Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker


(Dread Saboteur) #144

@CCP_Deadlift here’s something useful to do-add the polarization timer for wormhole travel to top left area where all other timers are.

(Garth Takeshi) #145

I think the activity tracker would be far better if it was windowed rather than full screen. This would mean I could e.g. browse it if I’m on a long journey or mining. Perhaps this could be considered for a future version?


(Jian Mira) #146

Agreed it far too big!

(Snowlight Campbell) #147

I miss saw myself walking throw the office Dx

(Jeremiah Saken) #148

It is useless data in sandbox game. Surprise surprise I will have all V at exploration (daily basis) and zero at research (never touched). So? Furthermore it looks like achievement feature (because of levels all we need is SKINs as rewards) and here comes tricky part: CCP will gather those informations and may change gameplay based on them. Someone may want to hit level V on the activity that he is not interested in aside from having V next to his portait in activity tracker. So they will have bad sample to begin with. CCP is known for not knowing how to interpretate numbers they gather. All that seems like waste of devs hours to me and there are piles of examples what can be done instead.

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #149

I am curious if they will go the Steam Achievements route and display global stats.

For example:
‘0.1% of the playerbase has unlocked Mastery V on Project Discovery.’

I doubt they’d release exact unlock numbers. With percentages it’s easier to how hide to general public how many people are ‘not’ playing the game while still giving a sense of exclusivity to achievement unlocks.

(lilsteel) #151

It also doesn’t clear a fake red Auga in the overview that’s stuck there for the whole day without having to leave fleet and lose a potential 940m ISK.

(Jeremiah Saken) #152

I don’t think they have more sophisticated tools. Judgeing player behaviour in response to activity tracker may still be a thing, like observing rats in a maze (tracker is a maze in that example).

(Tau Hopper) #154

Unlike so many others, I do happen to like the activity tracker… :roll_eyes:

There are three things I’d tweak, though:

  • First, as already mentioned, making it windowed –i.e. something akin to The Agency– would greatly improve its usability.

  • Second, I don’t know how difficult it would be to allow the statistics to be shown for a given period of time, as in the Mining Ledger, in addition to the accumulated totals.

  • And third, as a minor request, could the NPC destruction figure be split at least into ship sizes, same as the Capsuleer combat subtree does?

(Sylvia Kildare) #155

Completed the SOE Epic Arc yet again earlier this week on all 3 of my mains for the first time since the activity tracker went live. A few days afterwards, I happened to glance at that section of the tracker and… it shows me having completed the Minmatar Epic Arc on all 3 toons once each and the SOE Epic Arc a net total of 0 times.

I chose Minmatar standings for all 3 rather than Amarr/Gal/Cal as it’s my lowest empire faction standing (as I occasionally mission for mostly Amarr/Gal/Cal agents along with SOE sometimes when I run L4s, and thus mostly do storylines (when they’re not actively empire-kill ones, at least) for those 3 factions and not for Minmatar).

SO… yeah, the new system is apparently a bit confused about the SOE Epic Arc. Interesting to note.

(Ridley Rohan) #156

I could probably have put forth over a hundred suggestions before a personal Activity Tracker came up. Maybe I am missing something with this?

(CCP Psych) #157

We are actively working on the first one.
You second request has been discussed internally, now and while developing the activity tracker. We might have something in the future for that.
The third one is out of scope for now. :frowning:

(kosmicheski) #158

Does it shows how much time you spend inactive wile killing NPCs?

(Tau Hopper) #159

Two out of three, not bad – not bad at all :wink:

(Gadawan) #160

Just like the ship tree, this window is behind every other window. It’s annoying enough that I will never open it.

(CCP Psych) #161

There was a little bug in the data collection for the SOE Epic Arc. It must have been fixed by now so if you complete the SOE Epic Arc now, you should see the correct counter going up.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Buoytender Bob) #162

Is there a “Report a bot” icon in the activity tracker?
I figure it would be the fastest way to a level 5 in any field at the moment.

(Sylvia Kildare) #163

Not a major problem, just weirded me out. Glad to hear you guys know about it! ;D

(Pakokkie) #164


Is there an option to totally remove this Activity Tracker from the Eve client?
How much resources does the Activity Tracker use?

How can you find time to implement a totaly useless feature when there are so many bugs to fix?

(Tonto Auri) #165

Thank god this ■■■■ can be turned off.
Annoying as TV commercials.