Devblog: EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two – Join The Fight!

fair enough but you have to admit eve is already way ahead of the game in terms of mass ppl in once instance. XD. Although getting rid of tidi would certainly make those huge fights more appealing.

I’m 99.9% solo player and I manage just fine. What about solo do you find difficult ?

So is this new Hodor engine going to used for instanced encounters only…eg abysmal space?

I mean, I’d care about better performance… but for years now, CCP has been putting lines in the patch notes about improving performance with graphical dealies and yet my clients get laggier and laggier. At first it was just gas clouds in missions and other sites and deadspace pockets… then it was how shiny the station environments were getting… now even just regular space on gates and stations and such is laggier, too.

Now, my computer IS 6, 7 years old, sure… so part of it is that… but EVE ran soooo well for me as recently as in 2015/2016 and all the new shiny graphical “improvements” have done nothing for me other than make me play in low shader mode 99% of the time when I used to play in high shader mode 75% of the time and low shader only 25% of the time when I was triple boxing in a gas cloud-containing grid. Think of the poor old senior citizen PCs, CCP. Think of them. ;_; Your game is older than them, and yet now it punishes them for being too old. :::headscratches:::

Yeah… like this man said right here. :wink:

I think I saw something about skins?

Since Ramona and Salt both hinted at it but didn’t outright say it, I’ll try and guess:

Empire space is more than just HS, dontchaknow. So by saying cynos banned in all of empire space, not just HS, he wants no (regular) cynos allowed in lowsec as well. But still covert allowed, presumably.

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For me yes, though I cant speak for Salt.

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Yayyyy. That’s a bingo, then. :wink: Even if Salt meant something else, 2 out of 3 is a majority. ;D

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I meant what I said, “banned in empire space” is an existing item attribute that means just that.

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I think to a lot of HS-living folks, Empire Space equates to HS in their minds… probably some LS-living folks that have the exact opposite problem.

People who do not know what something is should not comment.

What are the conditions for participation in the event?

With freighters being able to jump to a covert cyno, I’m actually quite comfortable with that.

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Players need to stop complaining. If you had been around when Eve Online first came out you would see the great improvement the game has become…believe it or not Eve Online almost died…until that day that a cynosural flashed into being.

At what point is the instructions/download happening?


Not turning it into a full time job to own a citadel so I could still be reasonably competitive in industry. I had enough of constant ice fleets etc in null to feed the corp citadel where 5 of us struggled at times. Just look how many are abandoned because they couldn’t afford to keep them online.

Nor am I prepared to put a big fat target in space.

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No. Stop ■■■■■■■ up the game

I’ve got an invite to sign up for »Aether Wars: Phase Two« via email … and tried it.

Sooo … besides of Hadean using cloudflare (as CCP does, now and then), which I do not like, the sign-up-site is an onslaught of js (see screenshot). Also, Privacy Badger says “meh”. Also: hsadpixel.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention — have your own thoughts about it.


Btw, I could not sign up, although I allowed most of the javascript BS and cloudflare (via separate plugin, not part of the screenshot).
So I will not be part of that test.

Fly (and surf) safe!

PS. There would be much to say about processing user data through 3rd party entities (aws, cloudflare, etc.) and/or being followed around the interwebz, but this isn’t the place.

because that’s technically infeasible, and completely idiotic.

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This is what I came here to find out. test is less than 20 hrs away and still no client download instructions. Can’t test what isn’t there to install.

No thanks. I can’t afford this game any more. And the way it’s going on what I have in-game I’m not giving your firm a penny more.

Sorry, I don’t see a CCP in front of your name, so I’d say you’re unqualified. CCP has indicated before that ship events end up in a queue of sorts, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pick out those events out of the queue from smaller ships and process those more frequently than the large ships.

The only thing that would break would be the reliance on capital meta.