Devblog: Navigation Structures Inbound!


(Marcus A Kormienko) #164

I like playing and I really like the chances of getting more things but when you guys have a vents you don’t see me everything a chance to be in there because nowhere to be found like it doesn’t most of the multiplayer games. Right now as I’m mining. It’s just very little support I got a lot of rejection from some application. And 90% of the people talk to you as if you were drunk or you’re smoking something. I have no idea why this is supposed to be.

(Marcus A Kormienko) #165

A lot of people are getting into a lot of other issues in game. corporations and other things are happening as far as my witness. And all the people have the opportunity to do something in game the others who are just barely now with no support

(Marcus A Kormienko) #167

I keep hearing people getting more things than what I can find on my market. Where you guys find this stuff

(Kuba Ganowski) #168

I have first emoji! This game is amazing :smile:

(uhnboy ghost) #169


im was reading the part of the blog about faster killing citadels and the updated info page about Structure Vulnerability States dont have any info in it anymore about the minimum nr of days for hull timer

the only info about is it in the smal pic that say “+2days depending on location”

you have to go find the old dev post from feb to see that "This X value depends on the location of the structure:

0.5 days for Wormhole space
2.5 days for Lowsec and Nullsec space
5.5 days for Highsec space"

so maybe add this info to the page about Vulnerability States

(Gulmuk) #170

Ok what is with the fuel requirements of these structures? Even the citadels don’t require this much fuel per day. The jump gate takes 6 times as much fuel as an athanor with a moon drill active. That’s stupid ridiculous.

These structures should have about half the fuel block requirements of say a large pos. Because with a large pos we could put a bridge, beacon, and a jammer on it. And the fuel requirements were only 576 per day. That’s 20% less than what the jump gates require on their own, not figuring in the beacon or jammer. Plus the POS could have weapons. So it could be HEAVILY defended. Then you give the jammer a cost of 960 fuel blocks a day, which is almost DOUBLE what a pos required, and it’s a stand alone structure. The only one that I think is even close to reasonable is the beacon. The beacon uses 360/day and that’s still 3 times what an armed athanor with a moon drill requires for fuel.

As I sit here typing this up. I feel like @CCP_Falcon put some numbers in a hat and drew them out and assigned them to the new structures. Giving ZERO thought to what the previous requirements were. Because there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how you all came up with these fuel requirements.

(Nevyn Auscent) #171

Imagine that. Throwing km long ships several light years is more expensive than towing a chunk of rock a few miles. Who would have thought.

(Vigilant) #172

Blueprints should get full refunds are purchased prices at a minimum if they are not going to refund for any research. Structures built should get a full return of all PI and partial minerals (75 percent or so, wear and tear damage). This would be fair I would say.

Faction BP’s laying around in peeps hangers, cans, etc. should get a fair market value based on the last year of contracts prices they sold for EVE WIDE. Don’t use cheap town, I mean Jita as your center of pricing.

For smaller corps, these BPO’s and structures were rather larger investments. lots of rats and rocks had to die :slight_smile:

(Nevyn Auscent) #173

Expect standard reprocessing rates. Since that already exists. And probably very low comp.for bpcs. If any. Base bpo cost is standard I believe though.