Devblog: Iconic Ships Reimagined - The Minmatar Rupture


(Hun Tra) #62

Really enjoyed reading this, as someone who is trying to get into gamedev these blog posts are great!

(Leto Atal) #63

It’s good that you guys are writing about the design process for the ship model updates. So far they have been really good. Caldari ships are no longer the ugliest in the game, and the recent Minmatar updates have been done really well. I like how the original designs are allowed to show through. The new Stiletto model was a huge improvement because it needed it. I’m happy to see that with the Rupture it’s been a more subtle process like the Typhoon. Can’t wait to see what is next. Once you have finished remodelling all the cruisers maybe another book is in order.

(Rain6637) #64

I’d like matte black on anything. The Core Complexion ships lost their black color scheme for a deep swamp green.

(Rain6637) #65

There’s definitely a design direction. What bugs me is that Minmatar and Caldari are beginning to blend together.

(Sgt Ocker) #66

So we’re just pushing shite to the new unfinished forums now?
Asking for and giving “New forum feedback”, like most feedback Devs ask for seems to be a waste of time…

New Rupture looks ok…

(Dream Green) #67

Yeah, hello? Oh, its the 90’, they call becasue they want their gradient color paintwork back.

I am sorry, I also hated those last two event skins …

(LinuxEater) #68

It’s almost as if they’re giving people a reason to use them! :o

Seriously though, this Rupture gets me going. Oh man. I want it. I need it!

(Sgt Ocker) #69

Sadly that often means they are done working on it, which means we are stuck with an interface that is FAR from ideal.

As for the Rupture - It really isn’t that special, just different - Some are just easily impressed

(Feser One) #71

Hell Yeah. I’ll take 10 of each. Beautiful!

(Oxid 921) #72

This regesign looks beautiful!
Will you make new models for Imicus/Helios frigates?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #73

wow that is pretty, love the gun cover flaps, serious pirate ship theme going on!

(Samira Kernher) #74

New rupture is so sexy.

(Chio Olgidar) #75

I can’t say that I like new Rupture. CCP better to fire their caldari designer or at least disallow him to touch anything other than caldari ships.

(Iz'yla) #76

Wow! Looks absolutely amazing!


I do hope that other ships will get this sort of love in the future.

For example - the other Minmatar cruisers, and two Amarr ones; Scythe, Stabber, Bellicose, Omen and Arbitrator (and their T2 variants). :grin:

I feel these 5 (6 with Rupture, but that’s been addressed), still have very “old and clunky” models - and need to be brought up to speed, to be beautiful in space.

Keep up the good work!


(Matthias Ancaladron) #77

mediocre design, the #1 design on the sheet of rough sketchs with the large dorsal sail is the most interesting design and simply reusing the same design shape again with more textures is just a waste.
do something creative. the point of redesigning these old ships is theyre ugly now.
please dont keep the shape and general look of the harbinger or prophecy.
scrap it and redo it completely from the ground up.

also when are you gonna start doing mass redesigns instead of 1 ship every few months.
you need to redesign entire lines at a time.
an entire batch of frigates, an entire batch of cruisers, or any entire lineage of ships from frigate > battleship or higher.
touch up the punisher, maller, prophecy, abaddon, revelation all at once, all the heavy armor resist bonus ships at once, or go for arbitrator, prophecy, armageddon. archon, aeon and focus on drones. dont forget the amarr drones and fighters as well.
go by company and create different design aesthetics between duvolle and aliastra, or laidai and wiyrkomi for caldari, kador and khanid. and have these different ships adopt features from the predacessors as you go further up the tree as if theyre being designed as a family within the main faction they belong too.

just throwing together one ship at a time every few months is lazy, vexor didnt need a redesign yet, and you didnt even fix the ugly tube underneath it, dominix just got a redesign, why is the sin being slightly tweaked if it wasnt when the dominix was fixed.
what about all the other ships?

dont release the fixed dominix till you have the megathron and hyperion touched up,
gallente battleships, updated and touched up, and dominix redesigned. check. now we dont have to worry about them for a while. but youve still gotta go back and work on those eventually. you still have the rest of the minmatar cruisers to do after this. shouldnt take months to do 1 ship. expand the art team maybe so you arent wasting their time.

(Owen Levanth) #78

The new Rupture looks awesome!

Also seeing the design process in more detail like this was nice, too.

(Nana Skalski) #79
Some feedback for redesign process.

(Lukka) #80

Ha ha new forum woes!

Love the new Rupture model though. The team did a great job on it!

(Temmet Vuld) #81

Looks good to me :+1:

(Arrendis) #82

The Sebiestor skins on the cane and Hel aren’t quite matte black, more a lustrous black, but they’re pretty nice.