Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Arthur Aihaken) #101

Yes, and the new chat system has been such an improvement…

(Vixen Vix) #102

This and also that
TLDR: programs should be modular, simple and specialized to do only the tasks they are designed to do.

It’s easier to do it from the start than cut the monolith. But since EVE is monolith it has to be cut in smaller parts that way, which is harder to achieve.

(Arabella Meyer) #103

This isn’t a good thing. What it says is that microservices are not a viable option for offloading server tasks for certain eve features.

Say hello again to local ■■■■■■■ tidi up even more again

(Arthur Aihaken) #104

Maybe they should address these massive fleet battles that lead to TiDi in the first place. Unless I’m mistaken, no one enjoys those fights anyway.

(Sylvia Kildare) #105

CCP is on Valve time… but it’s “normal” Valve time (aka 2 months becomes 2 years) instead of Half-Life 3 Valve time (aka never)… we can call that EA time, too, I suppose.

(Sylvia Kildare) #106

Yeah, whenever I want to know what someone is saying in local I throw it into Google Translate, but that requires me to alt-tab over to my browser and open a new tab and do all that.

Seeing as how the new chat servers are hosted on the cloud, they COULD put in translation features. However, it’s AWS or whatever (Amazon’s cloud). Amazon and Google don’t tend to play nice together too often.

(Raymundo Ferrera) #107

Here’s a thought…

Why wait until the end of january?
Just do it.

(Cpt WhiteEye) #108

They are 6 months late with that move so i guess 1-2 weeks are fine now.

(Cpt WhiteEye) #109

Btw the chat is not “Acting up sometimes” its a lot worse than that when i cant see my own alts on local chat or cant talk to them let alone other players. And its not a “Once in a while” but a regular thing since the new system. So im not sure why it took them this 6 month to actually realise thats something is not right.

(boernl) #110

well i just logged in and after 4 minutes rebooted the gme and still no freakign working chat
no local alliance or corp chat
ccp you better get it fixed im tired of beign stuck in a station because you screwed the chat system up

(Knowledgeminer) #111

Well, FWIW I just logged OFF because chat isn’t working for me… at all… no local, no typing getting through, no anything… not even after logging off and back on… the game is unplayable for me atm…

(boernl) #112

for me this happends a lot
and sicne its in nuslec i depend on chats like local itnel channel etcetra
its liek they dont give a rollign f*ck that we pay them to keep the game running

do ur job and stop screwing the game up

(Ikki Phoenix) #113

Same here. None of the channels are working. One of my channels also just disappeared…This is what happens when devs mess with something that is working…

(boernl) #114

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Explorer @CCP_Avalon @CCP_Guard @CCP_Darwin @CCP_Goliath
bit of freaking feedback might go a long way ?

you could have udnerstood that after more than 10 years

(zaayr) #115

same for me, what a chat fix.

(Raymundo Ferrera) #116

Totally unplayable at this point.

(boernl) #117

almost half a hour after i rebooted the game and launcher still no chats what the freaking f*ck is ccp doing ?
tagged all devs that i know i can tag here a few minutes ago but theyr to high on theyr pedestal to even give feedback

(boernl) #118

the reason is they just dotn care about us ( the paying players) were just a cow they wanna milk till were dry ( stop playing) than they achieved theyr goal it appears

(Sebat Hadah) #119

chat just died at 2:59 eve time today. what the piss?

(boernl) #120

if you scroll up you see chat died a lot earlier than that son