[Diary] Burning Down Hell

I’ve spent the night in Pochven four times this week. It’s not something I want to get used to doing. The unfortunate truth, however, is that having been part of the expedition where we stayed behind in Angymonne as the gates were cut, I’ve spent far more nights in Abyssal hell than I’d have preferred. At the same time, maybe it’s good that I’ve some experience being in this space; the conflict we’ve entered was inevitable.

The Triglavian sympathizers fought to destroy the homes of countless people in the systems they helped wrestle into the hands of the Collective, so we can’t give them peace in their twisted little paradise. To do so would dishonor the memories of those they murdered and betray those still suffering under Triglavian rule. It won’t be easy. These capsuleers are quite formidable. But it seems like the Lux band is back together for a reunion tour of Pochven.

It’s one of the situations I’m most familiar with, really. My career as a capsuleer has been made up of so many campaigns of many small groups trying to work together against formidable opponents. Many of us who are standing together in Pochven against the kybernauts have been in this style of conflict many before, in fact. As much of many of us who are shooting in the same direction at the moment might not get along in most contexts, we’ve got a lot of experienced and strong pilots on our side too. Though Wirashoda was bloody for both them and us, I suspect it’s just the beginning. I guess we’ll see.

For now, though, I’m just going to spend another night in Angymonne. My bedroom on this citadel has grown quite comfortable, really. It’s a byproduct of how much time I’ve spent here, I suppose. When you spend enough time somewhere, it’s almost like a piece of you remains there. I appreciate the irony of being sentimental about my own little room in hell.

The conversation with Jackal after the fight last night was strange. Normally I’d just dismiss her ramblings about ‘proving’ and all that, but it is sort of interesting that she and I both do indeed seem to feel that we have much to prove. Maybe everyone feels this way about different things.

But that’s probably something to worry about later. I should get to bed. I’ve got an obligation to my allies to take care of myself during this campaign. I need to be at my best. We’re burning down hell, after all.


I’m spending tonight in a little rented room at Jita 4-4 and the only thing running through my mind is how this place is even less comfortable a place to rest than space-hell. It’s only the second night or so this week I’ve been able to get out of Pochven for a night, so I’m a little annoyed that I have to spend it here . This station is so intolerable since the remodel. It’s loud and bright and I really just hate it. It’s totally different than our little outpost in Angymonne. I must admit, though, that the cold blue nebula of the State, a nebula which I would rank as the ugliest and most offputting in the cluster, is quite aesthetically pleasing compared to the corrupted, sick skies of the Triglavian-occupied systems.

The atmosphere in Angymonne right now seems almost bizarre to me. With an increasing number of pilots, crew, and staff from the other groups helping us in our campaign having more and more of a presence on the station I’d expect tensions to be higher. I suppose I’ve interacted with just a portion of the people who are regularly on the structure, but it really feels like people just want to go home, wherever that is for them. I guess it would have been pretty easy for me to have missed any altercations that have taken place, though. It’s not exactly my job to keep the peace between dock crews. Oh well, whatever the case may be, we’re all likely going to spend a fair amount more time inside Pochven.

I’m really coming to appreciate the flexibility of the Typhoon. The ability to swap to different sorts of launchers or change our mid-slot loadouts based on what we’re facing is really nice. I suppose flexibility is something I’ve valued for a while now, but it’s often a trait that goes overlooked. A lot of the discussion around ships tends to focus on how big a punch they pack, how fast they are, or how thick their armor or shields are, but the ability to adapt to many situation with a few quick model changes is just as important as any of the aforementioned characteristics of a ship.

I wonder if the Triglavians themselves have noticed the fighting between us and their pet capsuleers. I assume they keep their eyes on us. We’re not likely their favorite people, after all. It’s kind of funny, how the Triglavians think. They seem to define ‘proving yourself’ as bending the knee to them. It’s a somewhat familiar position and it just makes me hate them more, really. Honestly, I think being around through the conflict with the Triglavians has helped me gain some perspective I didn’t have before. I just wish we had more ability to actually put pressure on them than tearing up their little playground of stolen stars. Hopefully, we’ll find some more ways to actually hit them back where it hurts at some point, but for now, all we can do is what we can.

But damn is it frustrating to only do what I can.


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