remote rep platform with a alt.

(dewk) #308

My main problem was and still is the CPU and Powergrid cutfall. The lose of an lowslot just makes it harder to mount a good fit.

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #315

Removed some off topic posts.

(Ildrara) #316

Loss. Lol

(Sepheir Sepheron) #317

I think the Damavik needs another mid or low. 3/3/3 layout is weird for a ship with no resist, speed or tank bonus, especially one of the most expensive frigates. It’s a good ship but hardly worth the price tag comparing to similar choices.

(dewk) #318

by it’s lore it’d have to be low, as the whole series of Precusor ships have the lowest shield tank capacity of all ships of the same size.

The Leshak is equal to a cruiser with it’s shield HP

(Sepheir Sepheron) #319

I’d be fine with either if it came with extra grid/CPU. The thing should be scary but imo any other pirate frigate is scarier. For that weapon, hull and ammo price 3/4/4 would even be acceptable to me. Granted it will probably go down so maybe that’s a bad idea cause everyone would only fly that.

But yeah definitely a bit awkward with the current layout. However way better than the previous 3/2/4.

(dewk) #320

Had no issues with the 324 fit, most issues were with low power and cpu depending on what you fitted. And both were fixable with lowslot or rig modules.

At least the you could do that and still increase armour. The new 333 makes it a real struggle to get armour, cpu and power sorted.

I’ll point out the need for the extra medslot wasn’t needed, as proof you just need to look at the old punisher with its 425 fit has been working fine for 10 years plus.

If anything the Damavik would have been better with an extra lowslot like the punisher and end up with an 325 fit, this would allow for better armour tanking ( as pre-lore ), and enough slots to counter the poor power and cpu it has.

The precusor ships shield HP are so weak you might as well forget about any shield modules, they have power and cpu limitations, and domue arnour focus like Amarr ships and as such should have high lowslot counts to allow for armour tanking( to counter the very weak shields) and to allow for powergrid and cpu modules for ship fits.

As for the Damavik i personally see any real benefit to the ship by having an extra midslot, as adding a shield module won’t be as good as an armour module, any tackle module has limited use on the Damavik, on the larger ships its worth it as they have the lowslots to mount require modules.

As it is the Damavik i used to mount punisher fits with one less lowslot and limited to one weapon. Doing this i found the Damavik good though still requiring a bit of play in lowslots to get the power and cpu issues sorted.

The lose of the low and gained midslot has made the Damavik almost usless.

(elitatwo) #321

So I finally got to play around with the Damavik a bit and wanted to make use of all the nice bonuses on that ship.

The precursor gun needs 500 turret charges for the gun to be “full”. Now usually it is a good idea to bring close range and long range ammo for your guns but do not ever do that with the Damavik - ever!

Putting 500 Occult and Mystic S and Baryon and Meson S fills your cargo hold to 200m³, which allows for one (as in 1) cap booster charge with you.

The Damavik’s cargo hold is 213m³ in size.

Okay which CSM member is responsible for that and has she or he be punished yet?

How did this make it past the quality assurance and did anyone bother to actually fly the Damavik before it was released??

With this terrible slot layout you can fit this:

high slots:

  • 2x meta neut (t2 neuts if you fit a power core in the lows)
  • precursor gun

mid slots:

  • afterburner (mwd only if you fit a power core in the low)
  • cap injector
  • scram

low slots:

  • either a precursor mag stab or auxiliary power core
  • meta 4 adaptive nano membrane
  • t2 armor rep

rig slots:

  • small ancillary current router (all Damavik fit need this one, always)
  • 2x small auxiliary nano pump II

You can only fit a mwd if you fit an auxiliary power core but no fit allows a damage control.
And you may have 1 navy 400 cap booster charge with you - trolololol much??

(dewk) #322

I only have one lot of 500 plasma in cargo, and a fully load turret. Personally only use long and short range ammo.

The Damavik is a nice ship but in a fleet of 2 or more they shine. Trick is to have different fits. One scram, one jam and others with other mid slot fits.

The extra midslot helps solo with the ship, but at a major cost as you found out with the power issues.

(elitatwo) #323

Yea I have the Damavik on the simulator for the last 2 hours, fitting and squeezing around.

So if you dont use neuts, you can have a web. And yeah I know the tricks of having serveral fits that help each other.

(dewk) #324

So you know the pain of loosing that lowslot for a mid-slot.

Try fitting a couple of remote armour repair modules. While trying to keep a good EHP.

(techzer0) #325

What is a scam fit?

Why would you fit ECM in the mid slot?

Nope. You can’t loosen or tighten low slots.

(Uriel the Flame) #326

I assume he meant scram, as in warp scrambler. Just a guess though.

(CCP Falcon) #327

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