Devblog: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss!


(CCP Darwin) #81

I spent a moment with @CCP_Savior looking at this in an abyssal site that contains one of these extractors, and verified that having this problem depends on the specific site you’re in and the placement of the extractor on one of the rocks. There are a lot of sites and extractor placement combinations.

If you can submit an in-game bug report when this happens (press F12 and click Report Bug) the information in the bug report will help us identify in which site this is occurring, and that would be a huge step toward finding and fixing the problem.

Edit: I’ve been told that we did make a pass through all the sites before release to identify and fix collision problems with Triglavian Extractors, but it sounds like we’ve missed an instance of it. So, a bug report submitted inside the site would be a big help, if possible.

(Salt Foambreaker) #82

Didn’t you hear, the instanced crap they are putting out is so fail I decided it won’t have an effect so I am staying.

I mean really, a PvP instance you have to PvE to get to?

just lol

(Bazti Rieken) #83

@CCP_Falcon or @CCP_Darwin , can you explain the way the anti-stalemate dynamic works please? (see my previous comments (about 4 comments up) for a more detailed description

(Bazti Rieken) #84

Seperately, FYI just had a bug where the contents of the cladistic cache was still open after I left through the origin conduit… Couldn’t actually loot it any more… but it was still open in my inventory… and I hear the sound of “opening a container” as I dock in citadel in non-abyssal space…

(DangR) #85

All the proving grounds i did today ended up in a stalemate.
So maybe in the beginning some pve guys not knowing what is happening die in there.

(Salt Foambreaker) #86

They could not kill each other or one person is fleeing and so there is no fight?

(DangR) #87

In all instances i couldnt break the opponents tank and vice versa.
So all ended up just in a GF in convo and we left without a kill.

(@ccp, can you guys make local work in the pvp area? now we have to start a private convo)

(Salt Foambreaker) #88

Right because that is the kind of fit you need to even get that far.

Unexpected reason number 452938 why you don’t start a PvP instance via a PvE instance…

… incoming environmental damage to compensate.

Thanks for testing!

(techzer0) #89

Yep. Also heard you were quitting if CCP introduced a frigate abyss.

Don’t back peddle now.

(Antoni Prabani) #90

I think this path is the end of abbysal. In sisi this all abbysal are weak as hell… in t3 abysal fit my friend was able do 4-5 without fear… It means that in main server even new players can do t5… Now t5 can do guys who have a lot sp and expireince. Aditionaly it drop the price of goods from abbys because you add more container in pockets and all people can do it… You changed pve in pvp… what a pity:/

(zen-vexor03 LSG) #91

But demand is up because you need that material for new FLEX structures.

(zluq zabaa) #92

One question regarding the PVP room: do you get a criminal timer when podding someone in there? Because, this could be a bit awkward for people who enter and exit from highsec :wink:

(Fred VonStraine) #93

would like to see a new Missal shield tank type ship added.
as well.
Or at least components that can be used to upgrade those all ready in game.

(Fred VonStraine) #94

ok call me chicken but poding shouldn’t be allowed in the Abyssal PvP area.
Or at least have the pod have a few seconds of inviolability (30 sec.) before it can be locked on and killed.
thus giving players a chance to warp out and save their skins lol.
losing a bling ship is bad enough.

(DangR) #95

No timers are active when leaving the pvproom. Only the non capsuleer agression timer

(techzer0) #96

It is’t allowed because it doesn’t exist.

What the hell is a poding?

(Sobaan Tali) #97

“Podding” refers to destroying the player’s pod after it’s ejected following ship destruction.

(Sobaan Tali) #98


What? You did ask for it. Also, why are we asking for a PVP-related system in Eve to be podding-free? Did I miss something? If your complaint is that your ship and pod are both too expensive to loose, then the solution to that problem already exist, mate.

(Shadowlance) #99

It will only be available to solo Cruisers to begin with, and only for those doing tier 3, 4 and 5 pockets. Players will not be matched or rewarded based on the difficulty tier or pocket type they came from.

So basically all you need is a PVP-full-neutralizers cruiser that can survive just a tier 3 pocket to face a very special fitted cruiser from a tier 5 pocket that certainly has no chances against you? Why talk about rewards - loot from a 2 bill+ gila is a reward itself. Very clever gj!(not).

It should be changed so ppl could meet only from the same difficulty tiers or this feature is no go.

(DangR) #100

But a tier 5 exotic gila is never going to kill another tier 5 exotic gila, so that also wouldnt work.