Devblog: Navigation Structures Inbound!


(Cypherous) #143

Well you’re just going to have to live with the fact that POS were really too safe for things like this, now there is actual risk in refuelling the structure, i’m still not failing to see the issue here, reward (in this case cyno immunity) is suppose to come with some level of risk (in this case getting shot to bits while trying to keep it fuelled)

(Iowa Banshee) #145

Yeah right… like this is going to happen…
I can park a carrier or rorqual in a SMA at a small tower - equivalence please

(NorBdelta Aivoras) #146

Can you use the ANSIBLEX gate if you are scrammed or warp disrupted? Or do they act like normal stargates and you can use them regardless of warp core strength with the exception of a HIC points? Do they have the aggression timer mechanic like stargates?

(Jian Mira) #147

Jump Bridges, can these be used in 0.4 and above or are only for WH and 0.0 ??


(Tora Bushido) #148

Allow using them in highsec, so people can use them to avoid the basic gate camps. It can replace the HS to HS WH’s. And if you can’t, add more HS to HS. If things are less predictable, it will be more fun.

(Penance Toralen) #149

Cannot be anchored without sov, so far as seen on Sisi. (was my impression) “cannot be deployed in non-capsuleer factions”.


Can someone in the know explain about: Structure EXERT Conduit Coupler?

(Tipa Riot) #150

It’s a new component, being made to some parts of Triglavian materials … to boost the income for Abyss runners.

(Gleb Koskov) #151

I don’t know what to comment about these new features.

(CCP Fozzie) #152

Hi NorBdelta. Jumping through the Ansiblex gate has much more in common with jumping through stargates than it does with the old jump bridges. They have the same mechanics for scrambling and aggression timers that normal NPC stargates have.

(CCP Fozzie) #153

The first player-controlled jump gates are limited to 0.0 only, but we are interested in exploring options for expanding this gameplay to more areas of space in the future. I can’t make any promises but we think there are some cool potential opportunities especially for lowsec.

(Tipa Riot) #154

Make it so, one can be anchored in lowsec, but not in NPC nullsec. :stuck_out_tongue:

(koiso Phoenix) #155

The real kick in the afterburners is that lowsec gets more cyno hot drops on mining fleet in 1 day then nullsec get fleet drops in a week. Why isn’t the system cyno jammer available to lowsec. I know all these structures are to replace the old pos system which were Prevalent in nullsec due to the sov and ihub requirements. But the it seem that lowsec is always forgotten about. More and more nullsec corps/alliance find content in lowsec via hot drops. I believe the cyno jammer should be available to lowsec

(Tharkian) #156

Can we get pocos to be able to be de-anchored? Hell since the pirates sometimes do apparently exist in wormholes from all the data and relic sites that exist in C1 C2 and c3 sites then you could even add in random encounters where pirates are setting up one of the NPC pocos with high taxes and then you can have the system be themed like the sancha shattered holes are.

Please let me unanchor pocos.

(Jonathan Rotineque) #157

I take it the iHubs go away to be replaced with Admin Hubs ‘soon’. If so will that remove the old SOV system entirely? Will this mean NAV Structures for Low Sec? Will there eventually be Player owned gates in High Sec?

(Kaivarian Coste) #158

I just want to blow-up low-powered structures in one sitting, instead of waiting out an arbitrary “reinforced” mode. If someone can’t be bothered to refuel a structure, it deserves to be blown up. High-risk opportune attacks should be rewarded.

(LouHodo) #159

So I have a question for @CCP_Falcon

I heard that someone said that you said that the gates in Faction Warfare space wont change the ownership flags, because the empires dont actually conquer that space. If that is true then why even bother with Faction Warfare?!

If you all dont want it kill it like you did everything else worth a damn in EVE.

Honestly if all you are going to listen to is the nullsec alliance geeks then just turn the whole game into nullsec and watch it burn.

(GhostWhite) #160

There is a huge difference between the automatic defenses of a deathstar pos and the amost-zero firepower of a structure from 200km away ( and for which you need an alt to control anyway ). Better to use that alt to light a cyno within tether/point defense range.

(Cypherous) #161

Again, that is assuming you have an alt online and ready at all times, just because you might that doesn’t mean everyone does, in this instance this structure is not for YOU personally, and thats fine

(Gulmuk) #162

@CCP_Falcon We need more time to get structures BUILT and online. All the alliances in game are going to lose a lot of infrastructure because of the stupidity of the way this was implemented.

You set the BPO price at 12B and 6B? WTF, what about the smaller alliances that don’t have high incomes and can barely afford costs as they are now. I think a more reasonable price would have been a third of that.

On top of all that. You give ALL of New Eden 3 weeks to procure the blueprints and build these things. That’s a lot of investment in a very short time for a small alliance, forget the mega alliances like GOONS that have probably already got their stuff completed.

This change really looks to me (on the back end) like you are trying to crush the small alliances once again. Cmon folks. Pull your heads out of your rears. You can’t be thinking about what changes will do to big alliances, you have to be thinking about the small business owners!!!

(LouHodo) #163

What you mean to tell me you didnt have half the CSM in your pocket and have insider information on what was coming so you can stockpile the needed materials weeks in advance to do this change over in a matter of days?

SHAME on you!!! /sarcasm