Devblog: Changes To The Recruitment Program Coming Soon!

Was to say about the same thing. However the game isn’t “bad” necessiraly.
One of the sign’s the game is going overboard for me is the “randomness” of the skilling spree. There used to be a level playing field but now lucky people get more skills… wtf.

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Hope it works. In 9 years as a high sec pilot I have seen a slow decline in game. Used to enjoy Dodixie and Hek, but there like ghost systems now. Lets hope Jita doesn’t go the same way heh? Expecting abuse from low sec, null sec and wh pilots. But whats new? Should be room for all of us, whatever direction we take.

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For what its worth, I agree. CCP losing the plot?


nice idea

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tbh, I wouldn’t bother sending someone a link for 15 days of omega time.

Right never considered the exploit of it. If they really want to eliminate the exploit, they could just give recruits the magic 14 up to rank 4 so they can start just training ship skills and get to shooting.


give me LP for recruite !

instead of bribing and luring, why not give alphas 5mil sp already allocated to their race’s ships and basic 14 skills so they can fly a decent ship right-away? new players dont wanna wait weeks to fly the ship they like. they just play another game and dont look back.


Nerf, nerf, nerf … you always nerf for recruiters … Why?
1’t one was: recruiter gets 500 PLEX or 30 days Omega (as in my stats - mostly it was 30 days Omega 65%, other 35% - PLEXs). It was good and fair. Worth to work under it.
2’nd one (now): recruiter gets 350 PLEX or useless cheap stuff. Plus unpromising line of achievements where only good goal - is to get 2000 PLEX. After that - you could throw this program away, coz who needs this Marshal BPC + Skin for 40 players invited (are you f*kn serious, CCP Games?).
3’d one (this Monday!): recruiter gets nothing, except Omega time and mostly 15 days of Omega.

Good job, keep going!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It’s probably because people abuse it, they recruit their alt’s and get tons of free stuff and ruin it for real recruiters like yourself. :no_mouth:

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but you only get that free stuff when upgrading with real money, not with plex, right? I don’t see the problem. Even then, CCP makes money with that

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I’d said all I needed to say, but want to jump on a couple of other comments.

Jack Scare - totally agree, people don’t look back. I like the idea of a massive amount of SP’s up front, get’s people going quicker and yeah, surely they’re more likely to stay if they can do more. I know it never used to be this way, and a lot of folks will argue it worked when Eve first launched when people had no skills, but this aint 2003 anymore - times have changed, and CCP need to too.

There is the issue of SP farming with so many SP’s upfront, so just raise the minimum before you can extract.

Atom IC - I know what you mean about the 2000 PLEX, anything after is useless and as a recruiter, you’re better of starting over with a new recruitment link to get the 1-20 rewards again.

That was my plan, until this happened, now I’m not recruiting anyone anymore, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.


make high security a true high security zone, and new players might want to stick around longer


Welp, PLEX is 15% off, on top of 3 different SP events and free MCT event, it sounds like someone really wants metrics to look successful…


2 sp events.


Oh my God I am an Alt!

With that out of the way let’s say I am a Multi-boxer who pays for their accounts with " wait for it " Cash! Frankly I am supporting CCP/Black Desert Games in exchange for entertainment. I am not a social butterfly and would love to fly with pilots who understand working 50 hours a week.

What is my point? Eve clearly understands pilots who fly in groups are more likely to stay subscribed and engaged to keep Eve Online alive! I would like to see EVE have a face to face recruiting station s at their world tours. I went to the Toronto event and had a good time. Sadly when I asked other pilots if they were recruiting I was brushed off POLITLY ! I understood why. They were with friends and frankly felt nervous who the hell I am. Let’s face they were here to have fun.

I would simply like to see EVE set up a platform for Alliances or Corporations at these aforementioned events. I really think their are a lot of solo pilots who original groups have quit EVE and are now alone. One of the guys I flew with died in real life. At the same time another good friend pilot just vanished. ( He said he was having legal issue, yikes. They were the social ones not me. I am admittedly speculating here but I think a large number EVE pilots in real life are not great at starting conversations. Give them a space where a groups has the time and inclination to meet with them.

I think the recruiting idea EVE has here is frankly a nice try but is not nearly enough.


What do you mean by true high security.

If it you mean ‘safe’ and ganking is impossible then I vehemently disagree with you.

I may be a carebear but even I know that Eve needs the violence and pvp to survive. Safe is not what space is.


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Indeed, people should learn not to fly what they can’t afford to lose AND learn not to stress their losses, instead embrace them, learn from them and carry on.

Play for the experience whatever the journey throws your way, sometimes you get a surprising good NPC drop or stumble upon and steal an outstanding piece of loot from a player wreck or whatever, sometimes you get into unfavorable situation and try your best to get out of it which might succeed or not or get outright ganked without being able to do anything about it.

Both the positives and negatives are part of the journey just like the same as in a movie or book or stories in general, the best you can do is enjoy the ride and not worry about losses, this is when you can have fun regardless what happens, which is the best way to play a vid’ya game which is meant to be for entertainment and relaxation not something to be worried about nor to be a second job.


The main problem is that CCP has made entry into the higher level content much too easy.


Things change with the seasons people… just hang in there lol. in the meantime Hail bob.