Devblog: EVE 64-bit & DirectX 12

The “art” team could be doing Angel caps that we’ve been waiting on for how long now? Station redesign which is long overdue…

well DDR3 ram is pretty cheap now, you can probably bump up to 4gb for cheap

Yes his sarcasm was noted, was ■■■■.

Low end gaming computers are really cheap theese days. And the shittiest ones come with 4+.

Different parts of the team.

You’ve got the people who do the art itself, and you’ve got people who do the engine development.

(Unlike many games companies, CCP develop their own engine, because they have requirements which many games don’t.)


Yep I agree, which is why I’d be surprised if someone was legitimately unable to reach the new minimum


EVE has a small footprint in the system, both graphics and system memory, it should be optimized

Right now I need to wait 3 to 4 minutes to be able to start search in my posessions. I wonder if 64 bit client will make work with inventory quicker… Or it will be also great if I do not need to wait 2-3 minutes till factory window will load my blue prints so I can start some research or manufactoring job.


Maybe in DX 12 space won’t have atmosphere anymore? :roll_eyes:

Little sick of great skins being hosed by the shading in the atmosphere in space :rofl:

Your lack of sarcasm comprehension is disturbing.

The move to DX 12 and 64 bit is fantastic ! thanks CCP.

Will DX 12 only help us client side or will it have performance increases server side too?

Is their any news on the balancing side btw?


Sounds good! Just worried a bit on behalf of linux users. I don’t use linux myself but afaik if you had gone with Vulkan, it would be easier to play EVE on linux.


A 64bit client allows for more data flow and resource usage, if you can allow the engine to use more resources the program “game” can run through its instructions more efficiently. More efficient means more stable since the program has more opportunity to catch issues in its error handling instead of timing out due to unhandled exceptions and provide you the end user with a cleaner more optimized experience. Ray tracing is just a graphical feature of dx12 it’s not essiential to the functionality of a 64bit client. Raytracing is an art feature, 64bit client is an engine upgrade they are not the same.


LOL, how many others went to check their graphic cards specs straightaway? :thinking:


Hey CCP,

As an occasional Linux user myself who is seeking to go full time later on in the year, I’m concerned about the impact the DX12 engine upgrades will have on Linux users. As far as I’m aware, DXVK for Wine does not yet support DirectX 12, which means Linux users will more than likely be negatively impacted. How do you plan to address this issue?

The ideal solution would be a native Linux client with Vulkan support, but alas I don’t see that coming in the near future.


LUL, DX 12 is a fail. Coding stuff from DX 11 to 12 will make game slower not faster.
Only Vulkan.


with this new upgrade for us that have 3d tv or 4k tv does this mean eve will finally be able to make used of them formats?

Did you consider switching to vulkan instead of DX12? Would not that make more sense because DX12 is more of a windows locked API?


iirc Wine does support DX11, which will still be available

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Good! I have just upgraded my PC in time for this.

Any plans on dropping CPU’s that don’t support SSE4\SSE4.1 anytime soon?

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