Devblog: Iconic Ships Reimagined - The Minmatar Rupture


(Arrendis) #83

Stabber’s already been updated. It and the Tempest were (I think) the first two post-Tornado hulls. That’s why the neck of the Stabber doesn’t look like a long stretch of fragile, exposed scaffolding now.

(ITTigerClawIK) #84

Don’t you DARE touch the omen! that’s my favorite Amarr cruiser. also the first one i ever got.

(ITTigerClawIK) #85

While i do very much like the rupture redesign i never really felt it was in “dire” need of one unlike a few hulls that are in terrible need of a make over cough Imicus cough. i would like to see an official poll asking folks what they feel really needs a redesign.

(lilol' me) #86

I like it but…i believe pvp oriented ships should look like pvp ships these look like indy ships. Opportunity to start redesigning mini rather than refresh the same opportunity missed

(Khergit Deserters) #87

Original Rupture looks like a:

  • Electric Drill
  • Nail Gun
  • Hair Dryer
  • SciFi Handgun
  • Outboard Motor

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(Rain6637) #88

It’s close. But you know that itch when it’s not quite what you’re looking for

(Sarmatiko) #89

None of those. It was always rusty bulky stern.

(ITTigerClawIK) #90

thank you i was looking for that option

(Victor Kaj) #91

Wow I never even thought of racial hybrids. How about a “Minmatar Domi?!”

(Minnerma) #92

Nice Rupture models!!!
But there are some strange looking ships in EVE, like Celestis/Arazu/Lachesis.

PS. Yeah, it`s a ship redisign wish as a gift for some date.

(Logix Cesaille) #93

I like the update, It looks less like a Pneumatic Impact wrench than before. Maybe more like a cordless drill now.

(Hong Hu) #94

No. You’ve cut off the nose, stripped the clean lines, made it look kludgy and broken. Some ships need a remodel, the Rupture isn’t one of them. How about spending some energy and creative juices on the Bellicose?

(Lisa Sophie d'Elancourt) #95

Osprey hull please, it’s so ugly…

(Plan Neun) #96

I agree, and we can continue, and the list is long.

Take for example the blackbird it is now a flying frakkin toaster.

Eve online can’t design ships, what they do very good though is to design the ships even worse than they was before!

l remember back some years ago an artist outside Eve had redesigned every ship better than the so called design team in Eve.

Would l bought a car from the design team in Eve online, hell no! :rage:

Or yes if l wanted to give my neighbors a heart attack.:triumph:

Ciao and fly safe

Plan Neun

(Plan Neun) #97


The original Caldari ships design was asymmetric and it looked way better.
That you find a flying toaster looking great verses the original BB design is hilarious.

Ciao and fly safe.

Plan Neun

(Joshua Foiritain) #98


(Kaydren Orlenard) #99

Well it’s still gonna get remodeled at some point, the texture is pathetically outdated, let alone the low-poly model.

(Taxtro Grave) #100

Please update the Aeon and Osprey, CCPlease

(Rafael Tonka) #101

Always liked the Rupture and its T2 variants. This redesign is pretty good, might need to buy myself a couple of the hulls and go get them blown up :grinning:

(Utremi Fasolasi) #102

I want to like it but it feels unsatisfying to me. The front looks a bit too chopped off, I feel like I am wanting some kind of longer scaffold off the front to give the look more balance. And the hard points are arranged a bit too grid like which looks uninteresting to me.