Devblog: Introducing The Activity Tracker


(Ocean Ormand) #122

Thanks for making it easy to remove it. I consigned it to the same spot I put the agency.

Keep up the good work. With effort like this player count is sure to increase in no time.

I take it back - how the ■■■■ do you get the stupid thing to stop notifying you that your mining or ratting or whatever? G-ddamn this is so stupid. I know that I’m mining, I dont need to be shamed by the activity tracker rubbing it in.

And yes, its not wholly terrible that you have some entity in game that keeps historical records (certainly not high on any ones priority list - but what the hell why not waste dev time on fluff)- but you dont need to tell me that i’m carebearing when i’m carebearing.

(Ageanal Olerie) #123

Love it!

Could use one for market activity though.

For instance Purchases made. Sales made. Etc…

Also, shouldn’t the ores be separate? High, Low, and Null are all in one segment.

(White Russsian) #124

How do i turn this damn thing off? It keeps popping up notifications. Honestly, this is useless crap. I cannot believe you spent dev time on this.

(Max Poweer) #125

there are still scout sites in the incursion tracker part… ccp you removed this side half a year ago plz get your ■■■■ together and design good stuff

(Moriar theChosen) #126

Ahoy, CCP Falcon. Have you guys considered adding courier contracts to the tracker? And maybe some other market and logistics related trackers?

Thanks for this! I think it will encourage some to develop well rounded characters!

And please, don’t offer rewards… Not everything needs to provide some reward. You are already getting minerals from mining, etc…

(Annette Everette) #127

If the activity tracker was in it’s own window instead of under all windows that would be great. As is it’s annoying. I have to move all windows before I can see anything then move windows back when I’m done. Not cool. At the very least make it a fullscreen window that pops of over any other window.

(Dread Saboteur) #128

Market isn’t represented at all

(DrysonBennington) #129

Excellent upgrade CCP.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #130

the activity tracker keeps resetting all progress everytime I log in.

(Sobaan Tali) #131

This. Having an “Always on top” setting for these sort of screens would be awesome. Having to minimize each window I have up manually each time I want to open the tracker or see the ship tree is kind of killing it for either case.

(Ashterothi) #132

In the Tracker Sigs and Anoms are considered one thing so I earn exploration points by ratting. Combat Exploration sites should be restricted to DED and other scan-able combat sites, not anoms.

(Owen Levanth) #133

I have the same problem. Additionally, it seems the activity tracker sometimes resets while I’m still playing: By moving around a lot today I got lvl. 1 in systems reached at least three times in a row. :grinning:

(Thomas Drake-Adler) #134

Same problem for me. I loved Activity Tracker when I first used it but it now becomes very annoying to lost all progression every time I log in or even during game. Three lvl1. notifications for the same thing in a row is really anti-fun …

(CCP Deadlift) #135

We have figured out and fixed this issue. It should be fixed in the next day or two.
Dont worry, all the data you logged in the Activity Tracker will be there. This was a frontend issue :slight_smile:

(CCP Deadlift) #136

Throw a bug report for that please :slight_smile:

(Ashterothi) #138

I put one in but in doing so discovered that the Exploration area is just woefully unspecific. The different types of exploration sites are very different, and a Ghost site is not the same as a Pirate Data site, which isn’t the same as a Sleeper Relic site, or even a Sleeper Cache.

I think it may be too granular to track bands of space for each type, but lumping all of exploration into 2-3 stats really underplays the vastness of content in the exploration field.

I would advise getting with Signal Cartel to figure out what they think would be good to track in this regards as well.

(Millard Audene) #139

Can we turn off the notifications? I find this “feature” completely useless to me, and more often than not the pop up notification blocks a part of my UI layout I need to access at that moment.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #140

To turn off Notifications:

Click on the Notifications icon, then the gear icon. Wait.

When the Notification Settings window finally appears, it’s under ‘Miscellanous->Activity Tracker Mastery’.

Furthermore, you have the option to move the notification icon. Click and hold for several seconds. Continue to hold and the option to free move the button will be available. Release to reposition.

(Lugburz) #141

I dont get it, whats it actually for? can i do anything with it? Seems kinda useless tbvh.

(Sobaan Tali) #142

Information. How it’s used can be just as important as what it tells. There’s plenty of applications where information like this could be used practically, even if not immediately obvious. Hell, look at what the name implies…it tracks your activities in Eve and displays those results for your use. The good news is it’s not hurting anyone to be, so folks can safely ignore it for now if they don’t find a use for it. Admittedly, the data isn’t really presented beyond raw and simple form, so you (we players) have to be the ones to decide how that data can be used. Thing is this is built on data CCP’s used for years for any number of reasons such as gauging specific interests levels or spotting potential problem areas in balance or confirming/reinforcing suspected response to changes in Eve so CCP can better evaluate whether said changes are positive ones or negative ones.

Hopefully CCP will expand on it by adding more things tracked, which could help expand the scope of it’s use even more.