Devblog: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss!


(techzer0) #101

He didn’t say “Podding” he said “poding”

(Diarmait Hannigan) #102

Given the context, he most likely meant to say “podding” not “poding”

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #103

Wrong, smart T5 runners will not risk a 6 bil investment in ship/pod when at T3 most Faction and T2 PvP fit ships can ruin your day.

(DangR) #104

Mine was a response to Shadowlance suggesting only similair tiers.
so then you will need that bling gila or sac.

(Sobaan Tali) #105

That’s just how my phone spelled it. That said, I wasn’t aware there were two separate terms related to Eve with different meanings at work here, which is why I decided to leave it as is.

(Bazti Rieken) #106

Again, does anyone have information about what happens in a stalemate situation? Does DPS ramp up and if so how? And how does this relate to the 30 minute timer?

(MarvinOne) #107

So as i read we still have open questions for the “pvp-room”

Whom meet (allways MAX 2 ships) ?
Same level ships (they have completed the PvE rooms at same level) ?
Have they completed the PvE rooms in the SAME Weather ? (so you are just a litte prepared for you opponent resistance profile if/when you encounter him)

Both die after stalemate (no winner in the gladiator fight) ?

Is there an Exit-gate which can be taken “whom-take-it-first” if you dont want to fight (OR gate closed until 1/2 ships destoyed) ?

(Bazti Rieken) #108

To answer your questions, always max two ships, not same level, could be from 3,4, or 5. Not same weather, could come from any weather system. No exit gate can be taken until after someone dies.

The only question left is the stalemate dynamics.

(Bazti Rieken) #109

(from testing on sisi)

(Bazti Rieken) #110

Interesting the proving conduits have disappeared from sisi since downtime, seems that perhaps they realised how broken the current dual system was…

(Fred VonStraine) #111

sorry for the miss spell was very tired when I put fourth my idea.
I was only saying that being able to pod in this case should have a time delay to be fair other wise a player can and more then likely will find them self’s up against a tag team.
I know a lot of you will not like my request but a delay of 30 seconds is not much to ask for.

(Fred VonStraine) #112

I did not say podding free just that a slight delay of 30 seconds before lock on can be had.
other wise there is a good chance of a player being tagged teamed.

(Tipa Riot) #113

When your ship is kill, your pod is gone anyway, as you won’t be able to take the exist gate. Only one can leave the Abyss alive.

@Bazti_Rieken do you have to pod the opponent to be able to leave, or is this optional?

(Bazti Rieken) #114

Not sure to be honest @Tipa_Riot. But the devblog states “Loot and exit may only be accessed by one player.”

so I doubt the opponents pod could go anywhere even if you could leave without killing it…

(Bazti Rieken) #115

Looks like the proving conduits have been removed since last night? Any feedback on this?

(Bazti Rieken) #116

confused… sometimes missing from fierce?

(Anderson Geten) #117

I believe they were not supposed to be present 100%.

(Kaivarian Coste) #118

According to CCP on reddit, the PVP gates will disappear if there aren’t enough players concurrently running abyss sites. I guess it’s intended to stop crabs from sneaking into these sites during quiet hours. But it amounts to discrimination against AU timezone players.

(Bazti Rieken) #119

that’s great information, thank you :slight_smile: where should I be reading this sort of thing on reddit?

(techzer0) #120

define “crabs” in your statement.