Devblog: Navigation Structures Inbound!


(Solecist Project) #101

and again … if you have to think about 1.2 billion isk per month …
… it means you guys are too poor to compete in the first place.

you don’t need caps. what you need is an attitude adjustment.

the caps will just be destroyed anyway.

CCP really doesn’t do a good job making people believe they have a chance anyway,
they’re just luring you into this dumb idea of you being able to compete.

You’re not. If you’re not part of the big ones you’re already losers.

(slamjam) #102

Why do these have damage caps? To make the little guy sit there for 27 minutes while the large blocs have an half hour to form up 300 titans and 500 supers, move down their fatigueless highways and drop on them? All this does is futher entrench the large empires that be.

Pre jump fatigue the problem was pl would drop on you from the other side of the map in 10 minutes, this is even worse because the domanite super power can just set up a gate network to all over eve from their staging and frag away any competition.

In what world does this seem like a good change? You say on reddit that there are people with capital experience saying this this going to make defending impossible, but who is that? Hilmar telling devs not to waste development time because basically every single recent change to the game has been rejected by the playerbase? (Fax nerf, hic changes to wormholers) etc.

(Rivr Luzade) #103

Are the reprocessing or buyback bonuses for industry POS structures and POS sticks already in effect? Nope, doesn’t look like it. I still only get 50% of the materials that are listed in the Industry tab of Design Laboratory or Research Laboratory.

(CCP Lebowski) #104

Ooops sorry about the typo.

I can’t speak to strategic visions, I can only speak about the dev team that I am involved in and say that we personally don’t have any plans for that right now.

No plans for this at this time, though I personally agree that data sites could use some love (wormholer btw)

You can board from a ship, but you’ll leave in unpiloted in space when you do (there will be a warning message for this)

We’re working on plans for this but they have been slightly delayed, watch this space.

(3dgcmod) #106

jump gate…
only 5 light yrs distance …
wow not very far dang…

(Wylex Cross) #107

Spaceships, jumping through space.

Space. Ships. Jumping in space.

(Kithran) #108

These structures need fueling with fuel blocks (and in the case of jump bridges LO) which will probably be done primarily by Industrial ships.
Industrial ships are generally slow to align and flimsy.
Would it be possible to allow Industrial ships (t1 & t2, freighters & jump freighters) to actually tether to Flex structures?

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #109

Titans and supercarriers can´t use them. And normal capitals are eating fuel like crazy.

(Ima Wreckyou) #110

Is the overarching plan to implement this vision not known to the dev team or are you not allowed to talk about it? Or maybe one of your colleagues can speak a bit more about this? I think it would only be appropriate to address this a bit if you basically label this as “the player built stargates you waited for”.

(Xelios) #111

Putting these luxuries on Keepstar grids is another wasted opportunity for content generation on a smaller scale. These are not critical pieces of infrastructure, why are they being treated that way? Why does everything either have to be a citadel or take place next to a citadel?

Some guy logs on his SP farming alt to man the Keepstar weapons and ewar and Doomsday all by himself. The same guy undocks his super alt or his titan alt in tether and “defends” the jammer which is being shot at by some subcaps. They get absolutely hazed of course, because that’s how capitals are designed. This is supposed to be good PVP content?

Put these things in the middle of nowhere, away from citadels. Force people to undock and put themselves in at least some danger to defend their stuff. This is getting ridiculous.

The cyno inhib changes are a step in the right direction. I don’t think they go far enough, but it’s great.

(Tribal Trogdor) #112

Have there been any thoughts on the actual duration of cynos when looking at the cyno inhib? Could they be reduced to 5 minutes to match the timers on all the siege/triage/indy core? If 5 minutes is enough risk to use those mods, it should be enough risk to light a cyno. This would be both a QoL improvement, and probably get the cyno inhib in a better spot.

Currently the target has basically 12 minutes to get help (2 min spool up 10 min cyno). Your looking at reducing that by 1 minute in the spool up, but now they still have 11 minutes to find help (more than a Rorqual panic btw). Dropping cyno to 5 mins would still give 6 minutes to get help in through a cyno. If that’s enough to save a panic rorq, is should be enough to save anything else!

And of course all the logistics guys would rejoice as an added benefit :wink:

(Litsea Reticulata) #113

Its not about the target audience. CCP likes to highlight ‘feature parity’ yet present citadels have already pushed beyond the idea of achieving feature parity.

It used to be that a hostile entity had to scout out a system and its moon dispersion before time. It used to be possible to light a cyno on a POS and bait people in with a cloaked interdictor.

Presently the overview gives out too much information for these old nuances to be relevant, on my crappy internet I can see every structure in a system for at least 2-3 seconds before the overview is pruned. All citadel modules ( regardless of access rights ) have a great big blue diamond showing up on the overview that anybody could see in space and warp to,

There’s no ability to lay traps ( I can see that cyno is on a fortizar ) and there’s no effort involved to find structures in space ( blue diamonds shaped like the jump gate, max of 3, as opposed to having to scan 90 moons in some systems ) which used to be deterrents in themselves.

(Litsea Reticulata) #114

I hope every 0.0 organisation boycott’s the deployment of these damn things until they’re changed. CCP is effectively hitting jump ships with two nerf, first with the anti-tethering nerf and second making them jump 200 km away from a docking point,

Large 0.0 groups will have a network way better than jump bridges if they deployed keepstars, titans and cyno’s wherever they wanted to go and it would cost 0 extra ISK in structures ( which can’t be RF with being knocked out of tether ) and 0 extra ISK in iHub bills.

(Litsea Reticulata) #115

Yeah, like there goes the profit margin, oh noes, its not economic to build supers any more…

(Tribal Trogdor) #116

You do know when you jump to a current cyno gen that you’re not safe right?

(Litsea Reticulata) #117

I know right? beacons, jammers and bridges were very expensive to research. just convert the damn blueprints over and allow people to start building replacements ahead of the retirement of the old modules…

After all ‘feature parity’ right?

(stephan Rin) #118

i never mentioned either profit margin or the economics of building a super.
All i said was that it is a big leap and potentially harmfull for any new null sec alliance that wants to expand.
Also i still find that 4000% is very steep when compared to the other changes

(Litsea Reticulata) #119

You’d be surprised how many want access to such structures to be free for everyone but wouldn’t be willing to pay 1 ISK themselves to keep it running.

(Tribal Trogdor) #120

To build a super you need a Soityo, you’re already dropping some 30 bil before rigs. 1 bil a month isnt going to hurt a new null sec alliance on top of that

(stephan Rin) #121

i counter you by saying they need another 30 bill for those rigs. my biggest problem here is just why did this amount need to change so drasticly, regardless of weither or not an alliance can handle it.
just why CCP felt like pushing it up so much?