Devblog: CCPlease - When Memes Become Reality


(Echerie Saissore) #61

Really, Star Citizen is not Playable.

I invested in the game, I hope it gets released.

Eve is playable. SC is a fancy website, pretty pictures, and that’s about it. Sure you can fly some stuff around, but there is little content.

Eve players will complain about anything…

(Murkar Omaristos) #62

Hey can you please add ‘Bring back the AT’ to this tracker

(Nana Skalski) #63

It is lacking gameplay balance still and improvements to performance. They are still building the framework of that world and watching what to modify and in what directioin. It was said multiple times.

(Freelancer117) #64


You own me Ambulation and Mercenary Markets.
Fine I get it you don’t want to deliver, well I don’t sub then.

Regards, a Freelancer

(Murkar Omaristos) #65

Omg lol

(Ryan B Thiesant) #66

CCPlease why do you need a

Show how much Skillpoints that next skill skill will take.

You have;

  1. SP per minute.
  2. Days to complete
  3. Total skill point for level 5 of that skill
  4. how many skill points are currently in that skill.


(Ryan B Thiesant) #67


Let players be able to set a default probe size, either in the probe scanner or preferences.

It’s annoying to always have to adjust this.


(Ryan B Thiesant) #68

CCPls start a PVP league of legends

A sample of the games

  1. PVP
  • all the way from 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, big league and BS vs frigs.
  1. Gate Camp
  • well just escape the gamecamp, points for going into hull.

I’m serious. After playing FW pvp, there is a very real e-sports culture in EVE.


(Karma Bad) #69

Love the Progress,

Was looking for a place as well that we can leave a less than 3 sentence CCP Please do X as well.

#CCP Please - Station - Repair shop - Repair all in Station button.

(Sylvia Kildare) #70

pfffft, that’s so 10 years ago. If CCP really wants to be trendy, they’ll start a Battle Royale mode/game. That new one just came out and is heading for Fortnite territory already. Poor PUBG.

(Karma Bad) #71

#CCP Please - Restart Timer notification to 20 mins for those that do abyssal space.

(Anna Galland) #72


i wish there would be a magic button which allows to import / export all client settings from one pc / account / character to another.

We already have this in terms of overview sharing. But frankly thats only one step. Things like windows (pinning, size, location) or client settings (graphic, custom keymapping) are also important. It takes hours to get everything back in order. Everyone who did a system reset / new installation or just wants to share a setup between characters knows this.

I know there are guides out there how to copy paste data to prevent loss but It would be very user friendly if you can tackle this issue with your own all-in-one solution.


(Ranar Linyne) #73

A chat system that works, and expand the sp payout to 50/25k per day for all omega/alpha toons that logged in during the failures (still happening btw)

More fitting and no drones on the cni

Light(only) drone speed buff for vni

Serious capacitor upgrades and less damage bonus to lasers on the Abaddon

Rat target/agro range… Wtf is going on there, i’ve been red boxed over 1000k away.

Fully supported linux client

That would be a decent start