Devblog: Navigation Structures Inbound!


(Vol Arm'OOO) #81

yes lets introduce flex structures because structure bashing is so fun and engaging. :roll_eyes:

Clearly, eve does not have enough abandoned pointless structures, we need to add more. Its almost as if eve was a patient who was diagnosed with cancer and then decided to take up smoking to make that cancer metastasis faster.

It doesnt matter if you make it easier to kill these structures. Shooting structures is an unfun, unrewarding grind. In the old days at least when you shot a pos, it shot back and there was the off chance that it might contain a jackpot of stuff in hangers etc. . . Now it is a grind that is guaranteed to take x amt of time because of the damage cap - and the reward is rarely worth the effort.

At this point I think a rant about CCP Devs not actually playing the game would be proper - but they dont listen and nothing is going to change …

(Querns) #82

So the effort to construct, erect, maintain, and fuel the jump bridges doesn’t count?

Also, we’re talking about five light years of movement, in predictable directions that are not only public knowledge to the entire game, but have well-defined countermeasures that can be planned in advance. Compare this to the C5 highway, which contained multiple overlapping pathways spanning 50+ LY in a few jumps that can only be interdicted if you are paying attention at the exact moments the fleet departs. Shit ain’t even remotely comparable.

(Linus Gorp) #83

“no closer than” would be even easier to read.

(CCP Lebowski) #84

A lot has changed since 2015 of course, but these are certainly the first of that line.

While it’s not on team Five 0’s immediate road map, there’s definitely space for a larger version of these gates that allow you to go “elsewhere” in the future of course :slight_smile:

(Sobaan Tali) #85


Kinky. Mr. Lebowski, you tease, you cannot just show us a little skin then leave us hanging like that! It’s cruel and unusual punishment!

(Ima Wreckyou) #86

We have never heard things like that before… And it’s not 2015, it was 2013, 5 years ago that Seagull spoke of building stargates, colonization and new space. “it’s not on the immediate road map”, what does that mean? after 5 years you still didn’t come up with a plan how to implement this vision? Or was it simply abandoned? If yes, replaced by what?

While I think the animations and the structures are absolutely stunning and congratulation on the nice design, you can maybe understand that I’m a bit underwhelmed if you try to sell those as the stargates Seagull talked about (in the devblog, you seem now to imply that’s not the case, what is it?)

(Penance Toralen) #87

I would like to point out that the Outpost Construction skill is pointless to be trained after level one? Perhaps with these new structures coming - there can be something of an incentive for additional training in the skill.

(Wirespeed91) #88
  • Cynosural Navigation cost per day increased from 2m isk to 5m isk
  • Advanced Logistics Network cost per day increased from 10m isk to 20m isk
  • Cynosural Suppression cost per day increased from 20m isk to 30m isk
  • Supercapital Construction Facilities cost per day increased from 1m isk to 40m isk
  • Base IHub maintenance cost remains unchanged

Any chance we could get an explanation for these changes? Yeah, the numbers could be worse (I always thought it was kind of strange that the Supercap upgrade was so cheap, but why raise that value to make it the highest?). Why raise the values at all? Feels like the new numbers came out of nowhere.

(Altrue) #89

“If owners of a deployed Jump Gate wish to change which star system their gate is aligned towards they can unanchor and redeploy the structure (requiring a total of 90 minutes).”

Isn’t that a bit pointlessly tedious though? I would be more dynamic (and cooler) to have some mechanism in place to reorient the structure without unanchoring it (even if it were to still require 90 minutes to complete and put the structure in a vulnerable state)

(Grey Solaris) #90

I’m pretty sure CCP doesn’t have a lore team anymore, so what did you expect? Writing stories is ■■■■ hard, bro!

(Circumstantial Evidence) #91

The EVE population feels like it is shrinking, there’s so much empty space outside of travel routes … I think at a time they are considering consolidating all the current new player start systems into 1 to 4 (and maybe just one?) system … it would be unlikely to see another Apocrypha spreading us out even thinner. Someday null could face a consolidation similar to rookie space, where some constellations across EVE become inaccessible (with notice and full asset safety of course) , to force players to bump into each other more often.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #92

Man all I’m seeing is sov buffs, again. No one’s gonna wait around that long for a cyno inhibitor to get anchored before just lighting the one they have fit. Thanks for the low sec covert parts buff that will definitely help heehee more cloaked gameplay so nice ty

That mobile cyno inhibitor should be a ship, it should have a cyno inhibitor that works just like a cyno (immobilize long duration create beacon etc) and takes fuel but turns them off system wide.


How about those ore faction salvagers drones…are those for Christmas?

(Tzar Sinak) #94

@CCP_Lebowski Will there be faction versions of these structures for blue print drops in data sites? This is especially important as the POS BP drops have stopped.

(Fluffy Moe) #95

Who made any guarantees you’ll be able to continue doing it indefinitely ? You just don’t know what the future will bring …

(Old Pervert) #96

FLEX cyno beacons are about to be a thing. “Maybe they’ll turn off something that everyone uses” is at best wild speculation without any reasonable way to reach.

You’re right, I don’t know what the future will bring. I do know that the foreseeable future holds nothing of the sort.

(Kuba Ganowski) #97

ile kurwy ppierdoloone będziecie się jeszcze zajmowali wszystki tylko nie moim pieredolonym sandboxem!!!

There's a few things I have to get off my chest that is just really irking me
(Kuba Ganowski) #98

wyciagac mnie z tego gowna skurwysyny pierdolone!!!

(Dread Saboteur) #99

Your other game projects better be a resounding success cuz this crap won’t get you more EVE players


So this part;

    • They do not have standard docking facilities, instead being able to be boarded directly from space like a ship so that a pilot can control their service modules

So guess you need to be in a capsule to board it, someone’s new lonely job I guess?