Devblog: Iconic Ships Reimagined - The Minmatar Rupture


(CCP Falcon) #22

(Quince Ozuwara) #23

Redesign looks nice, digging the new animations.
Looks less like a nailgun, but not too divergent from the original.

(Kaela Kualen) #24

I’m so happy that I only fly Minmatar :smile_cat:

(Akrasjel Lanate) #25

One word: Celestis

(Xuixien) #26

Now it just needs a big fat armor tank to match how it looks.

(Kristin Sabrioski) #27

It looks pretty nice! (old model was kinda weird though, so anything would be an improvement…)

What you should do is create a poll of which ships are people most dissatisfied with, and then prioritize remaking those ships first.

(Macumba Oxossi) #28

Still needs a Jolly Roger painted on the upper deck.

(Nana Skalski) #29

What ship CCP should redesign next?

  • Imicus :muscle:
  • Imicus :+1:
  • Imicus :ok_hand:

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(Insidious) #30

I really miss the iconic classic eve ships namely the originals of megathon, scorp, raven, harpy, crow hell even the original titans, in all their low res goodness. Understandably through iteration some things get lost in the builds and milestones. Even though the builds im sure are all backed up from the beta days. Im aware of various 3rd party efforts to backup these ships in the cloud to be viewable in web form.

A question for the devs, historians, nerds, and artists, in the grand scheme of things is it possible to bring these ships to a viewable webgl format?

Yours truly

(Align Planet1) #31

I can’t think of another space game that has the level of visual distinctiveness between types that Eve has. Really good work.

(Rocinantae) #32

Just going to disagree with the direction ccp has taken the Caldari. I picked them because they were asymmetrical. Function over form. It was so different from real world asthetics. Don’t get me wrong. The new designs are in themselves are good. But I think you guys should pay more attention to the racial culture when doing redesigns.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #33

Old concept art

(Catherine Solenne) #34

The thing with asymmetric ships is that they really make very little sense unless your goal is a spinning top in space. All of thosr old caldari designs have the thrust vector nowhere near the CoM

(Bienator II) #35

amazing work. Makes me want to fly minmatar - must resist.

(Steve Ronuken) #36

Not that they work like that :wink:

The ‘engines’ are just exhaust ports. they don’t drive the ship. That’s a reactionless drive that’s embedded in the ship.

See max’s presentation for details.

(stoicfaux) #37

Reminds me of an Arc Thrower from X-Com2 Long War.

(Catherine Solenne) #38

…damn. Got the book sitting at home and saw the presentation. Still forgot.

(CCP Pointy Bits) #39

We generally only get time to do a certain number of redesigns per year as supporting other features is a higher priority than asset renovation, so we have a very large list of designs slated for needing renovation/redesign, and artists will go through that and pick when we have a bit of down time and have a shot at coming up with a new design. If we feel like we’ve got a strong design and direction to go with a redesign, then we go through the process of validating if we should take it into production based on metrics like ship usage, if there’s a feature coming up (like the concord ship release) that would bring that old design into the forefront, or if the old hull doesn’t offer much room to project skins onto.

As for why now, i mentioned in the blog i did the base design we went with just under 2 years ago, we all really liked it so it’s just been a case of finding a gap between features where we could actually take it into full production.

The Celestis is on the short list for redesigns though, we just really don’t know what we want to do with that hull.

(Steve Ronuken) #40

I recommend C4

(Silas Sanyasi) #41

Pretty much nailed it imo