Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Olleybear) #81

This cant be repeated enough. We players absolutely love it when CCP fix bugs. We stick around when bugs are fixed. Once bugs start accumulating in game and are not getting fixed, we get annoyed. Once a bug that hasnt been fixed in a long time does something to piss us off, we leave to find another game do to the frustration of knowing CCP is aware of the bug but not fixing it.

New and shiny stuff in game is nice. It breaks up the monotony. However, if core elements of game play are broken and not getting fixed, no amount of shiny will keep us here.

Please fix the broken elements of the game before you have to spend 2 to 3 quarters of man hours fixing the bugs because someone at CCP would prefer introducing more shiny into the game with its own set of bugs.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #82

the old system should have been disabled and not removed from the game until the new system proved to be up to the job.

a revert could have happened so much faster and with a lot less pain as i’m sure the devs will have some pain when dealing with getting it back working in game.

thanks for the update @CCP_Falcon

(Xenocide654) #83

ive lost 3 ships because of the issues with local on eve. Why has it taken so long to CCP to finally deal with this issue when it started almost a years ago???

(Omega Tron) #84

Please do not give up on this new chat system. You really need to solve its problems and move forward to the future. Just my 2 ISKs thoughts.

(NiteNinja) #85

The only issue I’ve seen with the chat system, is JIta.

My friend had an issue where JIta chat stayed with him after he left the system. And I’ve seen reports of the entire chat going down.

Personally no dirt off my shoulder, nothing but garbage and scammers in that channel anyway. But to each their own.

(Devlin Shardo) #86

@CCP_Explorer Did you guys consider Matrix?
Its possible and not even hard to integrate into games.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #87

And just in time to take over from the Chat Issues, now the forums are popping 502 Gateway errors like they’re bubblewrap in a Pathological OCD Ward. The hell is going on these days?

(Miulan Ng) #88

Excellent news CCP willing to go back to known working solution.

One of the first truisms I learned in project management was “don’t count sunk costs.” If something isn’t working and analysis indicates it likely won’t, don’t send good money after bad.

(Robin Arwood) #89

Just to throw fuel on the fire: I have a suggestion to have the player client in the char system access Google Translate, whenever the the sending player’s language setting doesn’t match the reviewer’s language setting. Placing a single byte with language/dialect of the sender’s language in the header of the text, would allow for a quick “If Then” call to the Translate API. Write the translation wrapped in “”. Of course, include the original text. Put in settings the ability to Opt Out/In of the translation. For speed at run time I would test to see if it was enabled, and load separate binary files for what is enabled. Why make the test if it is not enabled?

Just trying to help. And speaking from the experience of being someone who speaks English, and is in a Russian speaking Alliance.

(Miche Lazurus Long) #90

First time on the system. Hope I am posting to the right place, and on topic. If not my apologies.

6 of us joined EVE during the 2017 Nov/Dec promotion. By February we were beginning to fly together and we had climbed a large portion of the initial learning “cliff” that is EVE.

EVE chat worked without a hitch, but it was dumped in March April (?). We never came together on Mumble or Bumble or the alternative (whatever) and the group stopped playing. Only 4 remain, part time. I am sad . One of many mis-steps by CCP. I hope they put EVE-Voice back up. It won’t change the results for my group - but maybe others. A game (universe) like this requires an in game voice comm system. Great game and universe. Adequate execution.

(Tareb) #91

Although the chat system has been a bit all over the place, surely reverting back will only impact the player community even more? “We” as a community have now become accustomed to the issues of the chat system mechanics, and I’m sure that the majority would prefer that the Dev team continue to iron out the issues than having to “roll back” and then re-deploy in the future with possible new unforeseen issues. Better the devil you know I suppose, but I can only speak from my own personal experiences.

Adapt and overcome works in the long term.

(Uriel the Flame) #92

Based on the CCP update that is exactly what they are trying, fixing the issue with the current system, and if they fail to do so (thus no solution) only then will they revert back to the old one as a last resort, which means at that point trying to fix the new system is proven to be not possible.

(Infinite Destruction) #93

As soon as I saw “…to chat, which is a fundamental part of gameplay in New Eden…” I had the sneaking suspicion that CCP is planning on nerfing it, no doubt to please a certain small segment of the game.

Every time I log a toon into Jita and see that local is borked (again), I have the impression that it is a test to see if they think they can get rid of “local” everywhere.

You know a game is doomed when the developers go out of their way to screw over the majority of it’s player base in order to suck up to a small percentage of it.

(Arthur Aihaken) #94

If something’s not broken - why fix it. The old chat system worked just fine, you didn’t need to use VPNs to connect and it didn’t need to be more than what it was.

Now we’ve got so many related issues with the “new” chat system that it’s not even funny. Least of all the bots that are running amok and hiding behind VPNs.

Anyone advocating for the new chat system to remain in place is a bot. The thought of reverting back to the old chat system and losing their VPN/RMT/bot empire scares the heck out of them.

(Chan'aar) #95

Wait, is there some unintended interaction between VPN’s and the new chat system? Connecting via a VPN throws you out of chat channels?

(XDQhz) #96

TIme to replace the local. Just my throught.

Best way forward i throught is keep chat channels in the current system and bring the local chat back to the old system for now. I think local chat in eve is so different and tight so closely to the game it really need a proprietary implementation.

In the mean time bring the chat system back to the same datacenter might be a good way to eliminate the possibility of network problems.

(Uriel the Flame) #97

Just for your future reference: It is spelled as “thought” without the “r”.

(Wander Prian) #98

The chat-system, VPN’s and bots have NOTHING in common. You’ve always been able to use VPN’s to play Eve, there’s always been bots. The chat-system has nothing to do with either of those.

(Arthur Aihaken) #99

I always like how players comment when they don’t have the first clue as to what actually transpired. The old chat system was hosted on EVE servers. The new system was hosted on a distributed system elsewhere (Amazon from what I recall).

Russia blocked Amazon IPs and as a result most Russian players couldn’t connect to the new chat system. It also meant they couldn’t bot since no local = no intel = no botting (yeah, we know - Russian players aren’t responsible for botting in EVE, it’s the Chinese…).

Thus CCP allowed the mass use of VPNs by Russian players to get around this. And 10 months later we have rampant bot use. VPNs make it harder to deter bot account creation, RMT and account hacking - all of which have increased significantly. Again, it’s probably a coincidence that all this activity increased when they started allowing Russian VPNs…

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #100

And old chat system that was integrated into main server have been abusable and abused by major alliances because with old chat system excessive local spam = server lag and client disconnects. It is one of the main reasons why new chat system has been implemented in the first place.