Devblog: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss!


(sara einstein) #121

Abyssal PVP has been closed more than 7 hours. Why close it? I saw lots of people are runing it. It is wasting my time to spend 20min to check after every hour.

Could you at least let us know, when it will open and close? It is so random.


I do not want to post so many times, but I must let ccp knows

I am sorry! Thank you for your understanding!

(Bazti Rieken) #122

Best way to see if its open is to check here :

(Tipa Riot) #123

If everybody is just watching, it will not get opened again …

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #124

Morning coffie
Calm dark filament

Solo run on Sisi

Nice way to start a day

(Kaivarian Coste) #125

The eve reddit is here:

(DrysonBennington) #126

Are there any plans to introduce mechanics into the PvP aspect of the Abyssal sites that would effect Sov in Null Sec?

The lore could be that the Triglavian, in an attempt to bring down the powerful alliances that surround the heart of Null Sec have been able to tap into the Sov mechanics of targeted system. Such a target could be accessing cloaked nodes for system timers. A filament, of Triglavian designation, would appear in local. Once the filament appears the Sov owner would have x amount of time to enter the filament and Entosis the connection nodes to the Sov nodes to keep their nodes from de-cloaking. An enemy could also enter the filament to Entosis a set of counter nodes that would increase the chance of nodes within the solar system de-cloaking earlier than predicted.

Both sides would compete against a small but well armed Trivglavian fleet inside of the filament for control of the nodes.

A connecting filament to the system filament would appear in a random system five jumps away from the other. Once the nodes were completed the victorious fleet would emerge either in their home system, where the filament spawned or they could choose the exit location in the other system.

(Blade Darth) #127

Option to disable the “fish lens” FoV… CCPLS
It looks great on screenshots but rotating the camera gives me a headache.

(shaun 27) #128

Just wondered is their anything in road map regarding duff abyssal rolls? Would like to see some use to them maybe not turn them back to normal modules.

(Sylvia Kildare) #129

alt+mousewheelup increases your FOV back to a normal level. there’s still a bit of fish-eye to the display as well, but at least you aren’t super zoomed in on your ship now with the background all hazy focus to look cinematic.

(CCP Falcon) closed #130

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