Devblog: Iconic Ships Reimagined - The Minmatar Rupture


(Nora Maldoran) #42

I’m O.K. with asymmetric shapes - as long as they look somewhat practical.
On the Imicus e.g. the thing that appears to be the bridge is pointed in like 45° up away from the flight direction.
I know lorewise for capsuleers that doesn’t really matter - we sit in the pod anyways, but it looks really strange to me.
This applies to some of the Gallente ships.

However. I really like what you did to that rupture.

(Mina Sebiestar) #43

Looking great i like all variants of hull

One thing that bugs me is bridge being blocked by some structure in front of it,would like if that structure is to flank bridge from one side and some sensor cluster / r(L)adar on other side it would add some complexity on the top of the ship and clear the view obviously.

(CCP Pointy Bits) #44

So from our point of view, the fact that something looks that way in real life (particularly in regards to military tech) means that that aesthetic is actually function over form. I think culturally, we kind of nailed that with the Caldari, if their ships are meant to represent utilitarianism and function over form, why would they not look like leading edge real world military tech where that same mantra is expressed?

You don’t see over exaggerated asymmetrical large vehicles anywhere but fiction. There’s functionally little benefit to being asymmetrical.

(Sakul Aubaris) #45

It’s literally very unfunctional. Asymmetrical desing in space is hell. Just to balance the center of mass and center of thrust. A nightmare. And now imagine you get a direct hit on one thruster with a asymmetrical desing…

(Luc Chastot) #46

Why don’t you guys hold a design contest again, but for whole hull size lines? I don’t know, 6000 PLEX for concept art of all Gallente cruisers or something. You don’t need to copy paste, but I’m sure you’ll get tons of inspiring designs.

(CCP Pointy Bits) #47

As i said, the issue isn’t so much that it’s expensive or takes a long time for us to do the concept art, that’s actually the fastest/cheapest bit. It’s taking that into production where it becomes more expensive - holding a contest wouldn’t really help us with the bit that takes time and stops us from doing these much faster - but we appreciate the enthusiasm!

(TrouserDeagle) #48

bellicose celestis navitas pls

(Lecroix Demonge) #49

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(Jason Galente) #50

This looks really nice!

(Sarmatiko) #51

That is exactly what I was expecting for Rupture redesign. Good job!

I only have one issue with dev blog itself, in particular with gif images.
You probably know what it is:

(MidnightWyvern) #52

Yeah, those were some REALLY tiny gifs.

Could the blog maybe be updated with larger versions?

(Altrue) #53


(Nana Skalski) #54

I expected video blog to be honest. Image can tell thousand stories, but moving picture can show even more.

(Rain6637) #55

It still looks too handsome and encroaches on the Caldari asthetic. As if the manufacturing is too high budget. With so much bilateral symmetry on top of a busy design, it ends up looking more high tech Caldari than Caldari ships.

This vehicle is visibly balanced by mass but the greebles and compartments are distributed irregularly. You only need one smoke launcher and hatch, and distributing them all on the centerline would waste space and be limiting. Instead they’re placed tandem. You wouldn’t have two hatches for the sake of symmetry, or two launchers side by side. Just one sufficient piece of hardware for each role.

The Striker’s accessories are not so weighty to throw things off balance but big enough to break up the silhouette. I don’t think there’s enough of this in ships like the Tempest, or Typhoon, and the Rupture redesign.

The Blackbird/Falcon/Rook electronics suite on their shoulder does this quite well. Is it correct to say the Caldari asthetic will have more of the uneven accessories while Minmatar will have more blocky, symmetrical designs?

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #56

Sweet redesign!

Please remodel the Osprey it’s so old, ugly and bulky

(Luc Chastot) #57

A long time ago, can’t remember where, a CCP dev stated that they wanted to get out of the Minmatar stereotype of a piss poor empire whose ships are all stitched up from garbage, without losing the rugged aesthetic. I think this Rupture redesign, along with many of the Minmatar ships that have come out after the Tornado, fit that goal pretty well.

(Ben Ishikela) #58


The old Rupture was the best looking ship in the Game! why do you mess that up?
There are lots of old designs out there. Dont you guys ask around first what ship NEEDs a redisign? So that the money is well spent.

i liked the ship similarity, it looked like an old pirate sailing ship. just needed a black flag and off you go being captain barbarossa or whoever.


(Aeon Herzog) #59

You should probably learn how EVE spaceships actually work. See Max Singularity’s Fanfest talk “The Physics of EVE”.

(Winter Archipelago) #60

I have to admit, the redesign on the Rupture and its variants looks great. I know it would be tough on the art team, but I would love to see the rest of the Minmatar line-up redesigned with similar visual ideals.


Right, I’ll miss the old design. Feels a little like you reinvented an Uzi and not the Rupture :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, I get it, basically you need more surfaces on models for more quick & easy skins.

But can we have something inspiring that goes out of the box please? I would really, really, really, like a matt black skin for my Machariel, which to this date is the only ship that feels like a vessel from the sci fi novels of old.