DEVS: Blinding docked pilots is not realistic and should have outside camera and overview ability

Unrealistic? :roll_eyes:

No. Eve is scifi, fiction with a jist of reality, as we humans, with the extension of our intellect, understand that reality in space time.

While we might argue that NPC stations need windows, also that space ships need wheels, but in the end, we have to align to how the author(s) wanted us to perceive his world. Did you know that some people like the fact of not being able to see or seen by others from the outside?

But okay, let’s say that CCP does provide you with a window (as citadels have that potential already), still though with stations, not being ships (which has dscanning modules), you won’t get to see the overview window.

Unless perhaps, if CCP adds such module to the station - which if you don’t know yet, will cost some dev / art / recalibration investment and time. And therefore will escalate to requiring an in-game fee for such services. So I’m arbitrating here, but I think a fee of 150,000,000 ISK, per 30 seconds, per player, sounds a decent enough amount for this extra station service. And to be fair to Citadels and other player owned structures (vs NPC stations), the inStation-Overview service will be reduced to 15,000 ISK as a one time fee/day. How does this sound?

I personally see no reason not to have that docked ability other than to give gankers a leg up on undocking pilots… Not only that, but having the docked ability to watch and video battles outside stations would be pretty cool… I would have an outside camera on while in station doing market stuff and leave it on as the ultimate Eve screensaver while doing other things… I would use it all the time to assess what’s going on outside so I could fit to deal with it…

You can already do this if you are docked inside an Upwell structure by using the View Outside option in the station services window.

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